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So, let’s talk about what it’s like to be friends with and work with ArchAngel Michael.

Perhaps it sounds impossibly lofty and even like an ego-trip to say that this is what He is to me, and this is what I do.

I can hear Him laughing as I write this. He’s made it perfectly clear that He is my brother and as close to me as a brother may be. As a lover may be, as a beloved, in ways that defy both time and space.

Our love goes back to the beginning. Yes, even to the beginning of time. I can’t say I remember this beginning, only that this knowing is inside me in stunning clarity.

I love Him and have always loved Him. There’s never been a time that I haven’t loved Him and He loves me in the same way. Endlessly.

So, how did, or how could this happen? Did I long for Him, pray for such a blessing to occur, or somehow purchase it, or chase it down?

No, none of this miracle happened that way. He came into my life, and over time, helped me to remember our long-term association.

I actually was quite surprised this angel persona showed up and seemed to take such a personal interest in me. My pagan traditions aren’t so focused on angels, per se. I’ve always associated them more with Abrahamic traditions and religions. So, yeah, I was surprised with a ???.

He showed up at first in my peripheral vision. His icons and symbols would appear at the oddest times (according to me). It was so odd, I would think to myself, ‘There He is again, what’s He doing here?’. Gently, and yet, consistently, He would show up in those times I would be looking desperately for answers, when I was in deep trouble or looking for an authority to turn to, when I was looking for the strength to carry on.

For the longest time, this was a puzzle. A puzzle that I came to accept I had no reason to apply to at all. It simply is the way it is, and in time, I’ve become used to it. He’s made it clear that He ‘belongs’ to no certain human construct. He is beyond all constructs and simply Himself. Himself is very broad compared to a human point of perception, but His ability to interact with us isn’t limited by this at all. He is not limited by our limited perceptions of Him.

I’ve come to understand that He is much more than a single persona, though He expresses himself to me in a very personal and exceedingly intimate way. As time goes on, I find it easier and easier to comprehend how He can be in a billion ‘places’ at once. As a timeless being, He’s well known and associated with the roles He’s chosen to be involved with. And yet, He is still simply Himself too.

He’s suggested to me more than once that having such broad awareness and being so many places at once is partially possible by His intimate associations with individual points of perception like mine. The more aware I am of this association and the more I ‘own’ it, the better His own clarity and vision becomes. And I’m not the only one, there are many of us. What could be more fantastic than this?

One of the most incredible things about getting to know and remember Him is how often I’ve come together with others who also have deeply personal connections and relationships with Him too. It’s simply astounding how often this has happened, in the last 10 years, particularly. Most of the crew that works together to create the Gaia Scene forum, and this blog as well, have these similar experiences with Him. It’s so far beyond explainable as to be ridiculous to even try.

We know Him to be the king of synchronicities. His cleverness is legendary, as is His dedication to truth. As the truth is sometimes not all that comfortable or pretty, He is often tagged as a warrior and as the purveyor of the Might principle. He is mighty indeed, and yet, my personal experiences of Him are always expressing the most profound mercy, compassion and understanding.

Perhaps the most surprising and inconceivable part of my experiences with Him is about His extremely witty sense of humor!  His cleverness in the realms of humor are also well known among us. He’s simply a master of busting up mental tangles with His mighty sword of truth combined with the kind of laughter that instantly opens the heart. It’s the like it or not principle here, and yet who can resist this when it’s too funny to keep a straight face about?

He’s shown up for me many times to bust up my self-importance and overzealous seriousness with the cleverest ever comments that show how ridiculous I’m being. The kind of thing that’s too funny not to bust a gut laughing about, never mind that I am the ‘butt’ of the joke, it’s coffee spitting time!

Even though the relationship I have with this angel has been going on for a long time now, I’ve been rather quiet about it publicly. It’s intimate in a way that is extremely difficult to convey. I think a big part of this privacy with my relationship with Him was out of fear of people thinking I’m somehow trying to move up and out of my social class or something. Like I want to make more of myself and my ‘station’ in life as a being by name dropping a celebrity as my homie.

I feel like this is the time to spill the beans. It’s like being in love and you just can’t keep it in anymore. My homie is an angel, and his name is Michael. He’s famous and yet also the most personable and approachable being around from my view.

He has personally mentored me in what I do in my online presence very directly. What you see from me in this blog, and in Gaia Scene forum is colored by His influence. His guidance is all over me all the time, and yet it’s not about His might, but about His wisdom, His love, and His moral support in each moment.

I can’t help but wonder how many others are out there with direct personal relationships like this one. Maybe it’s time to share them more and see who comes out of the woodwork.

The fear of discovery for me has been subsiding for sharing what is deeply personal for me, and this post is one of the results for this. I can feel Him smiling now. That this is my truth and He is all about the truth isn’t lost on me either. It’s time to say the truth out loud about how close such a relationship can be.

Thanks, Bro, for the moral support. As always, it’s always here for me.

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