blissAscension and Bliss

Who doesn’t enjoy them, these blissful feelings we occasionally experience on our ascension path?

And who doesn’t, at times, feel terribly un-enlightened when bliss is missing in our lives?

When listening to the ancients, it often seems as if bliss was a proof for ascension – once we’re enlightened, we’ll live blissfully ever after.

Which in reverse implies that where no bliss resides no awakening human is present.

Is that true? I don’t know, I’m not fully awakened. To me, it feels wrong. It feels dis-empowering to junk for bliss and suffer without it.

I have no clue what bliss is for you, how you experience it and how blissful your life is. In my life, joy takes place daily, ecstasy comes up with my expanding breathing, and bliss occurs whenever I move beyond a limitation that stopped me from embodying my true divine nature.

Enlightenment and Ascension

Is the enlightenment the masters of the past talked about equal to ascension?

I’ve heard a saying, ‘Out of ten people receiving enlightenment, only one survives, the others leave the body, it can’t hold the vibration. Out of ten people surviving enlightenment, only one keeps a functional brain, it can’t adjust to the frequency. Out of ten enlightened people with a healthy brain, only one talks and shares’.

Imagine how many humans must have been graced with enlightenment without anyone ever knowing about it!

These were the old days. I’ve learned lots from the ancient masters, but I’ve reached a space where many of the concepts drawn from their teachings have become a hindrance on my path. Most of my ideas about what ‘living as an embodied master’ means have had to go down the drain, I’ve had to drop my mindf*ck in order to experience the reality of my ascension.

Now is New.

We can’t take old concepts with us into the New.

This time we’ve come for Ascension Gaia, not for individual enlightenment.

We haven’t come to go home again, we’ve come to bring home here.

This ‘job description’ entails embodied mastery. Not leaving the 3d body behind, not escaping into blissful emptiness and be gone to 5d forever, but being here and now, in the body with a well-serving mind.

As far as I understand and experience it, the I Am-presence is descending, while the body is ascending.

Each time we get in contact with our divine nature by expanding in consciousness, our vibration rises. When we return to the body and 3-4 consciousness, some of these frequencies get anchored, according to our focused intent. The body’s vibration rises and opens the space for more of our multi-dimensional nature to take residence in us.

The light influx has so drastically increased that our bodies are changing into being able to hold more of our presence, more of our enlightenment. It’s a process that takes time though, and in many points it pretty much differs from what we’ve learned from the ancient masters.

Bliss and Joyful Placidity

How does this shift from ‘going home’ to ‘bringing home here’ relate to bliss?

To me, it means that I can’t constantly be blissful, because I wouldn’t anymore be capable of functioning in our shared reality.

What I experience instead is a growing joyful placidity.lightning

Bliss floods me whenever I move beyond an illusion, a limitation, an egoic pattern, whenever my perception shifts to a more expanded state. Sometimes it happens after lots of internal work, sometimes just like that. It feels like freedom after long incarceration, like taking deep breaths after a long time under water.

While this new state of consciousness anchors in me, integration takes place; bliss subsides and gives way to joyful placidity. It’s a kind of bliss which is becoming my new normal, in a grounded and balanced way, keeping me participating in life even more deeply, more involved, but less attached.

To me, my occasional ‘bliss attacks’ are simply a sign of having moved through another layer of forgetfulness and expanding more towards my true divine nature.

Let Bliss Go and Welcome All

I don’t believe for a second that bliss is synonymous with ascension. From my point of view, bliss is not a goal on the path but a by-product; it comes and goes as we unfold into our true divine nature.

I, for one, am sure that I’m not supposed to statically remain in one desired state of consciousness, but rather to be fully present in all states; to enjoy myself on the mountain peaks as much as in the valleys, to surf the tides as life brings them, to accept and embody all feelings without any judgment on whether they are spiritually ‘correct’ or not.

Can I willingly touch on bliss in my daily life? I certainly can, simply by being present in the Now-moment, or by tuning into the last time I experienced bliss, it’s always available.

This is similar to consciously evoking love in me when I’ve lost it for a moment. I just tune into the tree in front of my window, into the singing birds, or one of my cats, and I feel enamored with this being reminding me of my natural state of being love.

Do I do it in every moment? No, I don’t. At times my mindf*ck doesn’t allow me to, at other times my energy’s bound to embodying other states of consciousness, they’re equally valuable and call for my attention.

If bliss was my benchmark, I’d be unhappy most of the time and I would feel like a failure when bliss seems to be absent.

My new standard is joyful placidity, and in this state, I can even feel blissed-out after getting angry. The only thing required for this is to fully embrace myself in this state, to accept me being angry, to love and enjoy my Self with this emotion moving through my field. Anger is as divine as bliss is, if it wasn’t so it wouldn’t exist, simple as that, so who am I to neglect it in favor of other feelings?

Ever since I dropped aiming for bliss, my life’s become much more relaxed and joyful, and my spiritual hybris decreases.  Every moment’s become sacred with it.

You might want to try it out – let bliss go and welcome All. It’s fun…

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