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[At this time, we are being asked to ‘social distance’ to mitigate the transmission of what is being called a pandemic. This content was written last year and long before this quarantine situation came into being. Regardless, this first section suggests remedial remedies as well. – Andrea]

Hugging Myself or Others

Humans were born to crave physical contact. Remove this part of the human experience and the being suffers tremendously. As incarnational beings, it is one of the most important things we came to this plane to experience.

Somewhere along the way though, hugs and touching expressions of love were subjugated to the parent-child relationship and the intimate lover relationship, and many beings go most of the day without a good full body hug, as if craving body contact is wrong.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and I ask, who does it serve to disconnect us from our fellow humans?

I personally touch and hug as much as I can during the day and I highly recommend the practice. Physical touch can calm the body down significantly, but it is interesting that self-touch and hugging can give similar results.

When stressed out by intense energies, hugging and cuddling bring a tremendous sense of well being and calm, but if you don’t have another to hug, simply wrapping your arms around yourself and squeezing tight or running your hands firmly down your arms and leg can make you feel safe and content as well. 

When we consciously practice this type of self-touch, with love and gratitude for each part of our body we foster a deeper, more trusting relationship with the body and it can relax more fully.

Spending Time in Nature and Observing the Natural World

We hear it all the time. Spend time in nature. Connect with Gaia and all her Kingdoms, Devas and Elementals. We tend to think of it as part of our spiritual practice, but it actually fosters peace and health within the body as well.

Moderate sun on the skin supports the creation of vitamin D3 within the melanocytes of the dermal layer, which contributes to everything from our immune system to bone health. Natural light on our retinas helps regulate our circadian rhythm, which in turn manages our wake and sleep cycles and our energy level. For many, it also contributes significantly to mood elevation and without adequate sunshine and vitamin D3, seasonal affective issues can occur.

No matter the weather, simply observing nature can quickly get us out of our heads and into alignment with the blessed cycles of nature. Observing a mother bird building her nest can occupy my entire spring afternoon. Following the antics of squirrels as they find and bury their winter trove of acorns leaves little room for stress in my mind. I am always in awe of these beautiful creations and filled with gratitude to be part and parcel of the natural world.

Spending Time with Pets or Looking at Animals

There is copious research on the health benefits of pet partnerships. Cuddling with my cat, Slinky, is probably one of my favorite things to do when I am feeling stressed in my body.  Part of  the relief relates to the mechanics of body contact (as discussed above) in relation to hugging and touching, but spending time in contact with the energy field and unconditional love of a pet has a profound effect on our own energy field and heart center.

If you do not have a pet, or access to one through a friend, simply observing images and videos of animals can have a calming effect and open up the heart, and this is especially true when observing images of young animals and their playful antics. Sometimes this is the only thing that can make me smile and turn my energy around, and why I share so many animal videos on my social media. If you can’t get outside to observe animals in nature, or cuddle with one directly, simply try looking at their images and note the change in your own energy and mood.

Spending Time in Water

As incarnated beings, a large majority of our physicality is comprised of water. With the exception of oxygen to breathe, water is the most important biological factor in our lives. We understand that without it, we become dehydrated, imbalanced and eventually die.

Water also has a supportive function when we immerse ourselves in it. The vast oceans contain many trace minerals that are absorbed subcutaneously, just like in our grounding elixir. We can create a similar effect using epsom or mineral salts in a nice warm bath and soaking in it for a time.

When our physical bodies are surrounded by water, our buoyancy eases the stress on our bones, joints and muscles. The range of motion for our joints also increases, because we become partly free from gravity and can move far more easily.  

Soaking in water helps to move fluid in the lymphatic system more easily, and this is very supportive of the cleansing process many go through during intense periods of energy.

Being in water also aligns the molecules of water within the body to the energy of its natural form, and this can bring immense calm to the body. The temperature of the water can also help to bring our internal thermostats back into balance, if we are struggling with chills or hot flashes as the body adjusts to new energies.

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