And then Gaia said…

We were communing (which means Gaia was talking at me) and then Gaia said, ‘Well, if you want to help me, get down and dirty.’ What do you mean, in my good clothes? I asked. ‘I’m in mine’, she responded. (Snippy, I thought.)

‘What do you want me to get down into?’ Pause, and I knew she was thinking, how to deliver a bombshell to my tender sensibilities.

I knew pushing her just doesn’t work so I waited, and waited, and yes, waited some more.

Then the bombshell hit, ‘Take your pick, kiddo. I’ll let you choose, plants creatures, people, my skin.’

‘Gulp, your skin?’ ‘Yes, it’s full of holes, smelly toxic waste heaps and my seas are wrapped in plastic, my hair, disguised as trees, is missing in clumps like your Chemo effect. What are you going to do, which are you going to concentrate on?

Here’s the kicker, we, or I, don’t have a lot of time to waste.

My turn to think. I suppose I could protest march, write to a Politician, send a donation and look suitably saddened when the News showed the Reef bleaching, Elephants murdered, kids dying of disease and starvation. Terrible scenes of war in God’s name, when did he start recruiting? Last I heard it was free will (or won’t).

There is only one of me so what DO I do?

Gaia laughed, ‘There are 7 BILLION of you, no, don’t do a stock take, speak up, speak out, gather troops.’

Oh yeah, they won’t like me doing that, the Media will toast me. I cannot fire rubber bullets at the big end of town!

‘I won’t be very happy with you if you don’t do something positive, ‘ Gaia responded. I believed her, by now I understood she was fighting for her life and mine. We could include you as well as the others.

Gaia, you are a very difficult person to argue with, the facts are there for all to see, so I think my personal solution is to speak up, speak out, be considerate and put my rubbish in the bin or compost.

I will not use plastic bags, and I will promise to try and find a use for the billion takeaway coffee cups we use in Australia each year.

Gaia will keep me on my toes of that you can be sure.

Did the Gardening bug get you… Gaia at it again, I can’t help but love her!

Thanks for this share to the Elementals, writers and critics.

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