solar eclipseThe much talked about Solar Eclipse this year falls on my 59th birthday.

In astrology speak, that means there’s a solar eclipse falling right on my same spot the sun was when I was born. There’s a whole lot more happening in the interplay between the positions of the planets at my time of birth and those of this important eclipse too, but that’s another story. One I won’t be delving into here.

I wish, instead, to simply talk about how personal this particular passage is to me. While the world is focused on this eclipse, especially as to how it may effect the USA, I will be focusing on what it all means to me on a deeply personal level.

Why anyone would be interested in my personal experience of this is questionable, and yet, there’s something here that smacks of destiny. Yes, I believe in such things as destiny and fate and divine timing. These notions have gotten me through the long journey to be here today.

It’s been a long and lonely trail on the way to be here now. One of the main reasons I’m so devoted to the platform of Gaia Scene forum and of this community blog project is my burning desire to eradicate the sense of isolation so many of us have endured along the way.

My focus on the human experience and the reaching out for mastery of this experience is all about what drives my devotion to such tasks. It’s been a long term project now, ranging through various forms for over 6 years.

Day in and day out, myself and some other lovers have been holding the torch for this boots on the ground human focus, putting into practice our desire to commune and communicate in ways that are authentic and harmless. We find ways to up the stakes in communication and in working together. By holding the space for everyone to be heard. By centering in our own experiences. By honoring our beautiful diversity. By acknowledging and accepting our commonalities and our differences, with love, and with compassion. By recognizing these to be our greatest assets.

This mission has been a resounding success, and our community has grown up so much together over the years. It’s been a group project. None of which could have been accomplished alone. This intimate collaboration of people in our forum and more public blog platform has been seeding a new paradigm of 5D communication. I want to congratulate those who’ve been devoted to this project with us for so long. We rock this!!

We have taken our spiritual long bows out and send the arrows of this development out into the collective consciousness. We see the signs of what we’ve been working on in our private space for years now, and how the effects of this are showing up all over the place in our collective field.

All over the world, there’s a much different flavor to the collective conversation than there was when we started. Media can no longer hide the truth of this. The truth is leaking out like a sieve to show the truth of what I’m saying. It’s a beautiful thing to have been playing a part, no matter how localized or small it may seem, in this process. It’s a blessing to be a human part of the catalyst action going on in this divine time of change.

I’m writing this message a few days ahead of time to schedule for this very personal to me passage of the ‘Great American Solar Eclipse’. On the day this posts, I won’t be focused on any busy work like blogging. I will be focused on what this passage means for me, now, and also going forward.

It’s a good thing to come together and hold the thought of the greatest good for all, and I will also be joining in this. I’d also like to invite everyone to consider the greater good of you. Your greater good must also be a factor in this greater good, or, in my opinion, it’s just not authentic enough. The fact that this eclipse falls into the Leo constellation zone, which is all about the personal, also upholds this idea. If we all get real about acknowledging and deeply honoring the love we bring to the human form on this planet, imagine how real that focus could change the story here on Earth.

On a more personal note, going into this passage has been revealing to me how I lost touch along the way with my most authentic self expression. That expression is deeply passionate and involves approaching life as a lover would. I will be writing more about this later. For now, I will wrap it up and wish all of you the most enlightening and supportive passage in these historic times.

Remember, chaos is just the expression of the processes going on. Change is inevitable, it’s the main expression of Life Itself. Deep within this chaotic whirl is the reordering of change. Happy surfing, lovers. We were literally built for this!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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