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Part 1

I have often written about the biology of Ascension and how the body responds to high energy, as it comes up against the biological process of homeostasis.  When we hit a patch of high energy, often coming to us through the cosmos, the body reacts strongly and through the process of hormesis, it can hold this higher energy more easily.

This is anything but comfortable as we move along the path, and we can find ourselves focusing on the minute details of these physical feelings and symptoms. This focus can then draw us into deep fear that causes significant contraction and added stress to the body.

Many are experiencing difficulty at this time with the energies. There have been intense solar flares, astronomical alignments, geomagnetic storms and spikes in the Schumann resonance, not to mention the drama unfolding daily in the collective.

What used to come in waves, with periods of reprieve and integration, seems to be coming in huge spurts, like water out of a pressurized fire hose. 

I am not going to recite a litany of body symptoms, because they are very specific to the individual and their biology. I will say though, if you are experiencing extremely strong body issues that draw you into fear, and you feel the need to go to the doctor in order to check things out and calm yourself down, then I invite you to do so. You are the only one who knows your body and its signals, and I highly recommend you do so.

I am finding myself sharing my tools with many over and over again in response to their body issues during this time, so I thought it would be appropriate to share what I consider my personal tool kit and to invite you to find what works for you in order to surf the energies more smoothly.

Again, these are my tools and they certainly are not set in stone. As every single person is different, the point of sharing these is to invite everyone to find what works for themselves in an effort to support their body, which is a miraculous partner of physical incarnation on this plane.


As we move through the energies, many become ungrounded while moving through processes and practice that enhance the spirituality and airy nature of our beingness. This aspect of spiritual practice can leave us unbalanced.

The body itself is filled with energetic connections, and in order to make these connections and keep the body feeling good, the circuits must be grounded, just like any electrical system.

Without grounding, the system it is not an efficient conduit of energy and can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress and disorientation within the body.

Spending time with bare feet on the grass can certainly help. Some use grounding products, as I do, sleeping on an Earthing pad, so I am supporting this process for hours at a time while I sleep. 

If it is too cold out where you live, spending time connecting with trees is also a wonderful way to ground. Yes, while hugging trees may look funny to your neighbors, simply embracing the trunk of a tree with your arms wrapped around it and your heart pressed to the trunk for a few minutes, or longer periods of time if you can do so, will helps to ground the body and calm down the nervous system.

When I feel particularly ungrounded, I visualize my sovereign etheric grounding cord, which connects to my root chakra dropping down into the crystalline heart of our blessed mother Sophia-Gaia, thanking her for her support and gifts of all the material elements that create the body I inhabit.

Grounding Elixir

When the body is stressed, it needs more support in the way of water and trace minerals, as the process of hormesis unfolds.  

Whenever I feel excessively stressed or a bit disoriented as energy swirls, I make myself a big glass of grounding elixir and drink it down, while sending love from my own heart space to my body.

Grounding elixir is made easily by combining pure water, a few shakes of Himalayan pink salt or pure sea salt, which are rich in trace minerals, and a dash of raw apple cider vinegar with the mother.  I find that people who do not like tart drinks enjoy a little bit of local honey in the mix, which is also supportive for the immune system.

Dehydration can make the body feel very sluggish and depleted, so when I find my personal energy dipping, support myself with a few minutes of self-love and a big glass of grounding elixir.


The body has many balanced processes called pumps, where one mineral supports one side of the process and another mineral supports the opposite pole. If that sounds like duality to you, you are right on point in your estimation.

The calcium/magnesium pump in the body supports the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers in the body. As nerves electrically trigger a muscle to contract, the calcium side of the pump is triggered and the fiber contracts completely.

In order for the muscle to fully relax, magnesium must be present, and if it is not present, the muscle will not be able to relax and the body enters a state of tension.

Many folks eat a diet rich in calcium but deplete in magnesium, and thus live in a state where their muscles are partially contracted all the time. Add in the stress of the energies and the ability to relax in the body is almost impossible.

As I eat a balanced diet pretty regularly, whenever I feel excessive stress in my body, I up my intake of magnesium. I invite folks to evaluate this mineral for themselves and see if increasing intake assists in relaxation. I will note that magnesium oxide can be very cleansing, so if you have issues with loose bowels, this may exacerbate the issue. I tend to take magnesium citrate or asporatate which do not effect the bowels in the same manner. 

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