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Connecting With Dear Friends

Reaching out to dear friends, who accept us as we are and are willing to bear witness to how it is for us at the present time, always has a calming effect. It brings us out of isolation and allows us to be open to receiving love and support from others.

It can also allow us to gain important information about how things are for others, if we are willing to listen to how it is for them and alleviates the feeling of being alone in all this intensity. When we fully grasp that we are all in this together, moving through the waves in our own unique way, we can feel a sense of support that is very calming to the body.

Disconnect From the Media and Technology

When going through times of intense energy, there is a tendency to look outside of ourselves for understanding and information about what is going on, but much information in the media and online is specifically designed to increase feelings of stress in the body and feed the negative constructs set up on planet at this time.

When we disconnect from looking outside of ourselves for answers and turn our focus to tending ourselves lovingly, we are utilizing our energy most effectively by lavishing it on ourselves.

Many also feel increased body stress when engaging with technology excessively if they are sensitive to EMF waves, which can inhibit relaxation and calm. Taking some time away from electronics and the information they bring to us can facilitate a calmer mind and thus a calmer body.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel Your Emotions Fully

There is a tendency in the spiritual community to push the idea that we must always focus in a positive direction and control our minds and thoughts so as to not allow negativity to influence the path of our lives. I have personally found this to be a hack that inhibits the natural flow of emotions and the release of pent up energy within the body that can create a tremendous amount of stress.

We were born with the ability to feel a wide range of emotions, and trying to control them in a effort to relieve discomfort or steer our paths in a desired fashion simply stuffs them down into our subconscious minds, where they fester and wind us in ways that far exceed the effects we would experience if we simply felt them and honored them as being a normal part of human incarnation.

When feeling strong emotions, I simply sit with myself and feel them, giving myself all the time I need to express them while holding the space of self love. When we feel heard and supported by ourselves in all our moods and emotions it is much easier to release the strong energies and return to center. 

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