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Extraterrestrials and Galatics: From ET Visits to Starseed Family

In Part 6 of this Primer, (originally written with Q-Anon audiences in mind – Ed), I give an overview of the general topic of dealing with Extraterrestrial and Galactic interactions, from suggestions for setting boundaries on nighttime visits, to human ‘starseeds’ interacting with their galactic family.

Primer on UFOs Part 6 of 6

UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Galactics and the Secret Space Program

Introduction –

UFOs and the Secret Space Program (Parts 1, 2, and 3)

  • In Part One of the Primer, I briefly explain that UFOs are real and where most metal UFOs are now from. This includes comment on how UFOs are likely funded.
  • In Part Two of the Primer, I briefly explain how it is possible that UFOs exist that are from Earth, i.e., is it possible that we have the technological capability?
  • In Part Three of the Primer, I briefly explain why the topic of UFOs is so important both to the awakening of our people, to our economy, and as a source of new invention and possibility.

Discernment, Divine Law, and How to Deal with Extraterrestrials and Galatics  (Parts 4, 5, and 6)

  • In Part Four of the Primer, I briefly explain the topic of Discernment. This is an innate ability we have as human beings, but it helps to practice and exercise having and using discernment. It’s important to use our own discernment before proceeding with any activity, but in particular unusual or unseen activities. I also discuss the importance of aligning with our own inner personal spiritual guidance and our own Soul.
  • In Part 5 of this Primer, I discuss my personal experiences that caused me to become aware of Divine Law and how I learned to use this in my life to empower myself. I also discuss how to use spiritual strategies to empower ourselves and to free our planet from tyranny. How does this relate to UFOs and any off world beings?  All of creation, including extraterrestrials and galactic beings, are subject to Divine Law.
  • In Part 6 of this Primer, I give an overview of the general topic of dealing with Extraterrestrial and Galactic interactions, from suggestions for setting boundaries on nighttime visits, to human ‘starseeds’ interacting with their galactic family.

This Primer is meant to be an overview of these topics for those new to the subject area, or for those wanting to see the latest in this topic area. One could write a book on each aspect of these topics, and many authors have done so. For more detailed information I have written on these topics, please see my blog at SolarisModalis.com.


Part 6  –

Extraterrestrials and Galatics: From ET Visits to Starseed Family

Yes, Human Beings Do Experience Visits from Extraterrestrials (ETs) and Galactic Beings, Energies and Entities

If you do not experience visits and interactions with ETs and Galactic beings, then I can understand that you would be skeptical about this occurring. However, I can tell you that I have personally met people (and-or those have close family members) that you would never guess have had these experiences that have.

From senior people in the financial world, to professionals of all kinds, to your next-door neighbors, the lid on secrecy and the penalties for ‘coming out’ about their experiences keep these from being transparent to you and to all of us.

If you have these experience, I’m talking directly to you. You are not alone. There are many, many people out there who share your experience. I’d be willing to say, that I’d guarantee it, and I have met some very unusual  experiencers.

How I Personally Choose to Interact with These Beings

I choose to interact with extraterrestrial and galactic beings and energies in alignment with my knowing of Divine Law and as an empowered human being incarnated with a divine Soul. This is why Part 4 and Part 5 of this Primer specifically focus on Discernment and Divine Law.

I find this approach produces the best results for myself, personally, and that this keeps me on my Soul path, in alignment with my highest good and my highest outcomes. This is why I write articles on these topics, over and over, on my blog.

This article will give an overview of the general topic of dealing with Extraterrestrial and Galactic interactions, since in my view these are highly personal. What I have found in talking with many, many people who have had personal experiences of interacting with UFOs, Secret Space Program craft, extraterrestrials and galactic beings, is that my pre-suppositions don’t fit anyone else’s experience.

I can relate with others’ experiences, and I can tell stories of my own experiences, but I cannot know what things mean for that person specifically. Experiences I might see as negative, they might experience as turning towards the positive. Experiences I might shy away from, they might go forward with. It’s very individual.

Thus, I’d like to give some broad parameters on the positive and negative sides of these experiences. I’d also state that the overwhelming majority of people that I have met who have these experiences tend to view them positively, with interest, with wonder, with excitement, and with the desire to know more. Sometimes there are many, many questions. But I’ve found that each person has an inner narrative that informs them of what the experience really means for themselves, personally.

Negative Experiences and Saying No

First, let’s address setting boundaries and saying ‘No’. Some people have had experiences of ‘being taken’ or of waking and having entities in the room or attempting to take them when they do not want to go.

What follows are some broad parameters and suggestions if you do not want such an experience.

First, some of these encounters are actually based on Soul contracts, and some of them are interactions with extraterrestrial family, where the human being does not remember that this is the case.

Suggestions Regarding Interacting with Negative Entities of Any Sort

What I have found is that ignorance of Divine Law, which is akin to what is called natural law in our society, is often used to trick us by negative entities. Whether these are human beings, or extraterrestrials or unseen dark forces, doesn’t really matter.

How we get tricked is usually that the illusion is presented that we have to go along. The truth is that in alignment with Divine Law, we have free will choices. This is the Divine Law of Free Will. You get to have free will because you were born on this planet and you have a Soul.

This means that you can say “No”.  If you can say “No” backed by the knowing of your own Soul, by the emotions of your own heart, it is that much stronger. If you can wake up and come into yourself and say “No”, it’s that much more powerful.

That’s why practicing discernment and personal sovereignty in alignment with your own Soul path is so important. But I would say, it makes our lives better and more fulfilling anyway.

I’m not going to gloss over this: Sometimes you have to say No firmly and strongly and keep repeating it over and over. When this is the case, you are in a battle with dark energies of whatever kind. These are entities actively attempting to break Divine Law.

However, Divine Law and the Soul’s choices (through you) have prominence. Keep saying No whatever way you have available. Shouting it in your mind is enough, too. Make your choice known, whether you can talk or not. Keep your intention in alignment with your knowing that this is your sovereign choice, as an embodied Soul, this is your heart’s message.

If you find yourself in a dark and dense place energetically, my suggestion is to call all your pure energy to your heart center and call on the divinity you believe in and are closest with to help you. Archangel Michael, or St. Michael the protector, is an excellent companion in these situations. It is your desire to return to your body or your home or to reconnect with your Soul that is what spiritual forces will respond to, because acting in alignment with your choice is in alignment with Divine Law, because you are the representative of your Soul.

I write these suggestions from personal experiences over a very long time. My Higher Self put me through years of discernment training. Rather than go on about the details of these stories, suffice it to say that I have distilled my own discernment practices down into two simple knowings:

I have the right to say “No”, and I follow my own heart.

Starseeds: Human Beings with Galactic and Extraterrestrial Past Lives or Soul Family

For years, I was surrounded by people who viewed extraterrestrial and galactic beings as part of their Soul family, so, that is my background in this area. It’s why I came to this field with such a feeling of friendship and love. That’s because this has also been my experience. I feel comforted by the night skies and the stars, and I remember past lifetimes of galactic memories.

My memories aren’t all good times. But they inform my experience and my point of view. And because of my experiences and memories, I deeply value being a human being, at this time in history, and in this lifetime, right now.

Starseeds are human beings who feel a connection with the stars and who are focused on raising human consciousness and-or assisting humanity.

In addition, this group often has memories of lifetimes in other places; in the stars, on other planets, traveling on ships, being angels.

The backgrounds of starseeds are varied, reflecting the many possibilities of where they originated.

Characteristics of Starseed Origins:

  • Sometimes the person directly remembers coming from another galactic culture.
  • Sometimes the person has past life memories of life among the stars.
  • Sometimes the person was incarnated on Earth during times when human beings had relationships with extraterrestrial races and interacted with those ETs, or was one of them.
  • Sometimes the person has a connection with their angelic or celestial self; some galactics have a frequency that is very similar to these.
  • Sometimes the person has a connection with fairy or elemental, or Gaia energy.
  • Sometimes the person is very close with their memories of Lemuria or Atlantis.

(I include these last two, because these incarnations were from such a different time in Gaia’s history; so much so that it was almost like another planet and culture from what it is now.)

If the starseed has galactic memories, or ancient Earth memories, this person may require quite a bit of self healing before or during shifting into their primary mission. This is because some galactic memories were traumatic as a result of wars or mistreatment of one culture by another.

On the other hand, the starseed may have come from peaceful galactic lifetimes to this place and are ready to share what they have to offer, and may feel out of place in this world because it is so different than the experience they have come from.

What I have found is that most starseeds know intuitively how to communicate with their galactic family. Their relationship is active. It is personal. And usually, it is in energy. Meaning, the communication is non-physical, although there are physical experiences also. But they may not be what you’d think. They could be messages and signs, they could be chance meetings. But there is usually a feeling of gratitude and love permeating the surroundings and the interactions.

Until I started interacting with people outside my close circle, this was primarily my experience. One thing that has struck me is the number and breadth of extraterrestrial experiences I have found meeting other people. The number of beings here with memories and experiences of living on other worlds, at this point, I’d say is quite high.

It gives me hope for humanity. If you could see what I have seen in sessions, I think you’d feel this way too. What many, many of these people are bringing to being human is a sense of knowing what love is; how to be love, what is truly valuable, how to embody love, and teaching this to others.

It is my view that these people and the young children incarnating now are bringing an energy to our planet that will assist Humanity in lifting our world out of darkness, poverty, and despair, and into a new life based in love, honoring and respect for each other.

Articles About Setting Boundaries, Saying No, Starseeds and Extraterrestrial Past Lifetimes on SolarisModalis.com

If you’d like to learn more about these topics, I have many articles on the blog and videos as well.

Meeting Extraterrestrial and Galactic Beings

Setting Boundaries and Healing From Trauma

Starseeds and Extraterrestrial Past Lifetimes

Love, Solaris


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