dawn bellamyI was just sitting here allowing idle thoughts to wander between my ears, when BAM! a light globe moment descended. I have a feeling the Elemental’s are feeding me all sorts of stuff and poking me to do something about their ideas.

This time my Light globe was of us all, clutching a bunch of Balloons with long strings attached. At the end of the string was a little package containing all the info we have been given about remembering, recovery, cleansing, connecting, ascending, and many more.

Originally they came as individual balloons and strings and we kept them separate and unconnected.

Suddenly the wind and waves from the Universe came along, twisting all our Balloon Strings together into a strong rope, things sped up and we slowed down as the rope kept tugging us to where we really wanted to be. It is hard to run when your eyes are closed and exhaustion is a sleep priority.

Hold on tight ços the Balloons will lift and the Rope will keep you tied to the GPS (GOD’S Protective Service)

Up Up and away in our beautiful Balloon….

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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