surrogatesAs many on planet go through their geopolitical awakening, the first thing they see is the patriarchy that appears to control most of society, but they do not always see the subtle surrogates that also hold it in place.

At first glance this share may appear political, but it really isn’t. It’s shining a light on society, which is a large part of what we do as empowered humans, walking in mastery.

Last week’s announcement in the US, by Hillary Clinton that she believes her nomination is a done deal got me thinking about the idea of an iconic presidency.  I know many were motivated by the idea of the first black president, and thought, if we only get through that roadblock things would be different.

I wont delve into the savior mentality that tends to put a ton of pressure on leaders, because I am seeing it shift into citizen empowerment with many, and that is a wonderful thing.

I know that it was a milestone in our evolution as a country, but the truth is, many were disappointed by the seemingly abrupt way that once elected, the grassroots movement that swept Obama into the presidency was dropped, and very little of his platform was enacted over the tenure of his presidency.  The excitement turned to surprise, and then to disillusionment, as he basically said, I will take it from here.  Well, he took the ball, and it went to the center and stayed there.

I know that many older feminists put their hopes for a female president on hold in 2008, and now have come out in strong support of what they see as their due: the first female president. While HRC did not campaign on the first female president speaking point in 2008, it is almost the only thing one hears about this time around.

The idea of electing another icon, the first female president, is indeed enticing. Would a woman bring about change, where men have been unable to?  The truth is, with this woman, the answer is no.  The only goal is the attainment of power. That is the end game.  The desire is to install something that looks different to the masses, so their desire for change is satisfied, but in fact, operates in exactly the same way.

Many speak about breaking the glass-ceiling for women, but any woman of a certain age, and I am a 52 year old retired advertising executive, knows that the glass ceiling was broken a long time ago. The notion that it was not shattered is fallacious, and can obviously be seen by the fact that there are women judges, women politicians, women CEO’s and women billionaires.  There exists only a single bastion that remains an icon of male leadership in the US, and that is the presidency.

The glass ceiling has been shattered. The old boys club did open the door, but they opened it to certain women who would play the game, understand the rules, and keep other women in line, just as they opened it to every other minority group in this country.  I do not speak of this lightly, and I do not speak of it without direct knowledge of the inner workings of this old girls club that has the sticker of feminism slapped on it.

I remember the first time that I was held back in my career.  I was up for a new position within a top NY advertising agency. I had all the credentials and skills necessary, but I had one bad review. I found out that my own boss had put that review in, and told her colleague that she didn’t want to lose me, because I was so efficient on her team. How is that for promoting and supporting other women?

I remember the sting of it, and my utter bewilderment that a woman who had mentored me would not have my best interests in mind, but her own.  In fact, I when chose to leave the work world with its hidden controlling culture, to guide my daughters into adulthood, I devoted myself in service to the mentoring of young women, because their personal empowerment and self-esteem is paramount in our society.

This story of female-based control is not an isolated one, and I have heard it whispered from many other women. The control of women in society, in the work world, is best done by other women, and the patriarchy knows this to be true.

They know it so well, that they have applied the concept invisibly for millennia.  Let them rise, but only a few, and turn those who are allowed to rise into the controllers of the others. Many will recognize this pattern in their own social group. It is not exclusive to women.

They have effectively and covertly applied this internal and self-perpetuating method of ‘crowd-control’ to every group throughout our history. It’s nothing that isn’t glaringly obvious, but few speak about it, because everyone just assumes things will never change. Well folks, we know that things always change, and this definitely needs to go.

Why in the world would other women, claiming to be feminists, come out in support of a woman presidential candidate by castigating young women who are not supporting her?  These empowered young women and their male supporters, are derided and shamed by establishment female power brokers with cries of sexism and misogyny, and told to fall in line behind their gender.

Why would most of the female members of congress stand in unity behind this nominee, and isolate the women who choose not to stand with her? Why are many female party officials blatantly bending the rules in her favor at all stages of the race, and group organizers going against the will of their own membership ranks and endorsing this candidate?

Because it is not about getting a feminist woman elected. It is about installing the old girls club into the White House, because it is their turn. This has nothing to do with women and everything to do with power.

They played the game, they followed the establishment rules, they even patiently deferred their turn in 2008, and now, they want what they thought was coming to them. If you think that because you are a woman, the administration that would be created within this control dynamic will support you and the issues that are important in your life, you are sorely mistaken.

There are many women who do not fit this mold in the everyday, corporate and political world,  but that does not mean that this dynamic does not exist. I am sure there are many of you who are reading this, especially our older sisters, who have had experience, as a female, with this control mechanism.

It hides in plain sight, under the guise of feminism, while many women plainly struggle to decipher what they have done wrong for not being advanced, not belonging, not being supported by their female peers.

You have not done anything wrong, you are simply not built the same way. You don’t serve their needs and are not driven enough, pliable enough or power hungry enough to be bent to their whims and carry out their agenda. Be thankful for this, and for our beautiful young sisters who are growing in a time where the balance is shifting towards unity in diversity and compassion for all.

What a breath of fresh air is beginning to blow across this nation, and this world, as young people of every gender and ethnicity become educated and engaged in the process of transforming our society. As I think of the future of this country resting in the capable and caring hands of our younger generations, I have such faith in their bold, inclusive and compassionate vision for a future we can all believe in.

Do I want a female president? Yes.  Eventually, it is a given that a woman will be president of the United States of America, but I want a woman who represents all people. I want a woman who represents all women, even the ones who do the tough work of staying home and baking cookies.

The last thing we need is to replace one old top-down establishment control club with another. The bait and switch tactics wont work this time around, because the whole world is watching and wanting something entirely different, and we are no longer willing to wait.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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