acceptingourownmagnificenceAccepting Our Own Magnificence

Come take a walk with me. The day is beautiful and the air is crisp. It ripples over our skin and blows our hair gently back.

We come upon a beautiful open field of green grass. The land gently slopes down to a clear running stream bubbling over glistening stones, that ends in a small pond where ducks and geese swim gracefully and dunk their heads into the water.  Along the edges of the stream, wild flowers grow in masses, and their sunny heads sway in the breeze.

We look at those beautiful flowers and we feel our hearts open. There are so many colors and varieties, each pleasing to the eye, but also pleasing in their various heady scents. Bees buzz around the flowers, and spectacular butterflies flit from bloom to bloom, feeding on their nectar.

Across the stream is a copse of tall trees, elegant and stately in their deep green leafy robes. They dance in the breeze and turn their leaves to the warm light of the sun.  Among the trees, we see bright flashes of color from many different birds and we hear the sweet trill of their songs and our hearts open even more.

Standing still and silent, we glance into the trees and quick movement catches our eye. A brilliant red fox flits through the filtered light, on her way to tend to her kits. A gentle deer with her spotted fawn step out to enjoy the light and emerald green grass that is their sustenance. Squirrels scurry from tree to tree in a game of tag, and rabbits hop among the plants at the edge of the tree line, nibbling as they browse contentedly for their dinner.

Our hearts are wide open as we take in the spectacular natural world. All these different creations of the universe literally blow our minds with their beauty and variety. There is so much to take in visually and energetically that silence between us is the only way to absorb it. We have fully connected to the magnificence of these creations. We know they are of the natural world and divine at the same moment, and we completely accept that as truth.

We turn and smile at each other in our knowing. There is, again, no need for words. There is no need to explain how we feel. It simply is.

As we retrace our steps to depart this beautiful space, we see another pair of people coming towards us. They are also taking in the gorgeous scene and their hearts are also opening. We smile again at each other and nod, knowing how they will feel as they proceed along the way.

As we get closer, we can see the people more clearly, and suddenly we realize that we are seeing ourselves. It comes as a shock to see ourselves from the outside, as it is highly unusual.

What do we feel at this moment? Do we see ourselves as a beautiful creation of nature and divinity? Do we see our magnificence? Do we see ourselves as connected to the scene we traversed through or do we see ourselves as separated?

Did the tiny voices in our heads begin to chatter about our skin, our hair, our body shape, our posture, how worthless we are? Did we have a visceral reaction of rejection and a shrinking in our hearts? Did our solar plexus chakras, the bright yellow center of our personal power, squeeze shut? Did we step inside the boxes that society has created for us, and firmly close and lock the door, separating ourselves from the natural world and encircling ourselves in isolation?

We don’t always realize that we have these reactions when observing ourselves. The balance of these reactions arebeautifulnature so subtle, because we have been indoctrinated within families, communities and societies that seek to separate us from the natural world, from our own magnificence and our innate gifts.

The reason behind this indoctrination is obvious. If we feel separated and less than, if we are constantly battling with how we feel about ourselves and beating ourselves up, how much energy can we effectively flow out into the world? How much good can we do with the gifts we have been given?

On the other hand, is it possible that we did we see ourselves as magnificent?  This, my dear friends, is the work, because in truth, we are magnificent. In truth, we are connected to all the beauty and diversity of the natural world. In truth, we are creations of the universe, combining both the natural realm and the divine realm. We are as magnificent as the flowers, the trees, the animals, the stars and the sky.  We were never created to be placed in the isolation box that society has created for us.

When we finally realize this, everything shifts. I invite you to place yourself among the magnificence of this world. Place yourself in your divine, rightful place in this beautiful world.

Work with how that makes you feel for as long as you need to.  Work with yourself gently, as you would with a little child. Anything that comes into awareness that points to anything other than our magnificence is simply a lie, and the sooner we root out these lies, the sooner we will be able to love ourselves fully and see our own amazing nature.

When we do see our magnificence and fully own it, then we can step forward confidently and share our magnificence with the world. We can then model this self love and acceptance for others, and fully pour our energy and gifts out into life for the highest good.

After all, this is the reason we all incarnated in this earthly plane, and we all want to do our best fulfilling our divine roles.  Accepting our own selves in our magnificence, and loving ourselves is the very first step. I invite you to shine your light fully out into the world, but I also invite you to shine the light of your own heart onto yourself.

You are a divine child of the universe, and you deserve nothing less.

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