blessed[In response to a forum thread talking about focusing on gratitude throughout the mayhem of shopping frenzy and focus on artificially induced giving mania of this holiday season, a long time forum member offered this story and has graciously given permission to share it here.

Perhaps more of us can relate to this right now than we would wish were so. – Andrea]

Given the economic challenges my family faced in 2007-2012, I used the phrase “And We Are Blessed” as a reminder when we complained about having too much stuff in the cupboard or fridge; when we had to fold the many clothes we had accumulated; when we received a Thanksgiving basket from a Food Bank; when my kids complained about having too many gifts to put away on Christmas; when I had to pay the registration fee on the car I was gifted from my dad.

My kids started to get sick of me saying it, but I actually meant it as a recognition of gratitude for the times when our cupboard was bare (yes, it actually got that way several times); when I had to extend the life of old shirts I was wearing, and seemed to be getting snugger; when we did not know how we could put together a Thanksgiving Dinner; when we struggled to come up with $100 for each child for a Christmas Gift and no gifts for my wife; when I had no car to get around, and had to borrow the wife’s 20-year-old van to get chores done.

So, it may be a natural reaction now, but it is meant as a ‘thank-you’ to the universe in gratitude for me remembering how we are blessed, and for remembering my reaction to the situations in what sets-up what we experience.

Shared with permission from Gaia Scene community forum

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