“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.” – Pascal

Reader advisory: I admit. What follows is an unashamed indulgence in astrological optimism. It is actually based on astrological principles, but it is intended to explore the positive side of upcoming astrological events.

Readers have been asking me about August’s eclipses. August is still a way off, but I think it is possible to say some encouraging things about them.

In my last post, I talked a little about the difference between the effects of the Moon’s Nodes on the Virgo/Pisces axis and their effects on the Leo/Aquarius axis. I will now offer more thoughts on those differences.

After August’s eclipses, the effects of the Moon’s Nodes on the Virgo/Pisces axis will finally translate into positive changes in our lives. Patterns that have been repaired will manifest in the world as reforms. Patterns that we have destroyed will finally begin to disappear from the world.

This post is also about the disconcerting fact that old patterns, patterns that many of us want to see gone, linger and linger and linger. Nor do new patterns seem to be emerging fast enough at all. They are like snow that won’t stick.

The fact that we’ve been releasing and healing patterns doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference or enough of a difference. People are feeling more than a little stuck, frozen – and not in a good place.

Here and there, I know, a degree of panic is setting in. Who would guess that it’s the human heart that holds these old patterns in place and prevents new ones from emerging?

Much, if not most or even all, of our lives and personal relationships are woven tightly within and around the patterns that the Moon’s Nodes work with.

Directly or indirectly, most of these patterns involve some kind of important relationship, personal and/or professional.

So the circumstances of our lives are rooted in the patterns acted on while the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces axis. And these patterns are rooted, in large part, in the human heart.

Our relationships, friendships and romantic relationships are at inevitably woven into and/or rooted in the circumstances that are created by the old patterns. But relationships are also rooted directly or indirectly in our hearts. That’s what ultimately gives them their power, in my opinion. Relationships are rooted partly in these patterns, but also partly in our hearts.

As our hearts fight to preserve these relationships they end up, inevitably, fighting to preserve – to hang on to – the patterns that gave rise to the circumstances of our lives and to the important relationships that exist in those circumstances.

So, one of the sources of the slowness of the shift is our heart as it fights to preserve its love relationships, which are partly rooted in the patterns we are trying to heal and release.

So, the patterns dredged up while the Nodes were on the Virgo/Pisces are still being fairly firmly held in place by the circumstances of our lives. Our most important heart-centered relationships are bound up in these circumstances. So, in our efforts to heal and release these patterns, and put them behind us, we are fighting our own hearts.

In my opinion, ultimately changing these patterns will require a change of heart. And the Moon’s Nodes are now entering the Leo/Aquarius axis that governs the heart. That being the case, August’s eclipses will mark major change points in the working of our heart energy.

So many relationships that are dear to us depend on these patterns and the outer circumstances, and that depend on these patterns. It is often from the bottom of their hearts that people want these patterns and circumstances to persist, despite their obvious imperfections and despite the great discomfort these patterns might be causing.

The Moon’s Nodes on the Leo/Aquarius axis are going to change things. It’s going to allow or compel the heart to change. It will also open up new possibilities for the heart, giving the heart appealing alternatives to its present attachments.

The Nodal transit of the Leo/Aquarius axis will create an energetic focus on heart energies. This energetic focus on heart energies will make the crucial, heart-centered bonds at the center of our existence, flexible and changeable.

The patterns we are dealing with will become truly changeable. It will cause changes in the heart and the last few things anchoring these patterns in our lives will begin dissolving in earnest.

We will finally begin to be able to change these vital patterns and form completely new ones, facilitating change. The foundations of change being understood here as the release and repair, or healing, of these patterns and their release by the human heart. And I think we are already beginning to feel this new dynamic.

At the same time, though, people are beginning to explore new possibilities. These possibilities are just not ready to supplant what currently exists or to usher in a new, different future. Indeed, if we’re being perfectly honest, changes are creeping in here and there. Just nowhere near fast enough to suit most of us.

Also, contributing to the glacial slowness of change, we are at the very end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. At such times, time seems to slow down. The Moon’s Nodes are still just preparing to leave the Virgo/Pisces axis and are just beginning to approach the Leo/Aquarius axis.

In astrology, it is always about transitions within transitions within transitions, especially at the beginning and the end. There are frequently so many stages in astrological endings and beginnings. It often can take forever to complete one cycle and begin another.

However, we are also talking about an unusually deep, exceptionally thorough transformation. Such a transformation cannot, by its very nature, be fast. It would always have had to be slow and painstaking.

We wouldn’t want to and couldn’t rush through a deep transformation. Otherwise it wouldn’t be deep, or it wouldn’t be complete and we’d have to revisit it at some point in the future. Indeed, this transformative period has to be thorough, and slow, because many previous transformations were not.

They were quick, and sometimes deep and dramatic. But they were not thorough, they were a setup for further transformations at a later date. And so many found themselves revisiting issues they thought they had settled, only this time it was deeper and more complicated and more intense.

But I think – I know – that this is about much more than astrological timing, the fastness or slowness of archetypal energetic shifts, or the depth of ongoing transformations. I don’t think it is about high profile events on the astrology calendar, either. I think, when you get right down to it, this is really about stuff going on deep inside the human heart, some of it very deeply hidden.

A little thought reveals that it isn’t enough to dredge up, and/or heal and/or release patterns. We must have a change of heart – however that comes about. The Moon’s Nodes on the Virgo/Pisces axis is really just a stage that precedes the stage that will soon take place on the Leo/Aquarius axis – the axis of the heart, love, friendship, romance, etc. When their transit of the Leo/Aquarius axis is complete, the Moon’s Nodes will move on to the Taurus/Scorpio axis and start another stage in this process.

If you think about it, neither Virgo nor Pisces energies, nor the interaction between them, are amenable to a change of heart. They are too abstract, logical and otherworldly. However, Leo and Aquarius energies and the interaction between them are amenable to the required and probably inevitable change of heart.

It’s true, I believe, that the changes we currently yearn for and which are now just trickling into existence, will become more abundant and frequent as the Moon’s Nodes do finally leave the Virgo/Pisces axis and proceed onto the Leo/Aquarius axis. The rate of change will peak. Change and innovation will come in a flood.

In August, therefore, the Moon’s Nodes will have crossed completely onto the Leo/Aquarius axis. They will be working entirely with Leo/Aquarius energies – the energies of the human heart. August’s two eclipses will help bring us to breaking points – change points – as all eclipses do.

The Nodes transit the axis of the human heart which governs what we hope for ourselves (Leo) and what we hope for our society (Aquarius). These are energies of the heart, of friendship and romance, of community. The energies of the human heart move secretively. Indeed, they often don’t reveal their existence or the fact that they have changed, so expect surprises.

As the energies and patterns to which the human heart is attached change, patterns and energies that govern and manifest in our individual and collective lives will begin to change in earnest.

In my opinion, therefore, August’s eclipses will mark a special point of acceleration of the ongoing shift. All the requirements for real change, including those out of sight in the human heart, will have been met.

I believe that in the weeks immediately surrounding the August eclipses, people will actually start making real decisions – the decisions that have been looming but not happening for so many months, will take place. At long last, there will be real movement, real change.

All the transitions within transitions will be complete. The Moon’s Nodes will be all the way off the Virgo/Pisces axis. They will be all the way onto the Leo/Aquarius axis. The endless transition will have been completed. We will finally be in the midst of new energies. And they will be in a position to allow changes. As they will have been for months. The stage will have been set for change.

Eclipses break connections between past, present and future. They trigger the heart’s final rejection of old patterns and its initial embrace of new patterns. Things will finally change because the heart will be ready to allow change.

Hence, I believe the August eclipses will break down the heart’s deepest attachments to the way things are, to the patterns that are currently in place and which support their existing relationships – these attachments will begin to finally give way, and the door to the old pathways will close and the door to new pathways will open.

The heart’s final abandonment of these old patterns and its embrace of new patterns will certainly not have been light or easy. But once this has happened, the floodgates of change will have opened. Change, as I said, will go from a trickle to a flood.

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