Recently, I made several posts in rapid succession because I felt there were some things people needed to know right away. In the time since, I got a strong urge to rewrite, condense and maybe clarify some of that material.

Before we begin, I think it is important to know that, according to esoteric lore, Leo is the sign in which Spirit turns the corner in the battle to subordinate matter to the uses of spirit. The shift from material to spiritual priorities has profound and revolutionary implications for us. And that shift will doubtless have dramatic and disruptive effects on the individual and collective levels.

We don’t normally think of Leo as a revolutionary sign. However, the shift from material priorities to spiritual priorities is a shift with profoundly revolutionary implications and effects.

So I do think the North Node’s transit of Leo holds the promise of deep change. Given the range of energies at work, some of that change might actually turn out to be quick, deep and gentle.

My interpretation of the North Node’s Leo ingress chart focused on a set of squares that show up conspicuously in the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress chart. This post basically takes a closer look at those squares.

The Moon’s North Node has been transiting Leo since May 9th, UT. It’s a big deal when the North Node changes signs because the North Node powerfully affects human motivation, and when the North Node changes signs, human motivation shifts powerfully and fundamentally.

To garner the support of the universe, people now need to be guided by the Leo North Node.

Now we all need to be asking ourselves, What would Leo do? With so many people looking at Leo for guidance, now, we can expect events to go in an increasingly Leo direction from this point forward. Accordingly, from this point on events will have an increasingly Leo twist. Let’s take a closer look at what it might mean to do what Leo would do.

When I look more closely at this chart, I see a year and a half of almost constant change. The world as we now know it is slipping into a state of flux.

Let’s follow some astrological bread crumbs.

Leo governs friendship and romance, i.e., matters of the heart, matters closely associated with the planet Venus.

One of the best ways to understand the influence of Venus in a chart is to cast a so-called Venus persona chart. To create a Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress, one basically progresses the Sun in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart to the position of Venus.

In the Venus persona chart, playful, seductive Venus and rebellious, assertive, unpredictable Uranus are conjunct prickly and highly combative Eris in martial Aries.
Uranus and Eris will trigger potentially violent, forced change. Venus will soften the potentially harsh, aggressive effects of Uranus and Eris, though. This highly subversive threesome makes a bundle of squares to a group of planets sprawled across the ascendant in the 1st and 12th houses.

This combination of influences is more changeful than it appears and in a better way than you might at first suppose.

Uranus contributes its disruptive and irresistibly transformative power. Eris contributes its characteristic rancor and resentment.

Venus will soften the often harsh impact of Uranus, sweeten the bitterness of Eris and in general dull the edge of anger when disturbing information is revealed and pent up negative energies are released. Venus is also a solvent, which will dissolve blocks and knots preventing access to these issues.

It will also help carry the energies of Uranus and Eris into wherever these issues are hidden in minds and hearts.

Let’s look at an example. I’m going to use the example of gender inequity in the home and in society.

The world is fraught with examples of power imbalances. I’m using this example only because it is familiar. This is just an example intended to illustrate my point.

I also know that the situation is complex and multifaceted. I have kept it simple, again, for the sake of illustration. Just think of it as a simple line drawing, or a stick figure, simple but recognizable and intended strictly as illustration.

Typically, for whatever reason, certain people enjoy a power advantage in their relations at home and elsewhere. This advantage is often abused in big and small ways. The flawed pattern behind the power imbalance within a family or other small group are is of a piece with a similar power imbalance in society.

Almost inevitably, both intentionally and unintentionally, in small ways and large, empowered people take advantage of this imbalance. It is just the way power imbalances work. Anyone who enjoys a power imbalance will eventually take advantage of it. IMO.
The continued cooperation of the overly empowered person is key to the survival of the group, though, so any abuses are tolerated. The problems with the underlying pattern are never addressed for fear of undermining this vital relationship. Participants are also concerned about what might happen if built up tensions are triggered if the pattern is disrupted.

Feelings between those involved in this relationship are complex and often difficult. There is often a lot of negative energy bound up in the relationship involved.

The fact that we keep these tensions secret makes vital relationships possible, relationships that make life as we know it possible. But these secrets also lock our lives and the world into their present imperfect form.

The power imbalance continues in place. The defective pattern is never healed. Tensions caused by any abuses of power continue to build up in the relationships.

There are almost continuous and reform efforts, some only partly successful, some futile. The will to correct they pattern and eliminate this power imbalance seems not really to be there.

Completely healing the pattern responsible might relieve the imbalance and alleviate the tensions. But they will also to free built up negative energies.

They would also need to create and impose a replacement pattern that created balanced relationships. But the change might also badly disrupt the groups affected. So people often tolerate the tensions and, in various ways, work to preserve the pattern.

The tensions caused by the defective pattern will be relieved, when the pattern is corrected. But once the status quo is upset, who knows what, if anything will replace it.

The situation might devolve into something worse. The tensions being released could easily act to prevent an acceptable reset.

There will still be a lot of unruly negative energy around to interfere with the establishment of a new status quo. Bitterness, covert power struggles, persistent bias, etc. could easily result.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris conjunction, however, seems perfectly designed to discover, reveal and release these secrets. I think we can easily see how the Uranus and Eris energy will provide some of what is needed to change these patterns.

What we really need in the energetic, alchemical mix is not just an energy break down and then fix the pattern. We need a way to soften and neutralize the accumulated tensions caused by the defective pattern so that we can safely reweave the threads of the pattern, to heal it. So that the tensions that accumulated around the pattern don’t hamper the healing work or prevent us from carefully completing the healing and generating a new, better pattern. And that’s what Venus provides here.

We want to heal the pattern. We don’t want it to blow up in our faces or, once disturbed, to settle into an even worse pattern.

We also tend to keep these tensions and our ideas about them secret. We keep these secrets bound up in mental and emotional knots that seem all but impossible to untie. Even the knots in which they are tied are hidden in invisible mental and emotional spaces that can be very hard to find and once found, all but impossible to enter.

We need an energy that can locate these secrets, enter these hidden and locked spaces and loosen the knots. And, in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart, Venus/Uranus/Eris provides that energy, abundantly.

One of the things watery Venus is, is a solvent, comparable in its power to Neptune. Venus, like the solvent it is, will find its way into the places where secret tensions are hidden. The disruptive Eris/Uranus energies will flood in behind the Venus energies.
Venus will find openings that allow the disruptive Eris/Uranus energies to slip through into the most tightly locked hiding spaces in our hearts and minds. It will widen these openings, flood into the secret spaces, and loosen the tightest of knots. Long secret thoughts and emotions will begin to flow into awareness. They will become vulnerable to the transformative powers of the Uranus/Eris energies.

The Uranus/Eris energies will break the hiding places down, blow open the spaces in which secrets are hidden and expose them to the world at large. They will come pouring out into public view.

We should think of Venus, then, as the solvent that can penetrate the narrowest of spaces, the lubricant that can loosen the tightest seeming knots.

We should think of the disruptive Uranus/Eris energies as energies that, once within, can blow these hiding places wide open and expose the most closely guarded secrets, putting important relationships at risk, if not destroy them outright.

These will cause eruptions between friends or partners and disruptions of key relationships on the micro level. These eruptions and disruptions will have widespread implications for the stability at the macro level.

But we should also think of Venus as the missing secret ingredient that will reduce the danger of a blow up and allow us to safely rework the powerful tensions bound up in the defective pattern into new, better patterns.

Each Individual Venus/Uranus/Eris square is potentially socially transformative. Combined, they almost guarantee fundamental social transformation. Together, these squares will produce quite a brew of upsetting stimuli, dramatically increasing the likelihood that there will be ‘scenes,’ that people will speak up and act out. Or that they will organize mass protests.

The range of bodies and points involved in these squares gives us an idea of the great range of things Venus will affect. Their placement on and around the ascendant, one of the angles, tried us that these effects will be both prominent and intense.

This Venus/Uranus/Eris conjunction makes squares to Pluto, Chariklo, Lilith, the Ascendant, Saturn, Mars, quaoar, Pholus, Vesta, Ixion, and the Galactic Center. These astrological points are spread through the 1st and12th houses. So we’re talking about a real thorough shake up here.

Let’s take a closer look to gain a clear sense of the nature and range of things that will be directly and powerfully affected by this bundle of Venus/Uranus/Eris squares:

Saturn and Pluto, combined, govern most sources of power and authority in society.

Venus/Uranus/Eris square Saturn and Pluto will cause alienation from authority. We are talking about smoldering tensions within government and between government and the governed.

These Venus/Uranus/Eris squares, combined the the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Ixion square make it likely that mistrust of and disaffection with authority of all kinds will grow. This could, in fact, have a generally destabilizing effect on society.

Venus/Uranus/Eris square Mars will stir passions generally. Something that is likely to intensify any tendency to dissatisfaction and unrest.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris square to Chariklo is the first indication that these squares will have profound psychological and spiritual effects. Chariklo governs our most intimate personal boundaries.

Perceived violation of these boundaries will proliferate and violations that never troubled us before will begin to bother us.

This square might raise tensions between would be romantic partners about boundaries. It might affect our relationships with healthcare professionals, who, in their work, frequently cross these intimate boundaries. It could be as simple as someone standing too close to you in line at a checkout counter.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Chariklo square will send ripples of disquiet through intimate relationships. These relationship tensions could overflow into visible social social tensions.

This square to Chariklo could also raise people’s sensitivity to issues surrounding passage of North Carolina’s bathroom bill. This highly controversial bill, now repealed, compelled transgender people to use restrooms appropriate to their biological gender.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris square to Pholus will raise awareness of and sensitivity to the unfair distribution of shared social resources. It will most likely rouse class resentments.

Quaoar governs the creation and maintenance of worldviews. The Venus/Uranus/Eris square to Quaoar will incline us to shift our worldviews in accordance with Venusian impulses.

We will actively strive to establish a worldview that more fully and completely accommodates love, or the preferences of the heart.

Vesta governs our devotion to our highest ideals. Vesta has a lot to do with symbolism. The Venus/Uranus/Eris to Vesta will detach us from high and firmly held ideals and loosen our ideological attachments. We get some idea of how this particular energy might work in recent developments over the effort to remove Confederate monuments from public places.

Ixion governs the morality and ethics of powerful political figures. Venus/Uranus/Eris square Ixion, will sensitize us to corruption and decadence in high places.

If, as many of us do, one believes that the Universe is an expression of Divine love then we must regard the Galactic center as a font of cosmic love.

The Galactic Center governs the flow and function of Divine Love into and through our world. The Venus/Uranus/Eris square to the Galactic Center will prompt efforts to raise our human ideas about love and how best to give it expression to higher, genuinely cosmic, Divine levels.

Finally, Lilith communicates between the mind/body and spirit/matter boundaries, for example, converting mental and/or spiritual disquiet into physical unrest, converting unconscious issues to conscious.

Lilith is also part of this grouping. It is within a few degrees of the Ascendant. Venus/Uranus/Eris will square Lilith also. This bundle of Venus/Uranus/Eris squares will cause any number of psychologically uncomfortable, spiritually disquieting and politically and economically, socially and culturally disruptive. Lilith’s placement all but guarantees that the often subtle kinds of disturbance caused by these Venus squares will reach consciousness and find expression in our lives.

Social tensions caused by the Venus/Uranus/Eris squares will literally ‘get under our skin’. They will make us visibly irritated. These irritations will manifest visibly. We will not be able to tolerate, control, conceal or suppress how much these imbalances and trespasses bother us.

It will be difficult, for example, to hide or simply ignore the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Pluto tensions (tensions related to authority figures) or the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Chariklo tensions, (tensions related to violations of our personal boundaries). We will definitely feel these tensions as uncomfortable and we will tend to express our irritation outwardly. We will become intolerant of stimuli or trespasses we would otherwise ignore.

In the next year and a half, waves of displeasure and irritation will ripple constantly through society. This will stir strong desire for change and translate into irrepressible tensions that force us to seek change.

The annoyance caused by power imbalances and hidden, adverse sexual and gender tensions of many kinds will bubble up out of our personal lives into our social environment as people cannot help but give voice to their rising irritation and annoyance.

There is abundant indication in this chart that these complex, many-layered tensions will manifest clearly and conspicuously in our outer lives. The unease is unlikely to remain hidden or private, spilling over into shared social spaces like the workplace.

As we have seen, several other things about this persona chart work strongly against such personal unease going unnoticed.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Vesta square will expose bias and hypocrisy in the expression of even our highest ideals. This will affect too many people too deeply for it to go unnoticed.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Ixion square will expose and make us sensitive to sexual immorality in our leaders.

Finally, Venus/Uranus/Eris will square the Galactic Center. If, as many of us do, one believes that the Universe is an expression of Divine love on a cosmic scale, then we must regard the Galactic center as a font of cosmic love.

Venus/Uranus/Eris square the Galactic Center will invite frequent comparisons and contrasts between our understanding of Divine Love and the way love is expressed, or not, in our global culture. This aspect, when combined with all the other other influences discussed in this report, bespeaks a global philosophical and religious crisis.

Shifting preferences, the desire for changes at this level of our relationships will translate into irrepressible tensions that will manifest as tensions between ourselves and our partners.

It will be difficult, for example, to hide or simply ignore the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Pluto tensions or the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Chariklo tensions. We will express our irritation outwardly. We will become intolerant of stimuli or trespasses we would otherwise ignore.

The annoyance caused by power imbalances and hidden, adverse sexual and gender tensions will bubble up and out into our social environment as people cannot help but give voice to their irritations and annoyance.

There is abundant indication in this chart that these tensions will manifest in our external lives. They are unlikely to remain hidden or remain private, spilling over into shared social spaces like the workplace. They will not remain as fleeting, barely and rarely perceived dramas in our private lives.

Several other things about this persona chart work strongly against their going unnoticed.
Outward shows of annoyance and irritation seem all the more likely because Venus, along with Eris and Uranus, also square the Ascendant.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Saturn and Venus/Uranus/Eris/Mars squares will, too, intensify and aggravate our irritation and annoyance. It will be all the more obvious and contribute significantly to the negativity in the air over underlying issues.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Quaoar square means that people will no longer be so bound by age old traditions governing the relationships between romantic partners and close partners generally.

Quaoar governs the creation and maintenance of worldviews. We will actively strive to establish a worldview that more fully and completely accommodates love, or the preferences of the heart and, thus the soul, which is love.

As I said at the beginning, when I look at this chart, I see a year and a half of almost constant change. The world as we know it is slipping into a state of flux.


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