ordinaryI am an ordinary human bean.

Just like you, I pull up my socks and struggle onwards. As with other beans, I get canned from time to time and I smile, it confuses people.

Trying to ascend is like being Sysyphus with his boulder, push, grunt, head down, one mighty push and I will be there.

Ha! Wishful thinking, just as the last gggrrrrrr happens, someone with lots more knowledge and experience rockets past and the downdraft shoves me back to ‘do not pass go’!

Learning curve kicks in again.

I have a question, oh, knowledgable ones, is it really necessary to learn all the mystical Indian stuff in order to ride the elevator?

If we all are God, why do I feel out of breath from running to catch up?

I have read, heard, tried unconditional love, and I STILL SCREW MY FACE UP! Where upon I feel guilty, as though I have let someone down.

Then there are the channels… a whole ‘nother method of instant insanity, especially when the identical words come from several different bringers of good news weak (or is that week?). Or weak good news… confused? Welcome to the club!

The one magic word common to all: DONATE.

Don’t get me wrong, the journey is a magical one, chock full of Entities that really, really want to help. I feel I need a shed with a very large floor space, and I can sort the help into separate piles. Wanna be’s over there, first-class helpers in that corner, useless as hip pockets in underpants by the door, commonsensicles over here. You get the picture.

We have a politician who delivers speeches in his ‘Dearly beloved’s’ voice, and lectures (not addresses) the proletariat! Likewise, some wordsmiths dribble on ad infinitum and lose us poor beans in the erudite extrapolation of the road to salvation… lol.

Ok, I’m back. If you start to read a book at the halfway point, a bean’s understanding may be just a little bit limited in the techy bits.

I read about the Kundalini raising and (gulp) hurting, so, for me, it can stay put. I’m not into pain. Then, I discovered it is like a key in a rusty padlock (that’s the hurty bit). We don’t have WD40 for that sort of rust.

I know a little bit about chakras, third eyes (no stalk), and the listening to the body thingy.

So, then we come to health care. 937 Shocking Reasons Why _____… This Awesome Cure for _____… Big Pharma Warns Against _____… (themselves?)

I have never been an advocate of trotting off to the Doctor with every minor hurtsy, thank goodness, because I’m not full of toxins. No tap water for this little black duck, and now Homeopathic slow-but-sure suits me. You make your own decisions! Have you noticed that every breakthrough needs another 5 years of trials tests and research? And there, again, is the magic word – DONATE!

It seems to me that the road is one much travelled, but a little bit of study is needed to read the signposts. Ankles suffer from potholes, and sometime that boulder gets heavy.

Don’t let life can you, my fellow human beans, you could always ask a Scenic! (1)  They swim and speak basic people!

Hugs, love, light and understanding, From an Ordinary Human Bean!


(1) Nickname for member of Gaia Scene community forum

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