5DLife is lived in the moment. On one hand, this statement is so obvious, and on the other, the actual experience of this has become profound to me.

It’s so clear now that I’ve spent the majority of my life attempting to either live in the past or the future. Ok, I’ve been aware of this intellectually for the longest time, so in that sense, it’s nothing new. What’s new is the true integration of this thought into moment to moment experience.

The last year has been challenging. I dare to imagine that this is not only so for me, but for many others as well. But, no matter what could be listed as the challenge, be it physically stressful, be it financial, be it relational to anything or anyone in my life, that’s not really the challenge I want to talk about right now.

I seem to have moved into an entirely new to me zone energetically. I literally find that I don’t have the energy to cast my consciousness either into the future or into the past for very long at all. What happened? I used to find myself constantly either in one or the other, wandering like some sort of ghost in the not-now.

Some may relate to catching themselves doing this not-now thing and how much energy and attention it used to take to pull out of it. Now, I seem to not have the energy to indulge in such habitual distractions anymore.

It’s an eerie kind of feeling that accompanies this ‘just-now’ and nothing else. It’s literally a new type of being in a profound way for me. I’m not sure what to do with myself at times because of it.

It’s like I have no ambition. To have some ambition is a form of living in the future. I never noticed this before, but then I was too busy with imagining how not to be present to my essential truth, which is sensibly always seated in the right here and right now.

This feeling of having no particular drive to be elsewhere in any way has highlighted some rather subtle underlying beliefs I had tucked into the recesses of my heart. The ones that suggested I needed to move out of me right now in order to be something worthy.

Not only do I not feel this way anymore, I also don’t believe this either. It’s so clear now, as it has never been, that I am sufficient to who and what I am. It’s so simple and so perfectly orchestrated the way the Universe brings to me what is appropriate at the right time and place. When it does, I’m perfectly present. I know what to do.

I feel this and experience it as how I suddenly have energy, and all of it I could ever need or want again as soon as the right circumstance appears. Nothing to chase, or learn or travel to either.

It’s uncanny, this realization and the direct experience of it. What? How did this happen?

All throughout the last year, I’ve felt like I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve kept expecting, somehow, for life to go ‘back to normal’. I could then determine this expereince is some sort of odd fluke or fluctuation in the field or matrix. But, that’s not the way of it. This is the new territory.

Slowly, it begins to dawn on me how this fits the description of the 5D realm we’ve been told is a planetary, or even a galactic sector, shift. Shifts in time and space perceptions have to be a part of a 5D paradigm, as 5D is the experience of timelessness. The space issue in terms of perception also must shift as these two are intricately connected in perception.

It ought to be really interesting how that shift of space perception part plays out. I’m still getting used to the ‘just-now’ and nothing else part.

Original at: Notes From the Center of the Spiral

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