homeostasisandascensionThe body has a way of balancing itself called homeostasis, and at first glance, this function comes into direct conflict with the energies of Ascension.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Our biology wants to stay where it is, and our spirit wants us in an entirely different place. How can these two imperatives exist at the same time and still allow us to get to where Source wants us to go for our highest good?

The human body is basically comprised of biological and chemical elements, but it is imbued with spiritual energy. This is the life force that animates the body. We can place all the elements necessary for life in a petri dish, and still life does not exist.

Without the spark of Source that directs the animation of these substances, the substances remain inert. They may combine in a myriad of ways, but they are not alive in the sense of a living breathing being, though I would suggest that they do have consciousness, as every particle of quanta in this Universe does.

We Are Illuminated

The God Spark or Source energy enters into the biological field and illuminates it. Our mother Gaia Sophia, out of her infinite love for form, provides all the necessary building blocks of the biological system, and Source informs it with life. In other words, alive is a process of combining biological building blocks with Source energy in a stable union.

The reason this union is stable is because the body is ruled by a narrow window of appropriate factors that allow it to function. Anyone can sit quietly and observe alive things and figure out a number of these factors, and they are not all the same for each living thing. Temperature, pressure, gravity, pH, sustenance, hydration, gasses for exchange are a number of basic factors, but certainly a tree needs carbon dioxide, while too much of this gas will kill a human being.

Homeostasis is the Window of our World

The process of homeostasis leads to balance in the biological system, as it provides the optimal operating environment for the literally trillions of functions that must occur to maintain that biological system. Step outside of that range and the system suffers immensely.

The innate body has immense wisdom and that wisdom includes this homeostatic centering. There are many reciprocal feedback loops in place from birth that help to insure this balance. An infant will consistently follow the light, which would insure that it produces enough vitamin D through sunlight on its skin. It will also cry when hungry, thirsty or cold, stimulating in its parent the desire to make these things right for the baby so it stops crying.

For countless generations, humans have been creating pathways for easier survival, and the driving force behind this is the biological imperative of homeostasis. Stepping out of the comfort zone of balance and into an environment where the needs are not easily met will create serious anxiety in the being, and they will seek to move back into balance. Certainly we can ignore these urgings to return to balance, but we do so at our own peril.

As life has gotten easier over the generations, related to specific survival issues, many people do place themselves into environments that do not serve the body’s need for balance and homeostasis for longer and longer periods of time, but eventually, they must return to balance, as the discomfort becomes intense in a wide variety of ways. Anyone who has gone for a run on a hot and sunny afternoon without proper hydration knows exactly what I mean.

The body will scream for water and cool, as two major functions, hydration and temperature regulation, are testing the boundaries of homeostasis. In the absence of additional water and without bringing the body temperature down, the subject can experience heat exhaustion, heat stroke and eventual death. There is no way for the biological system to survive in such extremes.

The picture is rather cut and dry when dealing with the biology of the body. It likes to be within a narrow range of operating factors and that range has served it for generations. It has been successful in its ultimate goal, which was to survive long enough to procreate and pass down the only eternal molecule within it, DNA, to its progeny.

Our blessed Mother Gaia Sophia has provided countless ecosystems that are specifically designed to bring homeostasis to the many sentient beings living in natural harmony on and within her body. The ecosystems deliver all the necessary factors to the beings such as temperature, water, shelter and food. Some ecosystems are vast and some are small, but staying within these boundaries are beneficial to the survival of the beings that are tied to them.

Observing Nature at Play Within Ecosystems

Just observe quietly in any forest for an hour and you can see how these systems work. A mouse would no more exist at the top of a tree than a bird would burrow deep under the ground, because their needs would not be met. They innately know their place in the world, and their bodies reinforce this through the drive for homeostasis within their biological system, which ultimately reinforces their thriving and survival.

Humans, with their immense cognitive and systems-building capacity have been able to break free of the various ecosystems they were initially tied to. Water can be delivered to a desert, heat and air conditioning can be placed into environments that operate outside of the body temperature requirement, food can be shipped to remote locations and eliminate the seasonal availability of certain nutrients.

We have effectively stepped outside of our comfort zones biologically and expanded into extreme territory all over the planet. Whether we do this to our detriment is a discussion that can be made, but it is not the point of this sharing. Through our nature, we have been able to control many factors that would tie us in space and place, and we have effectively slipped the tethers that bind us. We have addressed the challenge of homeostasis and its many factors, and we have overcome the challenge.

Up Up and Away in the Increasing Energies

What happens though, when another factor comes into play that is absolutely beyond our control? What happens when that factor starts as a trickle and develops into a rush and finally a torrent, and we can see no way of controlling it?

This is what is happening on planet now, as the level of light and vibrational frequency increases in an ever expanding rate. The planet is moving into galactic territory that it has not seen for eons. Photonic energy is colliding with the planet, and all its biological systems at a higher rate than we have seen in many centuries. Since there is literally no history that we can study related to where we are in the galaxy at this time, and what occurred on planet during those times, we are going in blind.

Science can observe what happens when you increase the energy flowing through a system. Simply attach electrodes to a cell or piece of fruit and turn on the current. There is only so much a system can take before it breaks down and literally fries from the inside.  It is akin to electrocution, which is an instantaneous overload of the biological circuitry.

We can also observe this specifically when increasing the energy within an atom on the elemental chart. Add a number of electrons to the element and it shifts into an isotopic form. Add even more energy and it literally shifts into another element. As this process continues upward, it eventually becomes the highest vibrational expression of itself and converts into a noble gas, above which no further evolution or interaction with other atoms can occur.

An easy example of this process is demonstrated when one applies vibration to inert particles on a plate. At first they vibrate randomly and then settle into a pattern. Keep the vibration level the same and the pattern remains. Increase it above the threshold level and chaos ensues on the plate until the next vibrational set point is reached and another, very different pattern emerges.

When we look back at the written history of the ascension of various beings who incarnated on planet, we can see that they consistently practiced towards increasing the level of energy and light that their body could hold. Eventually they reached the top possible threshold and dropped body to ascend to another incarnation expression entirely. The biology could not hold this level of light, and thus it was sloughed off in order to allow the spirit to embody this higher level of vibration.

Many are intuiting and much has been written about the universal drive, at this time, for a vibrational upgrade, or ascension of the planet and all beings. The vast difference, this time around, is that the process will be undertaken within body for those who have chosen to participate at this moment.

When we review all the factors related to the homeostatic zone of the physical body and the increased energy being pumped into the system, there seems to be no way from point A to point B without release of the biological system.

Hormesis as System Strength Trainer

Source can always find a way, and the way through is called hormesis. Hormesis is a process by which a biological system becomes stronger when exposed to a stressor. When an individual weight trains, they are applying this process to a biological system. The muscle is engaged against a weight heavier than generally lifted. The muscle experiences damage during this process, and in the healing of the micro-tears within the fibers, the muscle is healed and stronger than before.

Hormesis works in all systems of biology when stressors are introduced at a level that tests homeostasis but does not overwhelm it. It is the basis for a strong immunity, as children who have colds and other illnesses have much stronger immune systems as adults. In fact, homeopathy uses this biological factor by introducing minute levels of toxic substances to trigger the healing response, while large doses of the toxins would kill the subject.

Surfing the Waves is the Way of Incarnation

Many who are on planet now, and observing the increase in cosmic energies have noted that the energy levels have come in various waves, beginning approximately at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, but the truth is, the levels were increasing very slowly before that as well. The Ascension play have been in place for a very long time, and many of us have only come on board to witness it recently.  For more on how the body handles the increasing energies, please see my detailed article on The Biological Imperative of the Energetic Setpoint.

If we were to take our bodies that existed in 1987 and place them in the energy frequency we exist in today, we would all drop body because the frequency is much too high. Source has ever so gently, just as the tide comes in on the beach, increased the level of energy and then ebbed it for a period of integration. The body experiences this new level of energy, which challenges its homeostasis. The process of hormesis is engaged and the body circuits get stronger and the system can withstand and eventually thrive at this higher energy level.

The Changing Tides of the Incoming Energies

Source is the creator of all that exists within the Universe, and it knows implicitly how each system works because it created it in the first place. This ebb and flow of incoming energy can be confirmed with further research if you so choose to go down that path, but suffice it to say that most energy readers and observers have spoken of energy portals and leveling up gateways for the past several decades.

As our biological systems get stronger, the frequency changes and the time between waves have shifted, with more energy coming in more frequently and the ebb time decreasing as we approach a shift point. Many feel that the incline is shifting from an ebb and flow wave pattern to a steady movement up a spiral towards the point where everything changes.

In the past, the body exhibited what many term Ascension Symptoms in a rather cyclical pattern. The body system comes into contact with the increased energy and homeostasis is triggered, causing these body discomforts. Hormesis is engaged and the body becomes stronger and the narrowness of the homeostasis window is expanded.

When We Raise the Roof the Floor Comes Up With Us

We are becoming more imbued with light energy, and holding a greater quantity of it at any one time. Many would even posit that the extreme discomfort we experience when engaging in greater density, which invites our vibration to dip, shows that the bottom border of homeostasis is also rising, thus showing a very marked shift out of lower density existence for all beings on planet.

When we understand what is occurring from the biological level, as we travel through this process of energy increase and eventual transformation, we can release a lot of anxiety and fear related to the process and treat ourselves gently.

After all, we are beloved children of the Universe, who hold our evolution and our world in the highest levels of unconditional love and support. Source knows how to unfold the process. Source devised the process and all the factors related to it. Source knows just how strong and resilient we are, and when we have faith in Source and in our own biology, we can shift out of fear of the process and into anticipation and excitement. I like how that feels so much better!

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