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I'm a co-owner and administrator of Gaia Scenics' View and an online community forum, Gaia Scene Forum. I have a personal blog as well, Notes From the Center of the Spiral, which is a collection of my explorations into channeling by automatic writing. For more personal information on me, please visit the Our Family page.

How to Navigate the Coming Spiritual Changes – Chapter 12

By |2019-09-21T20:34:13-04:00September 25th, 2019|Artist's Studio, The Miraculous Everyday|

Chapter 12 [Chapter 1 of this book is here. Following chapters will be posted on Wednesdays.] Spiritual Emergence What does spiritual emergence mean? If you [...]

Thank You to Ron Kalvin for Agreeing to Share His Book with Gaia Scenics’ View

By |2019-07-07T16:24:31-04:00July 9th, 2019|Artist's Studio, The Miraculous Everyday|

One of our long-term members at Gaia Scene, Ron Kalvin, has produced a book detailing his personal revelations about many things that the spiritual communities [...]