physicalPhysical and Empowered Human

Interestingly enough, the path of the empowered human being as experienced by myself and quite a few people I know is more and more physical.

This is so much unlike the general mind-set and thoughts in the light-player community (as I found it some 9 years ago), when the popular thought was all about how to ditch the physical and ‘rise up’, perhaps even to float off in the clouds, like some Christian concept of Rapture.

Instead of this, what we’ve been directly experiencing on deeply personal levels is focused more and more in the physical realities of our body elemental, our physical form, our sacred vessels in form.

Certainly, there’s been also been plenty of us finding our perceptions stretching out in other than physical ways at the same time. As foretold by so many sources, it seems that our senses are expanding, allowing for us to understand our senses are far more than we’ve ever been able to suppose before. This is a shift which is surprising for some and a continuation of a long-term trend for others.

It’s as if the promised Ascension story is much more than the linear view we’ve had of it, even those of a few short years ago. As we rise, we’ve also been called to ‘descend’. What I mean is that the physical body has been calling out to be attended to, both in awareness and in a complete upgrade in our attitudes toward the physical forms we inhabit and along with the supposed mundane physical realms we inhabit.

I have to say this way of viewing the Ascension process is making more sense to me than it did before. It never made sense to me to be here and yet be focused on trying to get out of here, along with considering the ‘3D’ realms as something ‘less than’, which has never seemed to me to be practical and certainly not true.

In my view, it makes more sense to wake up to the Sacred Nature of all the dimensions and of all that exists! That this must begin in the center, in soul and in the heart, the body vessel, this is the realization that makes all of the essential values of the prophecies fall into place.

As my attention has been focused on bringing my best understanding of my own Divinity into my body, into my mind, and into my life, it has made this Ascension process more personal and a whole lot more like descending to earth than any vision of ascending into heaven. A different way to look at Ascension than the vision I was introduced to, but one I’ve found to make more sense to me and to be a lot more practical as well.

It also makes sense to me that our personal experiences of expansion will be expansions that goes out in all directions. Not only ‘up’ (and ultimately out of touch with the interface we have with our physical vessel and our beloved planetary realm of Gaia), but more in line with expanding in all directions at once. 360 degrees of expansion, going inward and outward all at the same time.

I can’t speak of the Ascension in traditional meanings. I’m not interested in old stories so much these days. It’s far more interesting and exciting to be involved with the direct and personal experiences of myself and my peers.

When I stop to think about the story of our Ascension, when I stop looking for it everywhere ‘else’ and bring it back to the center of me and of what I am blessed with observing, I understand clearly.

We are the story of Ascension. We are the journey, and all the stories we’ve been told may or may not turn out to be real or true. As this journey continues and the story unfolds, we will find out what these truths are together.

May your path be blessed.

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