We all incarnated into this plane with a basic vibrational level that I would term our energetic set point. At its core, this is an average of all vibrations we tend to experience on our chosen path, and it is a point on the continuum of the energy spectrum available on planet at this time.

We can feel into this and see that over time we may be generally upbeat or neutral or even a bit of a downer, and of course, when we focus on our vibration, we also know that we have an ability to change it.

Most folks though, are unconscious of their basic set point energetically. They sense differences in their vibration point and chalk it all up to outside influences and feelings.

Other folks, who would term themselves ‘on the spiritual path’, have been schooled again and again to ‘raise their vibration’, in order to evolve spiritually and get on the Ascension bus.

We can agree that at first glance, joy is a higher vibratory state than hopelessness, and we can all look back on experiences, such as moving through the ABC’s of the law of attraction to get ourselves into a better feeling place.

Why Our Energetic Set Point is Important For Our Biology

But I am here to tell you that there are various energy and biological rules in place within the earthly plane that are meant to keep you comfy and cozy in your energy set point.

Many will resonate with the struggle of raising their vibration and keeping that vibration high, because they truly believe that this is the way forward at this time.

This is not really the truth of the Truth to our incarnated selves, because something very different is going on in the background, seemingly working against us, and most are unaware of it.

If we take stock of our lives along the way, we can notice places where we moved into a higher vibration rate and it did not feel good at all, and life, those around us, or our very selves did everything possible to get our vibration down.

Revisiting Homeostasis

There are a number of reasons for this, though this the list is far from complete. Firstly, as an incarnated being, we have a body, and the body is ruled by the biological survival tool of homeostasis.

I previously wrote extensively about homeostasis in the increasing energies, but suffice it to say there are systems in place to keep the body structure within a very narrow realm of parameters in order for it to survive.

Step outside of those parameters, say, into the frozen tundra or the desert, and the body will send the brain extremely dire signals in order to inspire action in the direction of returning to that optimal range of function.

Energetic Operating Range

Our incarnation also came with an energetic operating range, that previously had to be honored or we would simply drop body and ascend to the spirit level. Most of us have read accounts about the ascended masters and how they spun their energy so high that they simply disincarnated into the higher realms. That is indeed one way to do it, but that’s not the path for the collective this time around.

This energy ceiling is a functional component that must exist for our biological interaction with this realm. It puts us in the optimal energy space for creation using the building blocks available on this plane.

Quantic and Elemental Reactions to Energy

When we look at this on the level of quanta, the smallest conscious energetic particle unit of this universe, we can see that this is true in every fractal. At very low energy levels, there are very weak levels of attraction between particles and thus combination into form is impossible. At very high levels, the particles are too excited and vibrating too forcefully, overcoming any attraction forces to come together into form.

We can then take it up one level of the macro to the formation of elements, which are the building blocks of all chemical compounds in this realm.

Most elements on the periodic table are open to forming compounds with other elements, and also open to transforming into another element based on the removal of outer orbit elections. At each level of the table, the element finally has access to the highest number of elections that it can possibly hold, and it transforms into a non-reactive state. These molecules are termed noble gases, because they can only exist as elements and not in combination. Our most notable examples are helium, neon and argon.

It is important to mention that while these elements can no longer combine with other elements, they are far from inert. Most of us have inhaled helium from a balloon and heard the reaction from our vocal chords, but inhale freon and you will most likely die.

We find that biological interaction with elements also reveals another survival boundary. Elements with a lower periodic number, those higher up on the table, such as carbon, sodium, magnesium and calcium, can easily interact with biological systems.

Those with higher periodic numbers, such as every element above 83 are radio-active due to an instability related to their high number of protons, and thus are detrimental to life. While our blessed earth mother, Sophia-Gaia, provides all beings on Earth with protection from these elements by burying them deep within her core, human action sometimes brings beings into direct contact with them.

Exposure to these elements initially cause mutations in the DNA of the individual which can be passed down to offspring. While the body will try to adjust to the radiation with varying degrees of success depending on the levels, prolonged exposure will cause a breakdown of their biological systems and eventual death.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some elements with a low periodic number also have extremely high latent potential and can cause harm to biological systems if the energy input is high. Add a spark to oxygen gas and you will immediately understand what I am talking about. All it takes is energy for these high vibing elements to burn completely, releasing all their energy back to the universe.

The Space Where Biology and Spirit Interacts

It is easy to see how creation on this earthly plane is generally limited to elemental molecules that hold a vibration which is conducive to life, but even within this realm of creation, the energy available is extremely important to the story.

So, with all this chemistry and biology in mind, as we spin our energy up above our set point in various ways, we come into contact with this energy ceiling. It is a point where bliss becomes struggle or fear, and we back away from that point or we will drop body.

The opposite is also true and as we descend deeper into lower vibrations, our bodies will scream out a warning to us to back away from that point or they will cease to function, because they no longer have access to the energy necessary for biological processes.

These energy boundaries were beautifully created and infinitesimally adjusted to allow our bodies to exist within the predominant vibrational range of any given earth period.

We are relatively aware of biological evolution over the history of various species, but energy, or what many would term spiritual evolution has also been occurring in parallel.

Passing Along Our Energy Set Point Via DNA

These adjustments to our vibrational range are passed down to our progeny through the eternal molecules of DNA, the only true biological construct that has the potential for immortality as it passes through a specific blood line over earthly history.

We pass down many biological traits to our offspring, but we also pave the way for our children to actually exist in the prevalent energies on this planet.

We have all been prepared for this now moment by the blessed energetic and biological existence of our parents and ancestors. Through our earthly experience and growth, we set the stage for our offspring to incarnate with upgraded operating systems that allow them to evolve even further.  So biological and energetic evolution goes hand in hand in this earthly realm.

Hormesis and Energetic Evolution

Of course the beauty of this design is that existence can prepare for increases in energy through the biological process of hormesis, which I have discussed before in relation to homeostasis.

As a biological system is exposed to a stressor, in this case the increased energy, the system responds by getting stronger. With each generation then created, the species is able to handle higher levels of energy.

An amazing aspect of this process is that it is exponential within the system. Expose a being to higher energy and its system strengthens. Expose it again to a higher level and it strengthens again, stronger each successive time. It also learns to respond to stressors more powerfully and senses them more quickly.

If the body were exposed to the final highest energy level all at once, it would die, but if the energy is broken into waves, the body miraculously adjusts and grows stronger and can handle more.

When I reflect on this ability of biology to adjust and strengthen, to match a stressor with adaptation, it is easy to connect the dots and understand why the energy of our universe has increased in waves over time.

The Balancing Act of the Body and the Spirit Through Ascension

Many who have focused on the energies of Ascension wish that the shift would occur instantaneously, but the body simply cannot handle that vast an energy upgrade all at once and stay with the spirit.

One glance at the Shuman Resonance shows the tremendous increase in energetic vibration on planet. If we had been exposed to these levels, which we are basically handling now, barring a few ‘ascension symptoms’, at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, we would all have ascended without our bodies.

Source and the higher soul collective have agreed to shift dimensions along with our earth mother, Sophia-Gaia, and to ascend in the body, so changes must be made gradually, in alignment with the needs of our blessed biology, which is evolving with each subsequent wave.

As beloved children of the universe, we have been gifted with the creation of a biological mechanism by which we can most comfortably evolve spiritually while still incarnate.

When we go with the flow of this process and understand that it is unfolding perfectly for the loving support of our miraculous incarnation partners, our bodies, we can relax a bit and stop wishing for the the universe to get over with it already!

We can see just how supported we are, from both a spiritual and a biological standpoint, and just how very miraculous the whole process of becoming divinely empowered humans walking in mastery really is.

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