anything but loveI am not here to do anything but Love.

Beloved forum member, Thomas, shares his path and recent changes in a way that I can’t resist sharing this post from our Gaia Scene Forum with you.

While lots of people look out there and complain that nothing changes, for him and many of us, everything’s changed.

The entire internal landscape has shifted, unconscious reactions have been replaced by conscious responses, and love’s become palpable.  I’m deeply touched by this gem Thomas gives us from his heart, thank you, bro, for allowing the Divine Masculine to come forward through you in this way. (Devapriya)


Am I doing my part to fulfill this most sacred journey of Souls? I had to ask myself that question a time or two or ten.

For me, I no longer spend time worrying about the atrocities I see, whether or not Angels are this or that, whether I have an internet connection or I don’t. What my weight is (although I’m losing some), but I have no idea where it goes, do you? Who will combat the Cabal, who will be President, not that it even matters in our most corrupt systems.

I have been blessed with clarity. I have been blessed with letting go of even more of my old life and its plethora of distractions and annoyances. What to leave in, what to leave out, no longer concerns me, neither does much of what used to. I see so much energy consumed by worrying who will feed the children, who will save us all.

Will there be WW3, will it include mass weapons, and if so how many will survive? I suppose I am now more interested in playing with the child inside of me than worrying about all that stuff. I used to hide from myself, spent a lot of time on distracting myself from myself, chasing my own tail, if you will.

The clarity I have been gifted with is massive and all-encompassing, not something from a mere thought form I had for a moment. I distinctly remember feeling this way when I gazed upon ‘adults’ who were so engulfed in such worry and strife, such fear and wishes for complete control and wondering with complete dismay, why? Why don’t they just want to enjoy life, why don’t they spend more time enjoying what they have?

I have begun to take far more advice from Matt Kahn, that beautiful man he is, and just enjoy my life. Spending my energy on sending love and blessings, instead of wondering who will fix what and how the hell are they going to do that? What will you do about the dark ones? I am not here to do anything but love, so that’s what I do with them as well, send them love.

laughWho will bring us wealth, how long until the global currency reset? Who will stop the dark ones, oh my God!!!!!! Zika virus, ISIS oh my God!!!  And now all I can do is smile, giggle and send love. Some may say well that won’t fix anything but I say want to make any wagers on that? ;)  Perhaps I will get ‘wealthy’ by taking bets on just how much the power of love can do, I mean, hey, it’s just what everything is made of and all. Hahaha.

Perhaps your God is too puny in your eyes, but mine is all there is, and all powerful and all Love, maybe you need a new God? Maybe you need to start enjoying life and sending more love, not less. How about the complaints department, don’t know about yours, but mine got laid off because they were no longer needed.

I see a lot of people talking about change, even complaining there’s not enough, but very few living it and really wanting it, instead of just looking for more distractions so they don’t have to face themselves. This is what I see when I gaze upon many of my Brothers and Sisters.

Whatever it is, it deserves more love, not more distractions and excuses. Not more worry nor blame, not more fear and less compassion. This is not directed to anyone in the forum, btw, so if you see something you like, take it with you, if you see something you don’t, well……. give it more love not less. :love:

Shared with permission from Gaia Scene forum

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