blameJournalists and the like are like bees around a honey pot, microphones at the ready to shove nearly up the noses of the interviewed. There has been an incident, accident, allegation, disclosure, shortfall, and on and on.

Questions fly, shouting over each other and not listening to answers, so they are asked again and again from bustling, shoving, shouting news hounds. That’s their job, seek out contentious facts and hammer the heck out of a word or implication.

Media conference they call it (conference, my eyezzz0, one eminent or relevant person delivers a speech and graciously advises, ‘I will now take a few questions’… Conference?

Then, there are the interviews of those unfortunate souls damaged in some way by participation or observation of the event. Usually in front of the site of the newsworthy(?) story, be it an old building, or picture of the canvas surrounding the deceased.

I know all the questions, what is your name, how old are you, what did you see, what was it like, then the biggie, WHO’S TO BLAME? What do you think should be done, and how has it affected you (sympathy ploy), did you know any one in the event, and finally, will you be coming back here?

Media Moguls look for sales and profit, and there is nothing wrong with that basic concept. Where the problem arises, in my view, is the search for the most spectacular descriptive term designed to affect the reader, listener (or gossiper) in a way that guarantees a designed reaction. Sometimes, the words chosen are barely relevant to the event or issue.

Heaven help the victim or observer who uses a word that can be pounced upon and can escalate the situation. Who’s to Blame? Often times, we are, because we respond with the designer anger, fear, vitriol we have been trained to do.

Instant news feeds, irrelevant interviews with people we like, Media, Sports, Cooking stars and the so on, who, when asked can say, hand on heart, it was/is terrible, it should be rectified, do we know who’s to blame?

Just point the finger, and the roads will be fixed, hospitals financed, jobs for all, free education. Imagine a whole country full of doctors and lawyers with no one to make the coffee or make the garments. Who’s to Blame when they sue each other? Lol. Who’s to Blame ?

One more small point, when a person gets a title CEO, President, or Prime Minister, does it really come with the right to make or break other countries financially, etc? Usually the only persons not affected by imposed hardship is the ones at the top… So who’s to blame when their people die of starvation and horrific medical issues, don’t worry about the kids, hey, they can’t vote.

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