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Declaring Sovereignty and Clearing the Personal Energy Field

I wrote extensively about the importance of declaring sovereignty as an incarnate being here on earth. When we claim ourselves and our energy field, we have far more control of what energy flows in and out than we ever imagined.

It is especially important for significantly sensitive empaths to work with their energy fields and ask that all energy entering be in alignment with their soul path and in their highest good. If energy feels like it is not ours, and not in our highest good, it can be removed from our fields through our intent and direction.

I have worked extensively on the creation of constructs that keep my energy field clean, but that does not mean that the surface of my field stays clean all the time. Like the windscreen of a moving car, we pick up energetic remnants on the outside of our field that can prevent us from energetically seeing and feeling clearly, and this can lead to doubt and stress.

If we begin to feel stressed related to incoming energy, I invite you to ask if it is in your highest good and then feel into the body for a response. If the heart opens, then we allow. If the heart closes and the solar plexus contracts, it is not for us, and thus we can quickly release it via intention that all energy not in our highest good and not in alignment with our soul path be released and transmuted to its highest vibration, and so it is.  

I also visualize my clear golden bubble of living plasma light, which I control by my own divine sovereign free will choice, and I spray the outside with clear water and run the windshield wipers over it, removing all vestiges of that which does not serve myself and my highest good.

Disconnecting the Energy Field

When one feels extremely overwhelmed energetically, we can disconnect from the collective energy field quickly and easily for a bit of a respite, and it’s good to check in with what energy and feelings are our own versus what is part of the collective swirling.

Sit in a chair and cross your ankles in what ever direction is most comfortable for you. Then take your thumb and pointer finger of both hands and make the OK sign while linking the through each other like two links in a chain. Slow your breathing and feel the release from the energy field as your body relaxes.

We often need a bit of a disconnect from all the energy surrounding us. When we are trying to get to sleep, we can facilitate this same process by visualizing a golden cocoon surrounding us, running all over our body and energy field, around our grounding cord down into the crystalline heart of our earth mother Sophia-Gaia and up through our crown connecting to our higher self and soul. 

I always intend for what ever energy is in my highest good and supportive of my path be allowed to enter with ease and grace through the permission of my higher soul, so that anything that must occur in the perfection of my path will do so, while I can still rest a bit in a calm energy pool outside the fast streaming current of the collective.

Spreading the Energy Field

As more energy enters the body system and it comes up against the boundaries of homeostasis, it becomes stressed and anxious. In trying to hold all this new energy within the confines of the body,  the circuitry becomes overloaded, leading to a feeling of contraction in the solar plexus.

When this occurs, during energy downloads and significant cosmic events, I feel the need to spread my energy field and make it as big as possible. This lightens the load on my body vehicle and eases the feelings of anxiety.

I sit simply and visualize my field as a golden bubble around myself with the center point at my heart. I then intend for my field to spread out wider and wider becoming a giant bubble, pushing outward through the action of the torus field of my merkhaba, or light body. The feelings of calmness are accentuated when I drop my field into the oceans of water on planet, as if the flow of the tides and the vastness of the water body has some miraculous soothing effect on my energy, which is transported to my body vehicle.

In times of stress we tend to contract our energy fields habitually and enter survival mode, and spreading the field seems counterintuitive, but the resulting calm of the process indicates for me personally that it is an appropriate action during  intense energy spikes.

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