Buddha, Christ, Krishna within

Buddha, Christ, Krishna waits inside you.

This is not about religion, it is about the presence within. So…

Look within!

It matters not, to whom one connects for inspiration, or that any historical figure play a role in one’s life.

At the time of their incarnations on Earth, these beings came to anchor an energy on the planet.

Those named in the title are not the only ones.

There have been avatars, both male and female, who played this role in each culture on earth. We each individually hold the same potential.

Our purpose here is to affirm and resurrect this truth of our collective inner reality.

In the past epoch, it was customary to codify the lessons of our spiritual teachers, into rules and practices, that would help us to guide our way. In our current time of awakening, these practices can still form a foundation, according to one’s cultural affinity. But…

We are now being called to embody and activate our divine wisdom, within and as our individual expression.

This expression is not dictated from on high, but crafted and woven through our personalities as urges, desires and actions. Soul Guidance often comes to and through us in these ways.

Our work is to recognize when we are in and when we are out of soul alignment.

The unity within our human collective will blossom as we each, individually, come into alignment with the Buddha, Christ, Krishna within. Each person will forge a path according to their own guidance and life plan.

There is also a collective life plan. In this, we are a tapestry.

Our unity arises by honoring and respecting each thread… the fullness of its color and texture. And, as each thread weaves its unique path, the design and beauty of the tapestry emerges naturally and harmoniously.

In this cultivation, patience, tolerance and forgiveness are principals that function as tools to bring forth grace and understanding. These tools are beneficial to the work of reorganizing our thought processes… To re-align our minds to the new way of our beings.

When these principals of grace are offered to oneself and to one another, in kindness and with gentle interplay, we forge a peaceful countenance and coexistence.

This way of interacting can allow opportunities for personal and collective discovery in concordance with the emergence of divinity.  As wisdom flows through us, and is expressed through our words and actions, we begin to transform our reality.

In this transformation, it is also important to accept our emotions, whatever they may be. Anger, resentment, fear and sadness are powerful emotional signals. They allow us to recognize that there is something in our energetic field that is calling for our attention.

How do we cultivate this process?

We can look within before acting and/or reacting. Both impulse and inspiration often serve a two-fold cause. One being a response or resolution to an exterior situation.  The other being a realization of inner sensitivity that has been evoked by an experience or exchange.

When we regard the exterior situation as an opportunity for inward reflection, we can slow time and move into alignment before choosing the best course.

When we practice patience, we can take all the time we need to find clarity. With that clarity, we can afford a compassionate response to any given situation.

Patience, gentleness, tolerance and compassion are expressions of grace. Expressions of Divine Love that lead to greater understanding and growth. When honoring of each other in this way, we have an opportunity to be the vehicle through which grace is offered to another.

One can always call for ‘grace’ and invoke that ‘for the good of all’, yet there is a refined state of mastery that can be cultivated, through living and embodying these principled energies.

The art of  ‘going within’ can be enhanced by this meditative process.

While sitting, standing or laying in your favorite meditative position, begin to imagine a tall container, empty of any content. It can look much like the ones that offer mega-beverages at your local eatery.

Place the image of the container in your mind’s eye, the place of inner vision and understanding. Slowly lower the container down through the center of your being and let it rest in the field of your heart, reaching down to the solar plexus.

Then, with your mind’s eye stare down into its emptiness, feel its emptiness. Allow what ever feelings to arise from this emptiness. Stay with it for as long as you can in a state of non-reactive allowance. But allow your body to shake, shiver, cry or laugh, according to its needs.

In a rather short time, the feelings will transform and the fullness of your presence will arise into your emptied cup.

From this state you need no further instructions, as your divine presence will of its own volition integrate and guide you further.

© Kathryn Davis, This writing is is an excerpt from a work in progress.

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