Divine MasculineWhere’s the Divine Masculine?

Everybody talks about the Divine Feminine, about the Goddess returning to Gaia.

She Is Here Now.

During the past few years, She’s well anchored on the planet again, in females as well as in males, and everywhere in nature. We meet Her inside of us, and we meet Her in many people, no matter their gender.

But where’s the Divine Masculine?

As a representative of the Goddess on earth, and on behalf of all humanity, every woman, man and child aligned with this, I Am calling forth the Divine Masculine. We need You Here. Now.

The soul is androgynous, but the incarnated body lives in polarity, and the psyche is conditioned by gender roles and archetypes.

Males carry as many wounds as females do. As a collective, we’ve been working on the female hurts, but who talks about the pain in males?

I won’t move deeper into the dynamics between women and men now, and about the many wounds that have been deeply cut into the collective psyche; this is material for another article, or maybe even a few.

Right now, I want to apologize to You, the Masculine.

I Am sorry. I was a sexist. I neglected and despised you. I judged you as violent, testosterone-driven, love-less and blind to spirit. I thought women to be far more intelligent than men. Nevertheless, I projected my power onto you, lent you my life force energy, and allowed you to abuse it by over-powering me, women, people, our planet.

Decades ago (or was it lifetimes?), I had to cut you out of myself and sent you to the drought of the desert, and to the thin air far away in the mountains, while I stayed at the ocean side.

I needed that separation. I needed to take back the inner space that had been occupied by the distorted male, I needed to fill it up with my Self and heal the pains in my female aspects. In the process, I’ve released the distorted female as well, and opened space for the Divine Feminine to ground in my body and in Gaia’s heart.

So far I’m done now. Yes, there are still pains and itches, and most of them are echoes from the collective. Some of these echoes stay with me, they allow me to do one of the jobs I came here for, the transformation of archetypes; they’ll heal over time.

Calling forthNow my focus has shifted, towards the Divine Masculine. Towards my inner man. And towards You, guys.

Males, it’s your playfulness and body-centered juicy energy that draws the Goddess into my female body and energy field. From Here, She’s calling out to the ‘real man’, calling forth the Divine Masculine.

Please come home into Oneness. Please settle in my body, anchor in all men, women and children on this planet. Take your place at the table, take your space in our creations, bring your energy and work together with us.

I have this image of the Goddess carrying the ocean with her while she walks up the river; and of the God carrying the mountain with him while he moves down the river; they’re meeting half-way, and the bliss of this re-union floods the whole earth.

We need the yang as much as the yin. We need you, men, with your focus, your fire, your determined activity, your will-power, your strength. We also need you with all the capacities we’ve long forgotten about during the ages when the distorted male dominated Gaia.

We call you in for our blog, too. Gaia Scenics’ View crew is rich with empowered women, but still poor on empowered men who walk in their mastery.

I know you’re out there. And I know you’re in community, I see you on the forum every day.

Please come on board, step forward, share, participate; play and create the New with us.

We Are Here Now.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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