harnessCan we recognize attempts to harness outrage and funnel it into hatred, violence and fear?

Below is a quote by me pulled out of a forum conversation. The conversation itself was concerning some of the information on alternative media about pedophiles. Nasty business and shocking to most of our community past what we’ve ever had to deal with before in such a broad and sweeping societal measure.

This particular bit of information was shown rather quickly to be a still shot taken from a horror movie, and therefore, we were talking about why would anyone take this tack in presenting information?

I share my comments with you here about what I think that behavior is about.

“I think that the hope is that people will be so outraged that they generate hatred, violence and fear and project it outwards on each other without any sense of reason at all, instead of dealing with it internally and acting in mature and balanced ways. I see the signs of this now and I know this is making the fear-eaters really happy and fat for the moment.

“Taking the long way home taught me this principle a long time back now, and I don’t intend to be the breakfast, lunch or dinner for those that feed on hideous emotions. I’ve done my time with deep dives into those frequencies. There is nothing that can force me there. I went, I saw, I conquered.

“Now I know lots of things I didn’t know before I witnessed it close up. I bless myself for making it through those dark passages. I don’t recommend that path for anyone, by the way. If you missed that part of the path, you didn’t miss anything good.

“But it did, in fact, show me clearly how simple the choices are. If it doesn’t simplify understanding, it isn’t truth. No matter what it is, the choice is to generate fear or to choose love instead. Survival fears are ultimately ridiculous anyway, since there is no death and there is no end.

“I’ve been through the drama of choosing death over betraying myself. Death came and left me here to continue on. People call this courage, but the truth is that courage is simply the acceptance of what is in the moment. Fear is just a fantasy. One can choose to wallow in it or not.

“Stripped down, the fear is about the opportunity to feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced. It’s about the deep distrust of the ability of the Universe to be a benevolent and abundant place that supports all life.

“There’s such an abundance of evidence to the contrary of this, to not notice this in gratitude is a choice. Gratitude is the most accessible form of love that we have here on planet right now. Use it.”

Taken with permission from Gaia Scene community forum

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