ascendanceI walked into the lift, or as some would say, elevator. I was feeling rather smug, as I felt that I had bypassed all the grind of the learning curve. 

Running true to form, the lift was out of order and I had no choice but to stand forlornly at the bottom of the ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

So, with the music in my ears, I looked for some help in Ascending. Each step was three foot high, complete with hand rail high above my head. I screwed up my face and said a word which was definitely not a password through the ornamental gates…

Ha, a light globe moment! Now I know what to do, so I sat on the bottom step and rolled over on to it. Woohoo, one down…  no, I was on the floor at the base of the steps again. Bemused. How did that happen? Next stop, internet, and a loud wail for help.

I typed in Ascension, and up popped ads for ladders, elevators, small house hold steps. Nothing to do with Heaven, oh yes, there was an ad for Ebay, where I could buy Heaven at a very low or competitive cost. Somehow, it didn’t seem to fill my need.

Only one thing left to do, watch a Youtube video for entertainment, and there, by accident, was the answer I needed. A little overwhelming though, with hundreds of Channels claiming to be direct voices from Arch Angels, Galactics and the occasional direct line to the Boss. A Smorgasbord of hands reaching out to haul me up those dratted stairs.

I knew nothing of discernment, so I happily tasted, tested and played in this wonderland of knowledge.

I wanted to Know, everything, was a good start. Don’t laugh, it just shows how little I knew at that time. Back at the base of the stairs, I noted they were a whole inch lower than earlier. The hand rail seemed to be lower also.

So, back to the topics on Ascension…

I had learned that no one else was going to do the acquiring of the things I needed to Ascend for me, and vibration intensity was good, hard work and concentration from ME! I just wished I knew what they were talking about!

The scary part is that having started, stopping is really not an option and the more and harder one digs, the more information is there for absorbing and using. If you know how. I found myself wading through blogs, forums and unashamed advertising. I fell upon a good basic blog that answered a few questions and generating many more.

I had gotten lucky, the questions in my head were answered by a human, someone who knew their subject and happily shared.

I discovered an unseen group of helpful and loving friends, I was informed they were from several spirit kingdoms and were happy to have me back with them….. saayyy what?. Had I slipped a cog? Back to the stairs… oh my, they were lower, 18 inch, and I clambered up the first step only to find the second was… yep, 3 foot high.

I had begun to learn at a steady rate, whilst rejecting what I couldn’t understand at that time. Boring was one description… videos where the ‘Host’ told the audience ‘read my book’ and ask an Angel or the Universe. Low and behold, it will be delivered. I discovered Fedex was not the charter company, ‘cos NOTHING happened.

After about five years, I looked back at my footprints and got the shock of my life when I realized how far I had travelled, and how much genuine help I was getting at stair climbing. The changes in me were subtle, but profound. I had found a new forum to work with, and meanwhile, the Elemental and Devic kingdoms kept me out of too much strife.

I must have been fitted with solar power, the light globes never seemed to switch off and the size of my knowledge base was becoming impressive, to say the least. Best of all, I liked the refurbished me.

I do not know how far I have travelled up this stair and what’s more I don’t care, because I know I’m heading in the right direction. I cannot hear or see Angels, etc, but I have a ‘knowing’ and a joy in simply being. I have learned to take my shoe off before placing foot in mouth, I really do not enjoy the taste of mud…

My skill sets run from the sublime to the ridiculous, with a leavening of quirky humor.

Gotta go now, the Stairs are alive with the sounds of footsteps. Lots of love, light, laughter and pain-free Knees.

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