bloomingThe Blooming of the Rose 

Have you ever watched a rose grow?

The process begins with a tiny bud. The bud gets larger and larger, until it reaches the stage where the internal growth of the rose within the bud overpowers the bud, beginning to break out of the bud/shell.

This doesn’t happen all at once or overnight. The blooming of the rose occurs gradually, over time, layers of petals unfolding separately until the rose is in full bloom – in all of its glory.

Like many others, I’ve watched the rose, or the flowering of our planetary expansion of vibrational frequency, expand over time. Of course, it’s been happening for thousands of years in this current cycle at least. When this expansion ramped up, there were enough people in various stages of awakening to foster the expansion of consciousness and blooming, reaching out on a planetary and cosmic level to foster a process of entrainment that would allow every living being the gift of awakening.

Aligning With our Center

If I look back just five years, I can see a phenomenal change in the awareness of people that I come in contact with on a daily basis, and with people around the world that I communicate with and read about on the internet.

The changes are occurring within; the opportunities for creative expansion are coming in through cosmic energies and changes throughout our universe.

These changes occurring can be hard to hear about, watch and/or integrate. The phrase; ‘draining the swamp’ has become an understatement. The chaos, confusion, wars and mayhem, and overload of information, can either cause us to run and hide under the bed, or cause us to pause to decide whether we will be a part of the chaos or work to expand and realign our perspective.

Because we know within the heart of our rose, that there is a better way. Or, as the bible says, in the book of Deuteronomy, “… as for me and my house, we will serve the living God.”

Calm in the Midst of the Storm

I’ve been working over the past months on personal alignment. It’s a readjustment of sorts. I find myself moving more frequently to a space within my consciousness that I call the ‘neutral observer’.

I’ve always been an observer in a manner of speaking. But, about six months ago I received three affirmations during one of my daily meditations:

I AM the Divine thinking within me.
I AM the Divine knowing within me.
I AM manifesting the Divine Light and Love of the Christos.

These three simple sentences have had a profound impact on my life. The words have moved me closer to the center. These words have given me the courage to allow another layer of the rose to bloom, and it’s one in which another level of trust has emerged.

The Metaphor of Measuring

I feel like a thermometer. Thermometers measure temperature from cold to hot at many different levels of desire and comfort.

In the physical world, my preference is a moderate temperature of about seventy degrees. It suits my physical make-up and it suits my life style. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t live in a world that is one-hundred degrees or the opposite – zero degrees. And, because the change from very hot to very cold may not be my preference, it doesn’t mean that those temperatures are either bad or good. It simply means that they are temperatures. It depends upon my perception and preference.

The thermometer is simply a measuring device. It doesn’t judge good or bad, right or wrong. It gives us a gentle message to wear a coat today because the temperature is thirty degrees, or, to be mindful of the ninety-degree temperature today and drink plenty of water.

The thermometer doesn’t judge. The thermometer is neutral, balanced and focused on its purpose.

Choices and Options

I have many choices based on my perceptions and preferences. I can watch, listen to or read the news reports of what’s happening on the planet. I can get angry, hysterical, sad or depressed. I can allow feelings of helplessness to rise up within me and feel panic and fear. I can also lash out in anger or frustration to blame something or someone for the situation.

Thus, there is the option to buy into the message of separation, black or white, good or bad. In other words, I can choose to buy into (invest in) the chaos.

However, there’s also the option of watching, listening and observing what’s going on while being/staying in the center of the thermometer. I can desire and ask for an awareness that will see all sides of an issue or situation occurring on the planet – this gradual unfoldment of the rose.

My feelings are very simple. There’s no future in the chaos. If I buy into the chaos, then I become a part of it, I give it energy and it expands. On the other hand, if I remain neutral and observe without fear, anger or frustration, I can, in fact, facilitate the blooming/expansion, this gradual unfolding of the rose of consciousness.

Prayer for the Planet and All Life Upon it

Many years ago, a friend received and shared a prayer. The intent of the prayer is to pray for our planet and all life upon it. I share this prayer of neutrality, balance, harmony and co-creation with you.

“I create Good, constantly and consistently on all levels, all dimensions, and to all kingdoms all of time.

“Whether I Am awake or asleep I Am creating Divine Light, Life, Love and Good to everyone and everything in the earth and the cosmos.

“I am a living prayer creating Divine Light, Love, Peace and Good to all nations and all leaders all of the time.

“The entire cosmos works in concert to create more light, and more good than there was in the beginning. I create more light in the Creator, and I thank the divine for making it so.” Amen.

I see us moving further and further within, realigning with Divine Thinking and Knowing, and manifesting the essence of who we are – Divine Light and Divine Love.

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