We have been told countless times as we go through the awakening process that we are remembering who we really are.

But what does that really mean?

Some would say that we are remembering that we are all one, all part of Source.

Some would say that we are remembering that we are divine beings who have incarnated countless times to evolve on the spiritual path before returning to the One.

Some would say that we are remembering that we are spiritual beings having an incarnate experience here on earth in order to collect conscious data points and reflect them back to the All That Is, literally building the Akashic Records as we go.

But, that wasn’t really my question.

What is remembering?

That is my question.

We don’t generally have to think about such a simple word, do we?

Remember is, well, retrieving a memory of a thing we once knew, but cannot now fully grasp.

It is a whisper on the wind, right?

It is a glimmer of an idea that was once fully known and is now not known.

These are the definitions of remembering, certainly, but let us take a look at the word. Let’s pull it apart at the roots.

Let’s dismember it.

Re: To do again.

Member: A part of a group, also refers to body parts.

There is no definition of “member” that relates to memory.

Certainly, we all know that dismember means to take apart a body of some object with multiple parts. To separate it from its wholeness.

The word isn’t Re-Memory.

Why not?

Certainly we have words like Revive. Vive is the French word for life. So, that certainly works.

We have Reanimate, which would be the English version of similar capacity.

Realign. To put something back where it belongs, to regain its alignment.

Reattach. To return something to its original form. To put a part back in its rightful place.

Again, this is fun:  Relive, to live an experience again, certainly this is a more accurate word than remember!

So, my musing today is, why is remember not defined as bringing a group of things that have been dismembered back together, into their rightful and original place?

This would be the most obvious of definitions!

Could it be that we are not really remembering who we are in a mental sense, as we go through the awakening process, but actually putting our full selves back together?

Could it be that we have been separated and fractured into various parts in order for us to lose our power as a whole functioning being?

Could it be that without our full selves, with all our bells and whistles, our path forward is unsure?

What would it mean to remember? To put ourselves back together fully?

What would be defined as all our parts?

Obviously we are a body, but we are also an energy body and an innate body, which provide an interface between our non-physical parts, our energy parts and our blood and bones incarnation.

Obviously we have a brain, which interprets this reality and is a marvelous difference engine and data storage facility.

Those with a penchant for popular psychology would say we have an inner child, a shadow, an id, ego, super ego and an unconscious.

Those on the spiritual path will also chime in and say we are a soul, or I AM presence or Higher Self, and some may also chime in that we have parallel versions of ourselves, higher dimensional versions, past and future life versions as well.

We are the observer. We are a unique point of perception.

What if we are all of that and more? What if we are all made of energy that has been disconnected from itself in order for the circuitry not to flow properly?

Some of this disconnection was necessary in order to incarnate into a dense physical reality. We couldn’t bring our whole vast and miraculous self down into this plane, so we left much of ourselves behind, so yes, we dismembered from our higher self.

Some of this disconnection was foisted upon us to take our power away and separate ourselves even further from our true nature, so yes, society dismembered us from our true selves.

Some of this disconnection was also instilled in us on the many spiritual paths we tried along the way, in an effort to quell the phantom pain we felt from these various dismemberments.

We wanted to feel whole again, but we were told that we must kill the ego, reject the pleasures of the body, subvert our emotions, stick to the plan and get our reward in heaven.

In an effort to remember, we were told to reject huge parts of ourselves.

Many of us also went on a wild goose chase, or scavenger hunt, trying to find out everything we could about past lives and identifying with them. We even identified as our skill sets and not as our fullness.

While these quests are worthy, and all related to personal sovereign choice along the soul path, they do little to fill the holes where we feel empty, where the phantom pain still vibrates so strongly.

Many are of the belief that in this universe, there is only the now moment, and that all is happening at once.

If this is so, and I do believe that it is, and your perception is right here, right now in this version of you, then it would also follow that THIS now moment in THIS lifetime is your most important and pivotal lifetime in all the lifetimes that you have ever had or will ever have.

Let that sink in.

This is your most important lifetime. Everything that you have ever been and will ever be is serving you in this now moment.

This is remembering. This is the Awakening Process.

We are awakening to the fact that this is our most important lifetime and all other lifetimes, all other skill sets, all other memories, all other bodies are serving this lifetime.

We have long felt alone, felt divided, felt separated, and now we are remembering, literally putting back together, the enormity of all our parts, of all that we are.

We have the ability to open to the process of receiving it all, putting it all together, integrating it all and then turning the power on full to flow as it was meant to flow, through vast circuits that transverse eternity, that cover the entire universe and that carry power so immense that it can create worlds.

We are indeed so powerful, that even without remembering all of who we are, we are still creating our worlds every single moment, every single day.

I used the word worlds purposefully, because we each create our own world, though there are many who would wish us to believe that this is not so.

Whom does that serve? Those that wish us to give our power away.

As beloved children of the universe, we are undergoing the awakening process with full and total support of everything we have ever done and everything we will ever be, simply because we are loved that much.

So, I welcome home my full self with open arms.

I welcome my past, present and future selves and all they entail.

I welcome my parallel selves and soul fragments. You are all loved and needed and a part of the team that is me.

I welcome my body and the universe of all its blessed cells and the eternal element of DNA given to me by all my blessed ancestors.  You are a miracle, built and sustained lovingly by the very body of our mother Sophia-Gaia, and without you, there would be no incarnation.

I welcome all the quanta that was ever me, will ever be me and is now me, and I bless it for its service to my path through the universe, for its ability to come together and hold form in service to me for my incarnation.

I welcome my light and my shadow, because in their balance I am whole.

I welcome my inner child, who has always held my hand through this journey.

I welcome my energy body, my innate body, my skill sets, memories, likes, dislikes, emotions, my consciousness and unconsciousness, into the fullness of all that I am.  Without them, my sovereign energy field would not exist and my path forward would not be my creation.

I welcome my divine beloved higher self, my I Am presence to be with me at all times in divine partnership, as it has always been and will always be.

I open as wide and as deeply as I can to receive and accommodate in gratitude all that I am.

As we welcome in and remember more and more of ourselves, our single point of perception broadens to an ever expanding field of possibilities, our skill sets multiply exponentially as does our wisdom, and we are able to access the realms of multidimensionality and accept our divine wholeness and perfection.

Feel that. Embrace that. We are all that, and we were born to remember that.

We are, in this awakening process, literally “getting the band back together” and what beautiful, eternal, divine sovereign, free will music we are creating!

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