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The energy of February builds on the complexity and disorder of January’s energy. Essentially, February adds two eclipses worth of difficulty to January’s astrological challenges, and then some.

I hasten to add that there is good news of a sort. February marks a peak moment.

February will indeed bring even more difficult energies, but these energies mark a turning point. A major, perhaps the major, contributor to the bad astrological news of January and February, and many recent previous months, going back more than a year, has been the conjunction of Neptune and the South Node in Pisces.

In recent posts, I have discussed the tremendous spiritual, moral and material confusion caused by the unfortunate and powerful alliance between Neptune and the South Node in Pisces. This adverse conjunction will break up in May as the South Node enters Aquarius.

And that’s the good news. The South Node’s deceptive allure will no longer be so powerfully augmented by Neptune. People will no longer be so powerfully drawn to South Node options – to fundamentally flawed solutions.

Also, February’s two eclipses will be the last before the South Node leaves Pisces. However, I must be honest. The improvements might be rather subtle until we are further along with the South Node’s transition into Aquarius. We might be talking more about a faint silver lining, about ‘not quite as bad’ energies, rather than an outright improvement. Let’s hope for a bigger and more noticeable improvement.

So as disruptive and disconcerting as they will be, we should not take February’s energies as a sign of troublesome astrological energies come to stay. We can expect significant shifts and a noticeable easing, even if some old challenges only moderate somewhat and others will only be replaced by new ones.

In this month’s post, though, we must set our hopes and concerns about the future aside and take the time to give February its due.

Dharma and the Moon’s Nodes

The standard advice with respect to the Moon’s Nodes is: adopt North Node solutions; avoid South Node solutions. The reason for this arises from the Moon’s Nodes and their role in the evolution of Dharma.

Dharma evolves. The North Node represents the leading edge of evolving Dharma, the world’s Dharma and the individual’s Dharma.

Following the North Node’s guidance will align us with current, up to the minute Dharma. Following this Dharma will lead us in paths the Universe actively and generously supports.

And vice versa. The South Node represents past Dharma, outdated Dharma. Following South Node guidance will lead us in paths the Universe no longer supports and, in fact, might now actively oppose.

Virgo vs. Pisces Archetypes

The North and South Nodes currently lie along the Virgo/Pisces axis. This polarity is very much about the pursuit of truth, truth that will work in our daily lives, especially in our economic and work lives – in distinctly Virgoan areas of our lives.

Hence, currently, Dharma is very much about the pursuit of practical, every day truth. We are most likely to secure the foundations of our material lives by utilizing Virgoan archetypal principles.

Simply stated, Virgo urges us into evidence- or fact-based, community-oriented approaches to the pursuit of solutions. The Universe will generously support solutions based on truths arrived by Virgoan means. Go out into the world as it is and see what it is asking of you.

Pisces urges attention to otherworldly ideas, abstract ideals, political ideologies, theologies, metaphysics and traditional religious and philosophical systems. With the South Node in Pisces, though, the Universe is unlikely to support solutions derived from Piscean forms of knowledge or by the application of Piscean modes of seeking knowledge.

The North Node has the Dharmic high ground. But the South Node has a strong natural appeal because it represents the familiar, the already known – the path of least resistance. Currently, as noted, the natural appeal of the South Node is powerfully augmented by Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.

In the interests of brevity, allow me to point out in passing that other, deeper aspects of February’s charts, aspects that I don’t have time to explore, augment the strongly subversive power of the Neptune/South Node conjunction.

We are currently being drawn powerfully to South Node or Piscean approaches to seeking truth and crafting solutions. In very difficult times, amid proliferating, increasingly serious challenges, an unusually strong South Node is drawing us strongly toward decisions the Universe will not support.

Manifesting Willy Nilly

As noted, February’s aspects resemble those of many recent months. But February’s version of these aspects is especially difficult. They will make it even more difficult to navigate the pitfalls and avoid the consequences of imperfect choices.

Some of February’s difficulties will, of course, arise directly from the Neptune/South Node conjunction in Pisces discussed above. But these difficulties will be seriously compounded by other factors. It will be like walking a tightrope while someone vigorously shakes the cable you’re balanced on.

As a way of understanding February’s energies, let us sample them. Let’s consider February’s Full Moon chart.

~ February 11, 2017 – Full Moon in LeoLunar Eclipse Feb.11, 2017

This chart includes a composite structure that makes manifestation virtually inevitable. Consider its component parts.

The structure in question contains numerous sextiles and trines. Combined in the way they are in this chart, they strongly support manifestation. However, this structure also includes challenging aspects. These include a T-square, isolated squares, semi-squares, and sesqui-squares.

These squares and square-like aspects tend to force action upon us. Resolving the tensions and conflicts created by squares and minor square-like aspects requires ingredients not ready to hand. They often represent necessary but missing, not readily available resources.

Squares and square-like aspects often demand innovation, improvisation and compromise. They might require us to create ingredients from scratch. Typically, too, they require that we find common ground between conflicting positions. Much of what they require can take years of concerted effort to bring into being.

In other words, these aspects motivate us to manifest in order to provide what is missing and to do so in a broader context that makes manifestation risky because of the strong South Node influence.

Finally, this structure includes a Yod.

We can envision stalemates where, despite the available resources and the motivation, manifestation does not occur. However, the Yod introduces a gentle but deep instability. It’s influence is irresistible and will override all inertia.

The Yod will inject a strongly sensed need to seek balance, often beyond the point of reason. It virtually eliminates the likelihood of stalemate and makes manifestation all but inevitable. Yods often show up in our affairs as negotiations. Expect to see prolonged, protracted negotiations.

Interestingly, Chiron occupies the apex of the Yod. A Jupiter/Moon sextile forms its base. It looks like healthcare will be a pivotal issue in February and beyond.

But there’s more.

February’s Full Moon Dispositor Chart

The dispositor chart for February’s Full Moon points away from both easy resolution and stalemate. It ensures that we use our powers of manifestation despite the risks posed by the heightened influence of the South Node.

It is tempting to see Mars and Neptune as competing for dominance in the dispositor chart. In reality, these dispositor charts are similar to those recent charts, which are dominated exclusively or primarily by Neptune and its conjunction with the South Node in Pisces.

In fact, Mars and Neptune are in semi-sextile relationship. A semi-sextile is a kind of ‘harmonious conjunction.’ It is a conjunction without the potentially explosive turbulence that results from a direct conjunction of two planetary influences. Effectively, the Mars/Neptune semi-sextile augments and imposes the power of Neptune’s conjunction with the South Node.

Additionally, the Mars/Neptune dynamic tends to ‘vaporize’ or ‘atomize’ and overheat issues, reducing them to ever more basic and agitated elements. Under this Mars/Neptune influence, February’s issues will tend to fragment, multiply, becoming ever more confused and overheated.

That will make it all the more difficult to either avoid the process of manifestation or to manage manifestation with the required discipline and discernment. A lot of things could get out of control very quickly.

In sum, February’s energies, like the energies of other recent months, won’t let us stand still. They will drive action despite the very deep pitfalls of current conditions. They will do so in a setting that, despite the need for caution and deliberate action, strongly supports – drives – manifestation. And they powerfully favor South Node choices: i.e., errors, wrong turns and misguided actions of a kind that is in keeping with a Pisces South Node.

They force us to move ahead even though we are without a clear idea of our goal and without a clear path, and in an energetic context that maximizes the possibility of serious error. People will be funneled willy nilly into manifestation that in many cases – not all – will follow flawed, South Node lines.

But there’s still more.

February’s Full Moon chart is also an eclipse chart.

To everything listed above we must add the effects of a total lunar eclipse. The effects of this eclipse will be compounded by a companion eclipse, a total annular eclipse of the Sun at the New Moon on February 26, UT.

~ February 11, 2017, Total Penumbral Eclipse of the Full Moon (comparatively rare) in Leo, 00:33 am UT

Eclipses mark the culmination of seen and unseen processes. Events that have been leading to a crisis, or a breaking point, tend to occur around the time of eclipses. These can be in any area of our individual and/or collective lives – in romance, work, finances and health, and so on. Perhaps in more than one of these areas.

They can be of a negative or positive nature. In some cases, they bring rewards for striving. In other cases, they bring penalties for neglect or persistent error. They can involve natural or man made phenomena. They can be private or governmental. They can, in fact, involve any aspect or facet of our reality.

Eclipses, then, tend to be pivotal points in our individual and collective lives, for better or for worse. Our life pathways meet, intersect, diverge and branch in unforeseen and unexpected ways.

Hence, in addition to the highly disruptive, change inducing, transformative effects of its energies, February’s eclipses will bring a tsunami of beginnings and endings with their literally countless side effects, and unintended consequences. There will be myriad changes of direction.

Finally, in closing, I present a few of February’s other notable aspects.

~ Jupiter stationary/retrograde, February 6, UT

~ Mars square Pluto, February 22, UT

~ Mars conjunct Uranus, February 27, UT

~ Mars opposite Jupiter retrograde, February 27, UT

With the possible exception of the Jupiter retrograde and Mars/Jupiter opposition, these are disruptive, maybe explosively disruptive, aspects. The Jupiter retrograde and the Mars/Jupiter opposition, suggests adverse economic events.

If I were pushed to present a single metaphor for February’s energies I would describe it as an astrological black hole. It will consume all the patterns around it. It will crush them into the raw material of societal creation that can and will be reshaped into a form we can as yet only guess at. It will twist timelines and skew causal sequences beyond all recognition.

The best defense against these vibes would be cautious. deliberate and firm action. The worst thing we can do is to rush into action based on hasty decisions or to just cave in to bad ideas. And yet with aspects like these, it will be hard for many to avoid hasty, insufficiently considered actions.

In so many words, February’s Full Moon chart, like other charts from this period of time, powerfully generates the very opposite of positive synchronicity. It is best to view these energies as severe tests of our patience and discernment.

These charts also seem designed to ensure that we make our worst mistakes now, at the beginning. After this, there will be no place to go but up. Conditions will improve at least marginally when the South Node enters Aquarius, leaving Neptune behind in Pisces.

That placement will lead on to its own set of challenges, but these challenges and the conditions under which we must address them are likely to be noticeably measurably less treacherous, if only modestly so.


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