allowingtocomeMany are currently expressing a fear of allowing what must come to us to come, as they encounter huge shifts in their lives. In my world, with the increasing energies, gone are the days of even having the slightest shred of control over how things get done.

I might have an idea of where I want to go, or what I want to do, but the Universe tends to have other ideas. I have gotten to a point where I am grateful and consider it an accomplishment if I am actually pointed in the vague direction of where I wished to go.

Flexibility is key at this moment in time. It is key in all moments of time, really, but with so much up in the air, so to speak, being open to allow the flow, even if it does not appear to be something we wanted or wished for, will help us get from here to there much easier.

I also thought that it would be good to republish an older article about my very personal healing journey that focuses on this concept, to illustrate how miracles can happen once we get out of our own way and allow what will come to come.

Many years ago, I had Lyme Disease and it was the turning point of my life.  It seems weird now to say that one little deer tick changed the course of my life and put me on the spiritual path, but it is so.

The reason it is so is that the tick led me out of allopathic or conventional medicine, and into the realm of alternative healing.

This was a huge step for me, because I grew up in a family where my dad was a doctor and my mother was a nurse midwife.

While I have respect for classic medicine, the path I was going down was a difficult one, and I needed a different kind of healing, so I turned to the alternative community.

When you are around folks who are into alternatives, they very often present you with alternatives in all aspects of your life, including spirituality. So that is where my path to here really began.

I remember meeting with a wonderful healer who is still a close friend, and she quietly listened to my story. She then asked me if I had thought about changing my focus from one of victimhood to one of conqueror.

She mentioned that in my story I was always focusing on being sick and being in pain, and maybe this was one of the reasons why I continued to manifest this situation into my life.

I hadn’t really heard the term manifest before, or truly understood that we have any control over what we bring into our lives, but that statement really inspired me to make a change. From now on, I thought, I will simply be well.

I started stating it to my angels.  I said it to anyone who would listen and eventually it became the truth.

While I might have been in pain often, as a result of many factors, I was always healthy. Very few times, over the past two decades have I been ill in any way, though I have tended my girls and hubby through various ailments plenty of times.

I almost got smug about it when others would succumb to a cold or a tummy ache, as I cruised through with perfect health and no fear of getting sick. I was protected! I had stated to the universe that I was well!

Here is where it gets a bit sticky though. I never understood the spiritual and energetic significance of these ‘unwell’ situations.  I simply chose to push them away over and over again, not realizing that there might be a spiritual or energetic reason for them.

Many times we are at a point in our evolution where we must shed something in order to allow the next unfolding, and sickness or imbalance is one way this process may present itself.

As I was continually making a statement and really believing it, all that ever came my way was wellness, even though I may have needed imbalance to move forward.  Just as creation can spring forth from chaos, imbalance opens the way forward for increased balance.

As the energies have risen over the past few years, there were internal platforms and energies that needed to be changed out, and things I needed to understand for my evolution.  While others might be going through imbalances due to Ascension energy, I was still stuck in my I am always well mantra, and I was having none of this other stuff.

Of course the universe is patient, but persistent, and it will continue to look for the next opportunity to bring you what you truly need, until you have no choice but to accept it.

Last New Year I was sick for the first time in probably 5 years.  I pushed against it as best I could with all the remedies and techniques I knew, but to no avail. Oh how frustrated I was, and how let down by the universe I felt!

I was down for the count for 5 days.  When I came out of it though, instead of seeing the significance and value of the situation, I continued on my litany of I am always well and for another year, I was.

Then New Year rolled around again, and I found myself getting ill! I was incredulous! How could this be? I set about recovering almost immediately with my herbs and remedies and I felt better pretty quickly.

Again, I failed to recognize that I was in the same energy astrologically as the previous year and the cycle was repeated for my highest good. No! I was always well, and so the universe retreated once more.

Then, two months later, I got slammed with fever for 6 days. I hadn’t had a fever for over 20 years! There was nothing I could do.  I had to allow the course of the situation to unfold as it would.

During that time of forced rest, I did a lot of thinking and came to an understanding.

Through my statements to the universe, I had blocked my own evolution and energetic healing.  I needed to be in imbalance, in order for my human body immune system to get stronger than it already was. Without occasional testing, the system can get lazy.

I needed to be in imbalance, in order to not fear imbalance and push it away as if it were a bad thing and not just a transitional thing.

I needed to be in imbalance, to realize how much of an iron-fisted controlling choke hold I had put on my body because of fear.  The Lyme experience was very difficult and I certainly did not want to go through it again.

I failed to realize that I had come through it. I failed to realize that it had also been a pivotal shift in my life.

Certainly from the outside, it looked like a really devastating situation, but I had come through it and it put me on the path to where I am now.

So, I found gratitude for that tiny deer tick and once I found gratitude, I also allowed the release of my need to control this aspect of myself.

While it is pretty neat that I was able to invoke a statement that provided a consistent outcome, I am now evaluating all ‘always’ statements and wondering if it might be best for me to simply state: I allow what must come to come in order for my path to unfold perfectly.

This feels pretty good to me, and indicates my willingness to trust that the universe has my back and will bring forth the experiences I need for my highest good, even if those experiences do not feel very good at the time.

If imbalance needs to come in order to allow me to strengthen, grow, shed, treat myself with more love, or simply to rest, then so be it.  I am no longer viewing how I feel physically about a situation as an indication of its alignment on my path.

I am also choosing to loosen my human mind reins and trust my higher self’’s profound wisdom when it comes to what I truly need in order to grow.

I welcome whatever must come with deep gratitude and flow with it, knowing that my higher being has chosen it so I may evolve and come into my own divine perfection.

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