timelineAs we walk along our spiritual path, we often forget we are on a self-created timeline. Actually, through our perception, which is individual and unique, we are in our own self-created universe, with its own rules and features.

Because we are immersed in the familiarity of these features and rules, and we know how things work, we often do not realize that our lives and world are unique to us.

It is only by stepping out of our own timeline and world, into another, or when we mix these worlds with others close to us, that we notice this with striking observation.

This past week, I was significantly jarred by this realization, as my timeline came into contact with the timeline of a very dear old friend. She had finally moved through a long physical healing process and was coming to see me to attend a memorial concert for a musician that was part of a band and the wider community surrounding the love of its music.

I was so excited to finally see my friend after two years of separation in the physical. Though we kept in contact regularly, we hadn’t given each other a hug or done anything together in a very long time.

While we are very close, we are very different in our focus and perception. Her world views and daily life are very different from mine, and we bring our focus and energy to bear in vastly different ways. We initially connected through our love of this band and their music, and our friendship spread out from there as we got to know each other and found the common ground that represented our mixed timeline and world.

As her visit approached, I had to make a concerted effort to shift my focus from where it had been, which was almost as if I existed out of time in a world that was predominantly joy-scheduled, doing only what inspired me in the moment, to actually getting things done to prepare for her arrival and showing up to meet her. It had been a very long time since I had been asked to focus in this fashion, and so it felt rather stressful.

From the very beginning, I knew her arrival date and departure, because she had sent me an itinerary. I pulled out a to-do list, which I hadn’t done in years, and carefully planned what I needed to accomplish, and when I needed to be certain places. I arranged things in a specific order, so I would not be stressed out, and I was quite happy with myself for allocating my time appropriately so that everything could get done.

The only problem was, I didn’t truly want to do half of the things on that schedule, but I conceded that they must be done, and so do them I would.

Of course, the Universe read my energy and decided to follow my lead, and since, in my every day life, I already regularly apply beliefs that allow the Universe to act on my behalf, it was game on.

The morning previous to the day she was supposed to arrive, I had planned to clean the house. I had already set up the guest room for her and done the grocery shopping, so doing an extensive dusting and vacuuming session along with getting all my business responsibilities completed were on the agenda. The next day was reserved for the long drive, through city traffic to the airport to pick her up, get her settled in and enjoy each others company big time.

I woke up that morning, before my alarm, to find I was actually sleeping on my cell phone. It usually sits on the side of my bed, and I found this rather odd. When I pulled it out from beneath me, I looked at the screen and there was a message from my friend sent well before dawn. As she lives on the west coast of the US, she was already on the plane making her way to New York. She would be arriving in about an hour and a half. I was still in bed and more than an hour away from the airport.

I immediately realized that if I had not been sleeping on my cell phone, I would have slept through to my alarm time and I would have completely missed picking her up. I absolutely know the Universe is responsible for this odd situation in order to get me to focus in that exact now moment.

I was shocked, and my mind began to race, focusing on my huge mistake, and all the things I needed to do to prepare for her arrival! How could I have looked at the itinerary, looked up her flight details to confirm her terminal, send her a map of the airport and still miss the pick up by a whole day? I had, in fact, hooked back into linear time, in the wrong location!

It was even stranger, because the date was my mother’s birthday, and though I felt guilty about not seeing my mom on her special day, I had figured out the plans specifically so I could go and see her to celebrate a day earlier!

After a moment of freaking out, I took a deep breath, and asked the Universe for help to flow everything perfectly. I focused golden light on my path forward, on my car, on my home, on my friend, my daughter and myself. I let out my breath and allowed the tension to be released from my body.  I invited the Universe to sit in the driver’s seat and allow the path forward to clarify for me.

My daughter was at work with my car, and was not due home until a number of hours later. I really had no other option, so I immediately called her and asked her to come home, explaining my miscalculation and that I had to go to the airport. She said she would, even though she would miss a half day’s pay, and I quickly got myself dressed and ready to go.

When she got home, I asked her if she could tidy up and vacuum, since she owed me a bit of house work, in trade for weekly gas money and she was happy to do it. I jumped into the car for the ride to the airport, and set the intention that traffic would flow well. A trip that should have taken over an hour, took 45 minutes because the usual afternoon NY traffic was surprisingly light.

We had planned for me to park the car, which is generally a huge ordeal at JFK airport, and come in to get her at the baggage claim, because she was unsure of the layout of that particular terminal. As I approached the airport, she texted me to tell me she was already at baggage claim and had found the passenger pick up area.

I swung into the area, immediately saw her at the curb, quickly grabbed her baggage, gave her a huge hug and got her into the car. It was one of the easiest airport trips I had ever made. The drive home was also quick and soon we were sitting on the couch enjoying our visit.

The house was sparkling clean, thanks to my daughter who had gone above and beyond a tidying up and did a thorough cleaning job. Even though I hadn’t wanted to clean the house, I did want it done, and so the Universe figured out how deliver my desire to me.

I was also able to visit with my mother on her actual birthday as well, and my friend gave my daughter a surprise Thank You note with some money to make up for her lost wages, even though I had only mentioned she came home early so I could have the car and hadn’t mentioned the loss in pay.

As the weekend unfolded, I continued to apply my timeline skills to the joint timeline experience that I was sharing with an expanding number of people in our group. The traffic into NY was light on a Friday night. Our hotel room was ready when we wanted to check in. Our friends were all there on time when our reservation was ready for dinner and the memorial concert was spectacular. Every detail that went into creating a joyful experience was attended to as I flowed with the support of the Universe firmly under my wings; even Korean barbecue at 4:00am.

My friend is safely back home now, and I sit and smile with the memories of our wonderful visit, as well as a more secure knowing that it is possible to bring the rules of our own personal worlds and timelines into action when operating in a mixed timeline.

It does not matter what others believe to be true, or the rules they apply to themselves or their own worlds. When we stand firm in our own knowing of how our world works, we can bring those rules to bear, no matter who we are with or where we are.

When we think we have to operate a certain way when others are around us or we step outside of our own personal worlds, we decrease our power to create on our own behalf dramatically.

Just as a Scuba diver knows they can breath underwater because they carry air on their backs down into the depths, where others cannot breath submersed because they are unprepared, we can consciously take our skills and support with us for ease of operation where ever we choose to go.

After all, we are beloved children of the Universe, and its deepest desire is to serve and support us, no matter what timeline or world we are experiencing. We just have to have remember that this is so, and have faith to apply this divine knowledge.

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