Blessing of Illness

The other day, I heard it again, “I’m so healthy, I didn’t even have a cold in ten years, I must be doing something right”.

Hmm…  Is it  ‘right’ and healthy to never acutely fall sick?

From my Holistic Health Coach background, I disagree with this claim of ‘doing something right because never ill’ which is prevalent in society, but especially in the spiritual community.

I find hubris in the thought that illness should be proof for not living in the ‘right’ way. This attitude also prevents us from receiving the blessings of being ill.

The human being – with his body, mind and emotions – is an open system and, as such, in constant exchange with his surrounding, pouring energies out to the world and receiving input from the outside.

Over time, this leads to entropy. When the chaos grows too large, an open system either collapses and dies or moves into a crisis. The crisis serves the re-organization of the system on a higher, more stable and balanced level that’s less sensitive towards the former stressors.

The body is best suited for this re-organizational task, much better than mind and psyche. In case we allow it, the body becomes acutely ill, usually in our energetically weakest points at this point of time.

The body puts us down to rest so we don’t interfere with the process, and does it’s job. Our job is to let it happen and support it as best as we can, by loving on it and giving it what it needs.

After illness was allowed to work on us, we usually feel better than we did before.

It’s a blessing…

But what have we learned over the past millenia and, hugely emphasized, in modern Big Pharma times?

Illness is being seen as an enemy that needs to be fought. Hundreds of years ago, church made us sinners that get punished by getting sick, nowadays it’s judged as a sign of weakness or wrong living.

Vaccinations are supposed to prevent infections, chemicals are used to fight every single sign of disease, and spiritual people use their conscious intent to suppress all ‘negative’ processes.

Health studies, observation, and experience have shown me: it’s healthy to get sick once or twice a year, catch a cold, for instance.

Besides it’s re-organizational benefits, illness educates the immune system which has hardly any training anymore in a highly disinfected, vaccinated world that suppresses every sign of being unwell and non-functional.

We have an alert army inside of us, the immune system.  It’s ready to fight every enemy, but nowadays there are hardly any more real enemies, the soldiers stay unemployed and turn against imaginary enemies.  Allergies and other auto-immune processes are the conscequency and, per date, already make up about 30% of all diseases.

Becoming acutely ill – or experiencing an acute eruption of a chronic disease – is actually a sign of healing. It costs the body lots of energy to move into the re-organizational process of illness.

Yes, there are a few people who are so incredibly healthy that they never even catch a cold, their immune system is so strong that it fights intruders before symptoms have a chance to occur.

But these are only rare cases.

Most people are chronically ill in varying stages.  Medical suppression methods often push diseases from the outer layers of the body, where it’s easiest to cure them, to the inner organs and from there, when suppressed, to the psyche.

These disease patterns are being passed down the ancestry line via the DNA. Nowadays, even babies show signs of chronic illnesses which they inhereted from their ancestors.  Often it’s their first vaccination that stresses the little body so strongly that a disease breaks out.

Chronic conditions (including psychological processes) bind life force energy. The heavier the chronic state, the lesser energy is available in the body for acute processes.

This is the reason why many people never fall sick; it’s not because they’re so healthy, but because they’re so ill.  Their bodies are simply not strong enough to perform an acute affliction.

Have you heard of those men (it’s mostly men, women seem to allow themselves illness much better) who’ve been healthy all their lives, never missed a day at work, and suddenly fall to a life threatening disease?

In the underground, the disease had been developing for years, and bound more and more of their life force energy. Then a stressor occurred (external or internal), the immune system got depressed, and a single trigger’s enough to let the condition erupt and show as a disease.

Today, a friend told me about a friend who’s very proud of her 12 years old daughter for not having been ill for three years, the only bothersome thing being her unbalanced psychological condition. The homeopath in me screamed, ‘OMG, no good, children need to get ill once in a while!’. I hope this girl is going to catch a cold soon, and I bet her psyche will be much better off afterwards.

Illness is a great chance. Acute illness helps our body-mind system to re-create a new stability and strength, and eruptions of chronic illnesses are signs of the body trying to heal the condition.

As long as the illness is not life-threatening, we’re much better off by not suppressing the symptoms, instead surrender to the process and use natural methods to support and strengthen life force energy and immune system.

Every illness contains a gem that serves our soul evolution, the small ones as much as the big ones. I know of many people who, after having been diagnosed with a deadly disease, changed their thinking and way of life, and now look back onto it as the greatest gifts of their lives.

And I know even more who, after having been flat on the ground with a flu for two weeks, feel much more balanced and less stressed afterwards.

Me included, I’ve just recovered from the flu, OMG, I’ve never felt so sick in my life!  But now, there is a new clarity, as if my inner sky was more blue than before, and my inner light was more grounded in the body and changing it from the inside.

It’s good to fall sick once in a while.
Let’s celebrate even these valleys and be good to ourselves…

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