ufoWell, am I racist? Yes, I am definitely Human racist.

So, what will my attitude be when the Galactics arrive?

Will I look down my nose at baldy headed runts, or will I dive under the bed?

Then again. some of them are taller and I may be forced to look up at them, will fear be a factor?

Will rumours abound with tales of slavery, people served up with mint sauce on a silver salver, next to the Lobster Mornay or fish and chips?

What about the mob, swirling around with pre -printed ‘ET Go Home’ signs? Wildly chanting, it ‘s a con by the white supremacists, it’s a hoax!!

Where will they land, in a Kmart carpark or in a beautiful alpine setting, singing ‘ The Hills are Alive… (etc)’?  Wherever they do drop in, trust me, the plumbing WILL be tested by the attendant Humans. According to those who know, the vehicles they use are silent, and pollution free.

At least we can be assured the Governments of all stripes will find a way to blame the opposition for the surprise arrival. The Galactics may be booked for being unlicensed, driving an unregistered vehicle, landing without due caution, landing in a restricted zone, no passports, no permits… just  response.

I would like to see the face of the Cop who is directed to hand out the tickets… You can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be the Police Chief, Mayor or Governor.

Over the years, contact with our Galactic brothers (and disters) has been made on a daily basis. On the premise that what we don’t know won’t hurt us, we have been kept in the dark (they think) by those who ‘guide and protect us’. We do know… lol. We just don’t know which car park and which day.

I am happy to be racist. When I come out from under the bed, I’ll tell them all about ‘Orstralia and the wonderful first people with their fund of knowledge and respect for the land and waters. No posters for me, just a huge smile and arms in the hug position…

Do you think they will hurry up if I asked them nicely? Then, of course, there is always the Angelics, Fairy Folk, Elementals, Devic Kingdoms. A very crowded bedroom…

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