rally angela with ben + rob(Editor’s note: Angela M, a long-term member of our Gaia Scene Community, shares her juicy report from the Great Awakening Rally in DC on September 11, 2019.  May you enjoy her story.)

(Dear Scenics: My apologies for the lateness in posting this. Ever since 9/11, I have been suffering from bouts of nausea, vertigo, and insomnia, and headaches. Curiously, this began on the way into Washington, as we got stuck in the early-morning commuter traffic. The temperature was already well into the high 80’s (32C) that morning, and our car had no air conditioning, so we had to keep the windows open. I attributed my carsickness to all of the vehicle fumes, and the starting/stopping motion of the congested traffic. The cloudless day was beautiful, but the sun was strong and the heat was brutal. I was careful to stay under an umbrella during the rally (I’m a ginger) and drink plenty of water to keep the situation at bay. The following is my experience as Rally attendee.)

Q: The Great Awakening Rally

Strangely, there was very little information on this rally, posted as being from 8 to 8 on 9/11, in the NW quadrant of the National Mall in Washington D.C.  Perhaps that was by design to deter those with bad intent. Or maybe it was just hastily thrown together at the last minute.

Jordan Sather, of Destroying the Illusion, arrived in DC on 9/10. In his live feed that day, he commented on the very heavy, low-density energies of the area, and the lack of warmth and interaction from the well-dressed but grim-faced populace staring into their phones. He noticed that cars still sported Obama ‘08 and ‘12 bumper stickers, as if everyone was still clinging to the past, taking a stand against the present occupant of the White House.

Jordan perused a t-shirt shop in the Reagan airport that focused on Presidents, and observed that it gave minimal space to Trump, but showcased a Trump-Putin/Russia Collusion-type shirt. Jordan said he felt the Rally would not be heavily attended due to the short notice and being on a weekday. He added that he thought it might be located somewhere near the Lincoln Memorial.

Searching for the Rally^^

Well, he was right about the attendance size, but wrong about the location. Our party of three, consisting of my oldest son, his friend and I, arrived at about 9:00 in the morning, after enduring the hellish DC morning commuter traffic. We parked on the side of the National Mall near the Lincoln Memorial, and proceeded to spend the next hour and a half trying to locate the rally. We looked for gatherings of people, Q shirts, banners… anything to direct us.

We noticed a helicopter repeatedly flying over the area. We finally ended up walking toward the White House, following a GPS map which showed an incorrect location for the Rally. We stuck out like tourists, wearing our “We are Q”, WWG1WGA, “Make Speech Free Again”, and “Don’t Tread on Me” hats and shirts.

We stared at the increased security personnel walking on the sidewalks, and watched the black SUV’s entering and leaving the official-looking parking lot. The closer we got to the White House, the more paranoid my son and I began to feel, as if people were beginning to stare at us. Then I remembered it was 9/11… duh. We turned around and went back toward the Washington Monument.

Finally, we saw some people in Q apparel and followed them to a group of about 100 people congregating in the narrow shade of the thin, obelisk-shaped Washington Monument. A stage was being set up on the grass, which directly faced the closed off area in front of the White House.

Nice Folks Everywhere

Immediately, we were warmly greeted by one of the leaders of the Rally. He proceeded to allay my worries about possible disruptions by pointing to two cars in the adjoining parking lot facing the White House. “Those are Secret Service vehicles, so I think we’re pretty safe.” I asked a little warily about the helicopter, which I noticed was no longer flying around. “Oh, that was the National Park Service”, he said, smiling. “You missed it, he flew a tight circle just above us, then did a short, sideways diagonal to form a Q.” Apparently, we also missed the Presidential motorcade that passed by earlier. Jordan managed to catch both of these events for his video. What a great Q-proof!

We were introduced to Alicia, the enthusiastic chief organizer of the event, who told us that the speakers wouldn’t be starting until about 1:00, and encouraged us to mingle with everyone to get to know each other. She felt that this was one of the most important things to accomplish at the event.

Meeting YouTubers and Journalists

Alicia pointed to some YouTubers who were already giving live updates. We were also informed that reporters from WaPo, the Daily Beast, Right Wing Watch, and Mother Jones were among us.

My son’s friend Dan, a very warm, talkative, and well-intentioned fellow, seemed eager to have a friendly debate with the left-leaning media. I didn’t think that was a good idea. “Regardless of what you say”, I warned him, “they’re going to write from a certain perspective. It’s their job. They’ll use and abuse any remarks you give them as fodder for their articles.”

Heedless of my advice, Dan approached Will Sommer of the Daily Beast, and returned beaming after several minutes of conversation, claiming that Sommer was “actually a really nice guy”. He was quoted in Sommer’s scathing article the following day, leaving him feeling angry and betrayed.

Feeling at Home Right Away

We walked over to the small but growing group of attendees, and felt at home right away. Everyone was warm, friendly and receptive. It felt good to converse with people about topics that we keep to ourselves all too often. Some people came from as far away as Ohio and Kansas. Several of us shared the personal transformations that we underwent when we began reading, researching, and decoding the posts from a person/persons simply known as Q.

One of the things that struck me most at this event was the dynamic between the speakers and the rally attendees. Most of the speakers had well-known You Tube channels, while many of us were their dedicated and appreciative viewers. The You-Tubers were clearly enjoying the opportunity to converse with their viewer base and exchange hugs, handshakes and pose for photos.

There was a delightful combination of initial shyness and enthusiasm on both sides during our meet-and-greet. The attendees were adjusting to the fact that… wow, we were actually seeing these people ‘in the flesh’. It seemed to me that the You-Tubers, with each speaking engagement they attend, are gradually getting used to the realization that their ‘audiences’ are actually large groups of ‘real’ people, who in turn are now red-pilling others in their circle of influence.

This interplay was both enjoyable and mind-blowing to me at the same time. I realized that each of us are playing our own role in a growing movement that is way, way bigger than all of us. When was the last time anyone felt this way? The 60’s? Before the Deep State/Cabal began to double-down on their efforts to crush any possible uprising of people stepping into their own power and authority, claiming their right to individual sovereignty?

Thoughts on Celebrities and the Fall of Cultural Icons

During this session of positive exchange, I had written a thought down in my notebook: “How have we allowed this glorious appreciation of each other to devolve over the years into “celebrity worship” – with people fawning over elitist, overcompensated entertainers and athletes who now feel that they have been ‘anointed’ as the spokespeople and shapers of our cultural values? How will it feel when the truth is unveiled to the unawakened populace about the dark forces controlling these cultural ‘icons’? This is just one of the many myths that Q is shattering.”

Several days later, a post appeared on 4-chan by “Hollywood Insider”, claiming that “Qanon has been tearing through Hollywood, the most compelling Whisper Campaign that has ever happened in this town..I am seeing and hearing the tide turn… they are too burnt out to do another election… it’s over.” At this Rally, I was able to catch a glimpse of the turn around, a rare view down the newly enlightened path our society is treading.

Connecting with Jordan Sather, Dustin Nemos, and the ‘Edge of Wonder Guys’

The first speaker I met was Jordan Sather. I good-naturedly ribbed him about posting the Lincoln Memorial as the rally location, and he laughed and apologized.

He said though he was not thrilled to be in the city, he was stoked to be at the Rally, small as it was. He cheerfully remarked, “Hey, this is only the beginning.”

I got to chat with Dustin Nemos (who signed my copy of the book Qanon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening). He had very sweet, yet somewhat serious, demeanor. We talked about his Nemos News Network and I told him how much I enjoyed Tasneem, his news reporter, and thanked him for all the work he was doing. He replied that he couldn’t imagine doing anything more important at this time.

Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts from the Edge of Wonder showed up a bit later and completely immersed themselves in the crowd. I managed to sneak in a photo with them, only because I volunteered to take a photo for someone, then quickly exchanged places.

They both LOVED my hat “Make Speech Free Again”, because the suppression of speech in online media has soheavily affected all of the content creators. Ben spoke at length to my son and I about the Q movement being part politics, part personal transformation, part spirituality and even part exopolitics. “It covers just about everything,” he said, adding that there’s no shortage of topics for Edge of Wonder to tackle.

I watched Craig from Just Informed Talk, to whom I subscribed a week earlier, do a quick livestream early on during the event. Both Craig and Dylan Wheeler (Educating Liberals) are, like many others at the Rally, deeply committed Christians of the type I was usually drawn to during my years of involvement with the Christian church. They steadfastly adhere to the basic spiritual teachings of their faith in their everyday lives, not just during religious church functions. Although coming from a specifically Christian viewpoint, they seemed to grasp and convey to all of us the wider spiritual significance of this movement.

Roasting in the Heat

We set up our seats on the sunny, bare grass, and I got comfortable under a small umbrella I had (thankfully) grabbed before leaving in the morning. A young woman, who had walked up behind my folding chair, smiled and asked if she could ‘share my shade’. I replied “It’s there for you, and I’ll enjoy the company.” I noticed that, during the opening prayer, she sat in a lotus position, palms up, whispering ‘yes’ several times during the Scripture readings.

A Hasidic Jew stood off to my right (looking a bit warm in his heavy, dark suit) with his head bowed in reverence. Will Sommer stood at the edge of the crowd to my left, scribbling notes for an article that would later proclaim us to be ‘tin-foil-hat wearing anti-Semites’ that were ‘an embarrassment to the Trump Administration.’ Yet…regardless of our differing beliefs and views… the Presence of the Creator was there for all with ears to hear and eyes to see… an energetic spark of Light in a dull gray city.

Then we all stood, hands on hearts, for the National Anthem, beautifully sung by Gabrielle Hope.

While the following notes are a brief commentary on most of the speakers, to get the full effect I recommend watching the respective videos of their talks, most of which have been uploaded by now (the links are included below).

Lisa and John Welch

Lisa and John Welch are an energetic couple who have made it their mission to get the media to report on Q. They throw free “We are Q” shirts and signs into the crowds at Trump rallies. The back of Lisa’s shirt asks the media, “Why do you care?” – why the big disinfo campaign against Q if its such a farce? (Q honored their efforts in post 1775.)

Craig of Just Informed Talk

Craig of Just Informed Talk remarked that WWG1WGA (where we go one, we go all) is a way to remind us all that we are part of a bigger movement.

Captain Roy D, Co-editor of Qanon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening

Captain Roy D was one of the original bakers hit with the de-platforming of Reddit. He likened the deleting of posts and individual accounts to someone breaking into the home of Stephen King and burning his manuscripts. Co-editor of Qanon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening, he is now promoting the sequel book, White Hats, Swamp Creatures and Qanon: a Who’s Who of Spygate.

Dylan Wheeler of Educating Liberals

Dylan Wheeler, of Educating Liberals, said that we are all equals in this movement, that no one is more significant than anyone else. He exhorted us to “Be brave enough to speak your mind, or at least VOTE!!”

Dustin Nemos of Dustin Nemos Network

Dustin Nemos emphasized keeping up hope and optimism in going up against huge behemoths like Google. He mentioned that Germany now has a YouTubers union. He couldn’t resist taking friendly shots at the left-leaning reporters in the audience, and reminded everyone that, though it seems as though the left seems to have the upper hand with violent tactics and media control, in the end we will overcome and have equal justice.

Gene Ho, 2016 Campaign Photographer

Gene Ho was President Trump’s lively and energetic personal campaign photographer, who had only good things to say about his former boss. “He had a great sense of humor, and took care of his workers.” Gene has a new book out called Trumpography. He said people ask him all the time if he ever met Hillary, he answers “No, and I can prove it…I’m still alive today!!”

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion

Jordan Sather gave a brief summary of his awakening experience, which began during the “Occupy Wall Street” protests. He began researching into the banking families, and Rockefeller ‘medicine’. He worked in a natural health store at the time, before quitting in 2017 to be a full-time YouTuber. From his experience in selling natural health products, he recommended that the best way to red-pill people about this movement is to first determine their interests, then relay information on how the Deep State has suppressed, made poisonous, or purposely dialed back on things that could improve our lives, in order to keep us in servitude to them.

Ben and Rob of The Edge of Wonder

Ben and Rob, better known to us as ‘The Edge of Wonder guys’, wrapped up the rally with a very engaging session. Much of their talk was already familiar to me from watching their videos. They finished with an engaging Question-and Answer session, and encouraged open-minded discussion about anything! (Unfortunately for me, my body and brain had by this time completely overheated and I was unable to recall any of the things I wanted to ask, until [of course]I cooled down on the way home.)

A Successful Day

All in all, it was a successful day. Though I think most of us were initially disappointed by the small turnout, by the end of the Rally we all felt that important forces were put into motion that far outweighed those initial expectations.

Perhaps it was too presumptive of me to caution our friend Dan against talking to Sommer. Red-pilling is a mysterious process which one can never fully predict. Quite often, it’s not what we say, but our demeanor when saying it, that seeps into the cracks of one’s hard-core beliefs.

When the other YouTubers approached Sommer with a camera and a microphone, it was apparent that he instinctively threw up his defenses. But Dan is a friendly, open soul who merely wanted a conversation, and Sommer was kind and polite to him in return. Perhaps those journalists covering the Rally might have felt, heard, or witnessed something that day that will continue to ‘haunt’ them, in their deepest recesses, making them eventually question why they are on the attack.

Though the heat clouded my thinking, perhaps I wasn’t supposed to ask questions or comment on anything. Perhaps, I was meant to just sit and be an observer, enjoying the wordless camaraderie with my smiling, shade-sharing friend, and bask in the overall positivism and purpose of the event as a whole.

At the World War II Memorial

Walking back through the National Mall on the way to our car, we stopped at the World War II memorial, which I had never visited, but was very close to my heart. My father and his brother, both now deceased, not only managed to return alive and whole from that conflict, but had both risen to the rank of Captain during their time of service.

I now understood the sense of purpose that had kept them going through a time of unfathomable horrors, which neither of them wanted to discuss at length during their lifetimes.

I tearfully stared into the beautiful Memorial fountain, and silently promised my father and uncle that I would do my best to ensure that their efforts were not in vain. Their hard-won ‘victory’ so long ago was never fully complete. The ideals they fought so hard to defend and protect are still under threat.

The difference is that, this time around, the ‘enemy’ is largely unseen. Its weapons are controlled politicians, media corporations, and big banks and businesses. Our ‘ammunition’ against them now does not consist of guns, bombs or tanks; but spiritual armor and the Truth itself expressed in words and ideas.

Agenda to Destroy our Liberties

Those of us who are aware of the agenda to destroy our liberties are quickly attacked and labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’. However, for the first time since 1963, we have a duly-elected President on our side, heading up an Alliance of great military minds.

Q is the vehicle through which they communicate directly to the public. Q drops help us to understand the real ‘battle’ behind the scenes (which is rapidly beginning to surface), and our role in it. Despite the grimness of what appears to be our reality, Q gives us the assurance that we are slowly gaining ground toward a final, decisive victory which will, hopefully irrevocably, change the world for the better.

I’m ready and waiting for the next Rally.


Links to Rally/Speeches: (you can also search for others who posted recordings of the event)

Dustin Nemos

Confronting Will Sommer:




Destroying the Illusion:

Day before Rally:




Just InformedTalk:






About Angela M:  “I am a contemplative garden landscaper, avid reader, journal-keeper and lifelong spiritual seeker who recently emerged from my role as a full-time mother and homeschool facilitator.

After undergoing both a spiritual and political awakening in late 2010, I now devote my spare time to finding ways to best navigate and integrate the incoming energies on the planet, and helping others to do so through their own unique awakening process. I am trying to hone my lagging tech skills to begin a blog, Mind and Garden, which I hope to have up (in some form) by the end of 2019; a place where one can find a respite from the daily chaos by connecting to nature and the Divine.

I can be reached at mindandgarden@ptd.net, and soon at mindandgarden.com.”


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