I wanted to take a moment to shower you all with unending blessings at Solstice, and stand in honor of the light.

As we celebrate the Solstice from our human viewpoint we are presented with two possible perspectives, and our earthly outlook depends entirely on where we are in the world.

Our brothers and sisters in the North, experience the longest night of the year, with the energy of turning inward and overtones of the dark night of the soul.

On the other hand, our brothers and sisters in the South experience the longest day of the year, with the energy of growth and the overtones of dancing joyously in the light.

Again,  as I wrote previously in Lessons from Gaia’s Garden, we are reminded by the cycles of our blessed earth mother Sophia-Gaia, that the ability to truly recognize the exact right moment for blooming or sleeping resides deep down in our bones, as well as the patience to wait for that exact moment and be ready for it whenever it presents itself.

For, we are divine beings that are presently experiencing incarnation, and thus have access not only to linear time and the earthly cycles, but to the higher dimensional planes where there is no time.

There is only Now, and the truth is that the energy of both possible perspectives presented at Solstice are available to us at any given moment.

At present, there is a tremendous amount of energy available, quite possibly the most in our long earthly history, and it can be perceived as either chaotic or creative, depending on our point of view.

The miraculous thing is, that we alone get to choose how we perceive anything because we exist in a world of our own creation.

As magnificent creator beings, we get to choose what is right for us in any given moment. We are not locked into doing what others are doing or thinking, for we are sovereign and are gifted with the free-will choice to choose similarly, differently or not at all.

It is entirely up to us what we choose, though others would tell us differently.

As I have done many times, I will only ask you whom does that serve?

My dear friends, always remember the time is now. The energy is present. The ability is here. The sovereignty is here. The support is here. The love is here.

All the support we could ever possibly need is available, if we only choose to see it, accept it and utilize it in whatever way we desire.

I invite you at this auspicious time of Solstice, dear beloved child of the universe, to open to all that is available in the heavens and on earth, that exists exclusively to support our sovereign creations, and to freely decide how you move into the new.

It is completely, eternally, sovereignly and lovingly up to you.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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