BarryAround 6 years ago via the request of the Plant and Tree Kingdom, I started sharing in Wisdom of the Earth’s (WOTE) Level 2 Class (1), the following, as given to me:

“Tell the students to get into their own private space with a full length mirror, naked. Beside them have a journal ready.

“Look in the mirror and repeat, ‘I, (your personal name), am a Magnificent Sovereign BEing of Divine Love’. Do this 33 times.”

This is to be spoken from the heart-mind and not your cerebral mind. If you encounter any resistance, then stop, write that resistance down and work through it before proceeding.

If, at any time, you feel joy, happiness, chills, sadness, stop and write that down and feel into that. Why 33 times? Christ consciousness remembrance of how you are Loved.

This mantra is about the journey; not the 33 times.

Make sure you are looking into the mirror, into your eyes.

This particular mantra practice has unleashed chains of forgetfulness for many so far, reported via emails, phone conversations and in person.

Remember that there is no way to remember your Sovereignty if you have forgotten your Magnificence. This is surely doing your work in self-love, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, feeling into your fears and then detaching from them.

This is all done by your own Sovereign/Freedom choice.

May the Plants and Trees continue to Bless many.

Love, Barry

(Andrea – As I understand this exercise, it’s one that asks for us to explore what is in our personal space concerning self-love and acceptance. It’s not a one-time or a rush job, but one that gives its greatest gifts by how authentically we do it.

It may take however long it takes, and nothing is urgent. There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose.

As human beings on this planet, we’re probably the only species that truly needs this type of conscious focus to come back into balance again. This task is simplicity itself. Let’s not underestimate its power.

Thank you, Barry, for being the messenger between the Kingdoms of plant and human.)


(1) Barry, his wife and their staff at Wisdom of the Earth are at the forefront of the communion with the Plant Kingdoms on Gaia, with 270+ medicinal quality plant and tree essences, and the training of specialized healing practitioners.

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