bubbleBubble wrap protects from the outside world. It is designed to prevent chips, cracks and painful damage to goods and entities.

They do say the most stressful job is to work in a bubble wrap factory, self control, in spades. I love popping bubbles, they don’t fight back, unless they are soap bubbles.

What has bubble wrap got to do with spiritual journeys, I hear you ask? Well, it has a lot to do with protection and hiding.

If we wrap ourselves well enough, then the nasty ‘news’ will not get through and we will not need to worry about feeling uncomfortable.

Quite a number of people have said they do not know how I, or any one, can read mainstream media ‘news’ on a daily basis. I have to say I am not brave, nor do I like to wallow in the slime at the bottom of the pit.

I am curious (or nosey), and our team (both seen and unseen) has for years been telling us this, that and the other thing will happen sequentially.

Peeking through the bubble wrap shows anyone prepared to look at mainstream media when we are on track. You know there are some who will also claim to know WHERE we are on the track.

How many times have we been advised the answers are within your Higher Heart Space? I’m here to tell you there is no gravel in my HHS, or Higher Self, for the track!

Practice and discernment, pick the stories that resonate. Then ask, why do they resonate, what is it about this that rings true?

Welcome to the outside of the Bubble Wrap.

Governments are changing, as the people realise they are empowered. People are peacefully fighting for the environment, removing poverty, feeding the hungry, providing medical aid.

Financial Groups are being called to account and punished.

Huge numbers of medical breakthroughs are evident.

Clean energy, plastic solar at $10 m2, and much more.

Big consortium’s are being dismantled (Brexit), Trade agreements and so on.

WE were told, remember! C’ mon, lets go pop some bubbles…

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