universeDear Universe, I am not sure of your postal address so I will trust this to your delivery system.

I live on one of the planets in line with Sol. It lives on the outer edge of the Galaxy, the Planet’s name is Gaia or Earth (or several different ones used over Her lifetime). She is beautiful with a population that seems to have tried very hard to evolve this over millennia.

The last hundred or so Gaia years there appears to be an awakening of our responsibility toward Gaia and our multi-faceted population. Many are awakening to the other Realms and travelers in the Universe. Hopefully not too little too late!

Things are changing as people stop checking their shoes, and instead, look up in hope for a better future.

This brings me to the reason for this letter, Dear Universe. There are a number of decision makers who work in secret. They do not believe we, the people, will be able to cope with the shining light offered by other entities.

The ‘decision makers’ feel anything they tell us will reduce their power and we will resort in panic, to a Lemming-like state, and leap over the cliff. They cannot have that happen because of their need for cheap labour. You, of course, know that we hope for the changes promised by the benevolent entities to come quickly. We hope for unconditional love to sweep away the wars and hate.

We hope that chopping trees down and Gaia’s people with furred, feathered and finned chopped up for the table and profit will come to a rapid halt.

Many are aware of the hunger and sickness rife in the so-called Refugee Camps and the many ways that unnecessary suffering can be used to control people through fear. This is all artificial, an attitude of ‘you can’t soil MY land with Your feet’, thanks to the youngsters, is pressuring the management…

Please help us by speeding the advent of the things we have been told about, and widespread release of ‘official’ information on the star ships and their crews. Acknowledgement of the fact that there is food enough for all, and it should be distributed fairly.

Help us put roofs over unprotected heads. Adequate clothing where need exists, and stop digging holes in Gaia whilst pouring toxic stuff all throughout her lands and seas and peoples.

Help us get back to clean land, clean water and clean medicines, clean minds and habits, so that children, the elderly and all people feel safe in their homes and on the street.

We ask for abundance in Love, Laughter, Light, caring, and growing toward our true heritage.

Thank you for your attention, Dear Universe, I do hope to hear from you soon.

In Love and Light,

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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