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I found this wonderful post by Pamela Bramslett on Facebook and can’t resist but share it with you, with her permission:

(Friends, I was waiting to post this until I read Laura’s report [Editor: Laura Walker’s OraceReport] . I asked for confirmation first. The report gave me the full go ahead…)

We empaths not only feel deeply, many of us feel as if we feel everything. A dog rolls over and sighs. We feel it. A tree is felled in the forest, we feel it. A child goes hungry in the darkness. We feel it.

We feel it because it is our job to feel pain. We are given this, because it is our work to integrate it, to go deeply into it, be curious about it, to synthesize it’s fragments back into the whole. We are given this task because we are capable of it. Our other skill sets foster this process of integration – but we must stay finely tuned to the Divine, because the pain also has the potential to destroy us. We must learn to distinguish darkness and evil from shadow and see them all for what they are.

We must rise above our victimhood and be true to this calling, ask for any and all the tools that will implement the integration of the mass trauma that has been foisted onto humanity since almost the beginning of time on Earth.

An empowered, awake, aware and conscious Empath can shift the world with each and every breath, bless the earth with every step. Our silent (often unrecognized) song of renewal flows through the earth on a river of snot, slobber, and tears, bringing life back to every shore it reaches.

We were chosen to feel not because we are weak, but because we are strong. We must lean into it. Choose the sovereignty of spirit that catalyzes us, renews us through our willingness to fall to the earth sobbing and bless it with our tears. From this place, the flowering of humanity blooms. This is the place where our Will meets our Wisdom.

We feel, not because we are victims and not because we are victors. We feel because it is our job to deliver humanity back to that feeling part of itself which was fragmented so long ago. To deliver us back to Her, the Divine Mother. She is emerging through our willingness to allow this work to happen through us. Fall to your knees and ask for the tools you need and walk bravely into it. (Bring some knee pads & Kleenex!)

We are near the tipping point of trauma. It is our work to curate this transition, to turn the tide with our tears, until Her compassion washes up on the shores of life in irresistible waves of love. This is our call to duty. We are on.

Become familiar with the water element, connect every day to the earth element. But, also allow the fire to burn in you, through you, burning off what no longer serves and helping humanity to rise above -allowing the wind to blow away the ashes as we rise and spread our loving wings around the earth.

Do you feel the quickening pains of the womb? The time is drawing near. Pisces dissent into darkness holds special meaning for us. It’s a great assist. Let’s welcome it, especially if you have Chiron in Pisces. Birth may be painful, but Mother knows the reward that lies ahead. A new world is being birthed in and through us. It is our great honor to help usher it in!

Laura‘s book “Back Moon, A Guide to Healing the Shadow Side” is a good place to start. Knowing our own shadow side is an essential process to prepare for this work. I’m happy to share more tools that have been useful for me.

It is good to feel the Parliament of fellow wise owls and to know your support. Thank you Laura, Andrew and Anna [OracleReport team] for all that you do!

GaiaScenicsView, repost from Facebook with friendly permission

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