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Lately I have been making another round of changes in my life.  On the path of raising my consciousness and walking a spiritual path, I have been merging the energies of my Higher Self with my human body, with my chakras, with my cells.  This feels wonderfully supportive to my physical form.

This is a practice of loving myself, and of valuing myself.  That’s because I take the time to care for me, and I know that I am worthy and deserving, that I am equal to, the divinity that presents itself as my Higher Self.

Absorbing Light and Consciousness into my Body

For me, the Higher Self is an aspect of my Soul that I can relate to as a human being and that can guide me in my lifetime.  Developing a relationship with my Higher Self is like having dear friend that is also another me, with a greater consciousness and awareness.

The light frequencies that my body absorbs from this meditative practice of breathing in my Higher Self energies and merging them with my human form feels self-assuring, comforting, loving and supportive.

Ascension and Descension of Consciousness Completes the Cycle

The process of awakening, and of raising one’s consciousness, is popularly termed ascension.  And, this is an apt description of expanding consciousness in so many ways.

However the complement to awakening and raising one’s consciousness, as a human being, is the descension of that higher awareness and expanded consciousness, back in to the body.

Higher Light Wakes up the Body at New Levels of Body Consciousness

When the higher frequencies of light – of consciousness, and of unconditional love, descend and are absorbed in to who we are, and are integrated in with our bodies, transformation occurs.

This can involve discomfort, as it has for me, because the higher frequencies of light illuminate that which can no longer be hidden.

There are memories deep within our cells, our energetic structure, our DNA, that are part of our incarnation into this human body.  When the Light expands in to our human form, we get to touch these feelings, or non feelings, and to acknowledge them, to heal them.

Trauma Leaves Energetic Residue in the Body

Trauma in this lifetime and in past lifetimes leaves a residue of energetic detritus in the body that can be revealed through extraordinary feeling, or extraordinary unfeeling.

We can heal this trauma as it arises in its various forms – anxiety, frustration, fear, guilt, shame, anger, depression, apathy, and so on.  We don’t need to know the original cause to do so.

Healing the Energetic Debris of Trauma in the Body From This Life and Past Lives

I have recently had this sort of body healing come up and I wanted to share my experience of it, for perhaps this can help someone going through something similar.

Lately, I have come up against the inner resistance of delay.  Sometimes there simply isn’t any emotion with the delay.  I just knew that a delay was in the works and I could not seem to muster the energy to move forward.

What I realize now is that the delay, while helping give me the time to prepare myself in various ways, was an indicator that there was something to address, although I did not know it at first.

The indicator was intense emotion that was out of place for what I was working on doing.

The Body Exhibits Reactions Tied to the Residues of Previous Trauma

I spoke at a public group recently, actually it was during a sidebar conversation where a few people came to hear what I was saying and see some images I was discussing.  The interest in my work was genuine and the feeling of interaction and connection was wonderful.

Shortly after the group disbanded, I was overcome with anxiety and many other mixed emotions. I was having feelings and thoughts that did not relate to the immediate circumstances.

Because I have done so much inner work, and because I remember many past lifetimes, I knew the general theme of what these feelings related to.  But, with or without this knowledge, the techniques for self care are similar.

The feelings and thoughts are an unconscious body reaction.  They are the energetic residue of body memories.

Dying in Past Lifetimes – What Our Spirit Leaves Behind

I actually remember many of my deaths from past lifetimes, also.  I have learned a lot about dying and about what happens spiritually and energetically when we die, from these memories.

What I learned, is that at death, but before the full death of the body, our being is still having perceptions, thoughts, feelings.  These senses and capabilities are still functioning in the seconds during which our body is dying.

If these perceptions, thoughts and feelings occur in or are colored by trauma, or if, in the moment, there are distortions in our ability to perceive and to understand, the spirit cannot take these energies with us when we die, as it is leaving the body.  They become an energetic “residue” that is left within an astral layer of energy, related to the lifetime you just exited.

When we reincarnate, depending on the specifics of our Soul’s path for this lifetime, we can take these back in to our physical form.

Because one of the laws of energy for this universe is that all energy balances, these residues will require to be transmuted back to an energetic state of neutral, either by ourselves, or by other Souls that agree to take these experiences on as part of their Soul’s journey.

Healing the Body’s Memory of Past Lifetimes

This is how the body is able to carry and hold memories of past lifetimes – through this energetic residue, and its associated coding, that integrates with our body vehicle as we incarnate in to this lifetime.

Checking in this morning, my inner guidance revealed that only about 20% of these feelings producing anxiety and strain within me, related to my current lifetime, mostly to experiences in childhood.

My inner compass said that 80% of what was going on for me was the residue of the trauma of past lifetimes that is releasing from the body as the light of conscious awareness descends into my form.

Healing the Body’s Memories Through Self Care

The most wonderful healing of the body occurs through our own self-care.  This involves techniques that let our bodies know we love them, that go easy on ourselves.  Taking good care of ourselves is key.  Allowing ourselves to feel the feelings, and let them transform as they move through us.  Holding the inner child, within and comforting him or her.

I did all of these things this morning, and felt oh, so much better for the effort of being loving and caring towards me.

In the midst of self-healing these traumatic memories, experienced in the body simply as intense feelings, I broke through the delay that had seemed to plague my experience, and spent hours producing, accomplishing work that had been in my goals for some time.

I got this work done between sessions of accepting how I was feeling, and acknowledging the feelings, and letting them be okay.  After letting go of the deep feelings, I had the energy to move forward with enthusiasm.

In the morning, I choose to focus on what had happened to let my body let go of any other energies related to these experiences.  My body needed loving acceptance to move through the memories of anxiety and intense experiences.

My Past Lifetimes of Military Service

I knew that my anxieties were related to my past lifetimes of military service, and in command situations where information was closely guarded and protected.

That is why speaking publicly about subjects close to my heart produced such a traumatic after-reaction of anxiety.

Thoughts and feelings flooded through me from those lifetimes, where staying silent, and carrying secrets, was a lifetime commitment that I trained for over, and over again, in lifetime after lifetime.

The thoughts from these past lifetimes went something like:  I should not reveal the information, it could put someone in danger, it’s not right to talk about it, it could be overheard, and so on – all fully reasonable if you are in the military and need to stay quiet about your mission and about information you know while engaging in a battle.

But, these are thoughts that no longer carry any meaning as the mission was forever ago and those times are long done and gone.  The body doesn’t have the knowing that these feelings relate to a different lifetime.

Allowing the Body to Move on From the Past, and Be More Fully Present, Now

Once the body is able to release the tension around whatever the body memory is about – and feel and let go of the fear, anxiety, frustration, guilt, shame, betrayal, depression, apathy, hatred, self-hatred, and so on, then it is done.

Because these past lifetimes have no energy to them any longer, once the energy is let go, the body relaxes and can move to a new, expanded state of being.  And, a more comfortable and happy one too.

If the body memory is from this lifetime, we can release the charge around this energy in the same way, though sometimes we will need to apply more conscious awareness, especially if there are triggers in the environment or people who bring the memories back through engagement with them.

These energies, too, can be brought to a state of neutral through forgiveness and acceptance, practices that work within your self and aren’t about another person.

Creating a state of no energetic charge in our bodies – in our thoughts, and emotions, elevates the body consciousness, so that our bodies can experience the present more fully.

~Susan V Lacerra

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