Galactic Technology is Fifth Dimensional (5D) and Higher Technology

Fifth dimensional (and higher) technology has been a focus of some of our recent postings, in  actual and implied ways.  I have been writing about a couple of themes, recently, that bring up the question of what is higher dimensional technology and how will it be used?

For example, I have been writing about galactic technology in use by lightships on chemtrails and other particulate matter in the sky. I have also discussed some physics, and dimensions and their characteristics.

   Articles on Technology – Physics – Galactics – and/or Dimensions

This brings up the topic, in general, of higher dimensional technology.  Because galactic beings use technology that is at their dimensional frequency.

What technology galactics use, and how they use it, may surprise us.

What does a shift to 5D technology mean for humanity?  How is 5D technology different from the technology we use today?  I think these are important questions to consider, and to answer.

However, there is a more important, and a key aspect of 5D technology, and this will be the focus of our article today.

Leave Behind Your War-Like Mind

There is a very important aspect of 5D and higher technology:  It cannot be used for war.

We might as well address this upfront, because this topic is the elephant in the room.

Thus, using 5D+ technology will require a major shift in the thinking of our societies.

Why can’t 5D+ technology be used for war?  There are key reasons, and let’s clarify an important one here in this article.

A Practical View of 5D

What is the fifth dimension?  I know that scientists will draw lines for you and fold up pieces of paper in interesting ways and create cool graphics and bring in möbius loops, and this is all very interesting.  And, it’s fun.

But, let’s talk about what the fifth dimension is, in practicality.

Because, this is what matters to the average person, and this is what will allow the average regular person to use fifth dimensional understanding and frequencies to change their lives.

Non-Duality is a Primary Characteristic of 5D

The fifth dimension is a state where we as human beings live in non-duality.  What does this mean?  It means, that we no longer live out the two sides of polarity – good/bad, right/wrong, love/hate, black/white, power over/power under, oppressor/victim, strength/weakness, winner/loser, and so on.

A state of non-duality is simply incompatible with war-like thinking, because in non-duality, it does not exist.

This is the key reason that fifth dimensional technology cannot be used for war – you cannot both use the technology for war and maintain a fifth dimensional energy matrix.

Falling in frequency out of non-duality, means that you will be beyond the functioning of this technology.

Comparing War-Like Thinking with a 5D State of Being

War-like thinking can only exist if duality exists.  War-like thinking forces us to take one side of an argument, and puts us in opposition to the other side, with an attempt to dominate that side.  The topic of the argument is secondary.  Being at one end of a polarized position, and facing an opponent at the other polarity, is the essence of war.

War-like thinking also implies power over others who are weaker or disenfranchised in some way.  Dominating others is a war-like action. So war-like thinking also involves a view of power-over versus power-under.

Looking at war-like thinking as representing the extremes of polarized positions, we could also say that the fewest amount of people dominating the greatest amount of people is at the extreme end of a polarized state.  That’s pretty much where we are now here on Earth, by the way; where .01% of the population have created planetary structures that dominate and control 7 billion human beings.

That we have reached the extreme expression of polarity indicates we are at a shift point which is about to create massive change in the structure of our our societies and in how we live as human beings.

What is 5D?

Many people, including myself, feel this will be a shift in our human consciousness – towards fifth dimensional or non-dual states.  In other words, where we live from the non-dual heart center, rather than from polarized expressions of duality.

Another term for this shift that many use is ascension, but it is really ascension-descension; the ascension of physicality and the descending into physicality of higher consciousness principles.  When we expand our awareness and our consciousness so much that we shift to living from our heart center in a non-dual state, we have achieved a fifth dimensional state of being as a human being.

Creating and operating technology from the 5D state is going to be an entirely new and exciting experience.

Do You Have to be Fifth Dimensional to Use Fifth Dimensional Technology?

At first, I didn’t like this answer.  In fact, I’m going to write a whole separate article on this topic.  Eh, maybe I don’t need to.  But I felt this way because the answer is:  No, you don’t.

You do not have to be fifth dimensional to use fifth dimensional technology.  But you do need to be fairly close in frequency to or embody the higher fourth dimensional layers, or, be able to hold a fifth dimensional frequency for periods of ‘time’.

The topic of the article I’m planning to write about this will be something like: Forgiving our Future Galactic Selves.

There have been times when galactic races of fifth dimensional and higher frequencies, have assisted beings of lower frequencies with their technology.

Earth and our solar system have been both helped and hindered by extraterrestrials and galactic beings utilizing advanced technologies. And this has been both detrimental, and in our favor, also.

Perhaps history balances itself out.

Six Reasons Galactic Forces Would Lend Out Fifth Dimensional Technology

Why would a fifth dimensional and higher group allow it’s technology to be used by lower dimensional beings?

  • Mistakes were made.
    • Many alternate timelines and realities occur for every outcome, and we are at the end of a long set of timelines and outcomes in Earth/Solar System/Galactic history.
  • The choice was consciously made. 
    • Because the outcome was in alignment with the highest good of all.
  • The Divine Plan required it.
    • Galactic forces allowed this technological use in alignment with the Divine Plan for creation.
  • A special dispensation is granted.
    • This is decided by a group in, and in alignment with, decisions of higher councils.
  • Those using the technology are actually 5D beings.
    • Such a being would have a mission of service to the greater good of all.
  • A society is at a shift point
    • A society at a shift point to a fifth dimensional state can receive 5D+ technology.

Humanity and 5D Technology

Our society is at a shift point where many human beings can now hold fifth dimensional frequencies for periods of time (the state of non-duality).

This will allow us to innovate and create, and receive and co-create, innovative new technologies, from this state of being.

First, we will have to get a handle on what is 5D technology?  This we will discuss in future articles.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion of fifth dimensional (and higher) technologies.

There is more to come, more to know, more to explore, more to grow.

One of the most exciting ways we will be growing, is to leave behind our war-like minds.

We will experience the most exciting technological innovations resulting from this huge change in the mindset of our societies.



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