I have written about the miracle of the body many times in the past, and recently shared my thoughts on how important it is as we heal and evolve to love the body, but it is paramount for us all to understand that the body is a full fledged partner in creation on this plane.

That is a big statement certainly, as so many are willing to discount the body as a meat suit, or call it an illusion, or direct us all to focus solely on our spirituality in order to evolve, but I would like to see just how much we could manifest on this plane without a body.

Let’s do an experiment that will show you exactly how much manifestational power you have in this plane. Take a piece of paper. Grip it in your hands. Tear it in half. Boom. You just manifested in the physical realm.

So, what you say? All I did was tear a piece of paper in half you say? I beg to differ.

You just manifested in the physical realm in a way that spirit is unable to do, because spirit is not manifested in body at this time on this plane. It takes an amazing amount of energy to manifest in the physical realm, and we do it in such an easy and simple way that we take it for granted most of the time.

Watch any TV show on ghosts, and the supposed experts will tell you that creating an orb, cold, or a chill up the spine, or for a poltergeist to move something takes a tremendous amount of energy. Believe or not believe, but if it were easy I am sure we would see a lot more paranormal activity than we do now.

There is a predominant focus in spiritual circles on denigrating “doing” as the realm of the mundane, and elevating “being” as the realm of higher existence.

While it is true that observationally many beings who don’t seem spiritually focused may be doing a lot of doing at the expense of being, who’s to say balance isn’t important?

All well and good. Let’s focus on the being, and see how powerfully creative we can be in this realm (without the doing).

Sit still in silence and focus on manifesting something. You are an amazing creator god being. Go ahead. Sit in silence and get really clear. Hold that thought for as long as you can and manifest the heck out of something.

What happened?


Well, not nothing. Even as you were sitting, your wonderful body was of course creating and manifesting as needed. It took in air. You might have noticed that if you were focused on your breathing to get your brain to calm down and find that space of silence and connection. It not only took in air, it exchanged waste gases in the lungs, pumped blood through miles of arteries and veins to bring nutrients to every cell and remove toxins, accomplished millions of biological processes within those cells, monitored your balance and position within the gravitational field, as well as sent signals through countless numbers of nervous system junctions to adjust your body for maximum comfort and safety.

It also did a ton of other stuff, but to mention them all would be more in the realm of a university level anatomy and physiology class.

So your body, all on its beloved own, because it loves you and is devoted to your service during this lifetime, is always manifesting the best possible support it can provide to you in every single moment. It does this so seamlessly, most of the time, that its support becomes invisible, and what is invisible can easily be taken for granted or dropped down a few notches in the list of important things in our world.

But, let’s get back to that sitting still and manifesting thing.

Maybe we just didn’t do it right, so let us pick something specific to focus on and really get the energy flowing.

Hmmm, what would be good?

Now remember, you have to sit there, in silence and just be.

I know! Let’s pick a good cup of coffee!

Nah, everyone will think that is too easy right? Is it too easy because it is something you can do all by yourself?

Remember, you were supposed to just sit there and be!

Wait a minute here.

If we just sit here in silence and focus on manifesting a good cup of coffee and nothing is happening because we are all by ourselves just being and not doing and the coffee doesn’t happen, does it mean that were weren’t focusing enough? Does it mean that we put blocks in the way of our creative energy? Does it mean we held back the manifestation through doubt?

Well, we were certainly alone. We were in silence. We were simply being. We were focusing. Were we in our heart space? Did we check on that? Because that is so important, right?

Of course it is important, but it is not going to manifest us a cup of coffee when we are alone, sitting in silence and being.

What will manifest us a good cup of coffee?

Hmmmm. What could it be? What was the one ingredient we didn’t add to the manifestational mix? Could it be? Really? On this earthly plane, that we forgot to add doing to the mix?

Thought. Focus. Action. Manifestation. That is the flow of creation in the incarnate plane.

Just because something seems so simple, just because something seems everyday and we take it for granted does not mean it isn’t manifestation.

Think for a moment. You can move now, you have been sitting still for a while, and your foot probably fell asleep.

Think of your hands, at the exclusion of all other parts of your body. Think of all the various things that hands can do, and all that they can create.

We can get specific, like coffee or the typing of a Doctoral Thesis, or we can get broad like pleasure or pain, love or hurt, but I am sure we can each come up with thousands of ways this one body part can be used to manifest an experience or a thing into our reality.

The list goes on and on if we choose to go down this road. Certainly some parts of the body might seem passive, take the hair for instance, or the finger nails, but then turn them around and observe them. A beautiful hairstyle can manifest feelings of self love or can evoke love and desire in another, just as lovely fingernails can be admired.

It might seem like a silly road to go down, having us all sit still in silence, trying to manifest. We weren’t actually going down a road though, because we were sitting still and being.

We would have had to do to go down a road, and we could have manifested so many things going down that road. If it were a silly road, we could have danced down the road, or sang songs, or played childhood games like hide and seek.

New Flash: Those are all creative manifestations. We, in our being, focused on a possible experience or outcome and then we applied action, or doing, to the focused intention and that outcome happened.

That is manifesting. That is creating on the earthly plane.

While all planes have their beauty, they also have their limitations. Truth is, on this plane, and few are going to tell you this because it doesn’t benefit them to let you know your true power, WE humans incarnate are the most powerful beings on this plane.

This is why we invite you again and again to embrace the idea fully that we are Divinely empowered humans incarnate, walking in mastery. Once we get comfortable with this construct, and all it entails, then we embody our full creative abilities.

Let that sink in for a second.

In this plane of existence, we, as spirit incarnate, are the most powerful creative beings. No discussion.

We are the experts in form. We are the experts in incarnate manifestation and creation.

We take thought and desire and we put them together, using the body, and create a dizzying amount of different things on this earthly plane, and each and every single one of them is a miracle.

There in lies the hack, my friends. As we see how far away from the body we have been led by society and religion and even spirituality, we see how much creative power we have given away.

As I sit here, through my conscious focus on wishing to bring through a message about the miraculous body, in conjunction with my brain, which puts the message in order and then transmits it through to my finger tips, following a myriad of language, grammar and computer technology rules, I can feel that power, because I embrace the wholeness of me.

We can all do this, and reclaim the joy of combining soul and heart focus with inspired action to create amazing things that are all miracles.

Do instantaneous miracles occur? Certainly they do, and they are wonderful, but sitting around in silence and focus, waiting for them to happen allows so many creational miracles to slip by without our knowing and without our gratitude.

As beloved children of the universe who chose to incarnate on this plane, we were all gifted with the ability to be, and through partnership with our miraculous body, we were also gifted with the ability to do in various ways as guided by our soul paths that we chose before incarnation.

I am deeply grateful for the miracle of my body as a vehicle for my being, and as a partner and powerful tool for creating on this plane.

And now, I shall go and manifest an amazing cup of coffee, because I am a powerful creator goddess being incarnate and I create miracles with a wave of my hand!

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