August 2017

August 2017 – Grinding Wheel

Like many of you, I have been waiting out August’s eclipses. With the energies as intense as they are, it is difficult to put Monday’s eclipse out of my mind. At the same time, over the last few months, as I pondered the world’s immediate future, an image has come to mind repeatedly.

The meaning and likely effects of this eclipse are numerous and complex and they would be difficult to put into words. During my own efforts to fathom the meaning of this eclipse, a complicated image with a complex meaning kept arising in my mind’s eye.

I think this image holds the key to understanding the solar eclipse. I am going to try to do justice to the meaning of this image in this post. The very idea of doing this image justice is daunting, so I have decided to just wade in.

I’m going to do as good a version of it as I can and post it. I apologize in advance for the imperfections in this piece. I had to either post it as is or forget about it and I don’t want to forget about it.

We clearly need new ways of doing things in society. Existing global social patterns – the patterns that typically determine how events unfold in society – these patterns are heavily tainted by patriarchy, hierarchy, sexism, racism, authoritarianism, oligarchy, and all manner of inequality, injustice, unfairness and imbalance – all of the toxic -isms and tyrannies that plagued global society during the Piscean Age and before. And still do.

Just as obviously though, people are fed up with these far too familiar varieties of injustice and unfairness. They are sick of the fact that they persist, stubbornly, despite repeated, continuing efforts to eliminate them. They survive all efforts at reform.

Our patience is at an end. Many seem ready to act definitively to bring about genuine and lasting change. As a practical matter, realistically, this would mean completely replacing a great many structures and patterns. Perhaps this will mean questioning and ultimately replacing the vast majority of patterns and structures presently in collective consciousness.

In effect, ensuring that real change takes place, to keep society functioning, we will need to destroy and replace a great many extraordinarily complex and vital social patterns and structures. And we will have to do it very carefully.

Typically, new social structures are fashioned from old social structures, new patterns are derived from old patterns. The concern is that the global social structures of the Aquarian age will be fashioned from old, recycled (Piscean) forms and the moral injustices of the Piscean Age will be carried forward into the Aquarian Age, despite our best efforts.

As a result, the new, Aquarian forms could easily be heavily tainted by the same imperfections that so badly spoil the social structures and patterns of the Piscean Age – effectively perpetuating the evils we are currently fighting and have been fighting, in one form or another, to one degree or another, for hundreds of years.

By incorporating the defective patterns and structures of the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, we would just end up carrying the evils of the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. And, right now, a great many people simply do not want to do that. And that is where I think this vision that I keep having comes into the picture.

So, imagine the collective unconscious as a broad and deep reservoir piled high with the fragmentary, misshapen remnants of old (Piscean), social structures and patterns – the structures and patterns that determined way things were done in society during the Piscean Age. The goal, now, is to create new patterns and structures completely unaffected by the old, Piscean patterns and structures – free of their innumerable imperfections, with their cruelties and injustices.

The best way to insure this is to grind all of the broken, misshapen fragments of the old patterns and structures into the finest powder, a powder so fine it couldn’t possibly retain even the slightest trace of its former shape, with all its imperfections. We will need to obliterate them to safely create truly new ones. And that is what I see happening astrologically.

For the last couple of years and more we’ve been experiencing enough astrological pressure to reveal, expose and grind existing patterns and structures into just such a powder. I’m thinking, for example, of the Moon’s Nodes transiting the Virgo/Pisces axis.

We endured a lengthy Uranus/Pluto square. We have also experienced a protracted T-Square in mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). The Moon’s Nodes are now transiting the Leo/Aquarius axis.

We are now experiencing August’s two eclipses. And we are working slowly, but inexorably toward a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, coming up in 2020. Doubtless the astrological work of exposing, releasing and obliterating these defective patterns will continue into the indefinite future.

We have essentially been witnessing the breakup of what I have called ‘The Oligarchic Alignment.’ Beginning in the early 1970s, the three outer planets all lined up in the last six signs of the Zodiac – in Libra thru Pisces.

These signs govern the affairs of wealthy, powerful, figures in society – the 1%. In effect, from the early 1970s until the end of the first decade of this century, there was an intense concentration of planetary power in the houses that govern the 1%.

During these decades, beginning in the early 1970s and extending through roughly 2010 when the alignment began breaking up, the 1% enjoyed overwhelming planetary support. Social, economic, political and cultural power built up massively in the hands of the 1%. In 2010, Uranus moved into Aries, initiating the breakup of the oligarchic alignment.

Basically, in my opinion, the various power structures and strategies built up during the Piscean Age reached their peak of influence during the oligarchic alignment. That would include, of course, all of the injustices, imbalances and inequities that marked the Piscean Age. It is these ancient unjust patterns that we are fighting today. I think the oligarchic alignment marked the climax of the Piscean Age.

The numerous subtle and complex aspects we have been experiencing since 2010 have worked to dismantle the structures and patterns and that came to dominate – that reached the peak of their influence – during the oligarchic alignment and, before that, during the Piscean Age.

These aspects and transits, occurring since 2010, have helped immensely with exposing, releasing and grinding down these ancient imperfect patterns and structures. After the work of these aspects and transits, it is far less likely that we will simply rebuild our social structures from the defective patterns of previous centuries.

With all the old patterns and structures lying in very tiny pieces, the leftover traces of old patterns and structures are being obliterated. We need not fear old distortions creeping back into our newly created patterns and structures.

It isn’t just that these pieces are being reduced to such a fine powder in the recycling process. The pains and discomforts of the distortions caused by the defective patterns are now very fresh in our minds, also. So is the defective reasoning social, cultural, economic and political thinking embodied in these patterns.

With all this still clear in our minds, it will be very difficult to quickly, mindlessly, install old, defective patterns where we need new ones or to allow others to do it. The old patterns will simply not be available. Also, building new patterns from such finely ground material, will require that we very carefully re-examine, rethink, re-solve the issues involved. We can’t just toss something together and plug it in.

Painful memories will dramatically lessen our willingness to let old patterns be reasserted. These memories will strongly motivate us to resist efforts to re-impose and motivate us to develop and implement better ones. It will increase our determination to resist the reimposition of these old, unfair, imbalanced, unjust patterns. We will take extra pains to avoid the faulty reasoning behind these ancient, defective patterns.

That will take a LOT of time and effort. The issues will have to be analyzed thoroughly. New, replacement patterns will have to be slowly and carefully – painstakingly constructed, from scratch. Each new pattern will have to be very carefully examined and tested for the old flaws.

We should not expect a sudden, rapid swing of the cultural, social, economic or political pendulum. In the 20th century, for example, we got used to dramatic shifts between polar opposites. Democracy/Totalitarianism, Wealth/Poverty, Progressive/Conservative, Democratic/Republican, etc., etc. After this eclipse, we must be prepared for a lengthy, detailed, painstaking discussion.

It will also take a quality and depth of dialogue and discussion of which few are presently capable. The public will have to train itself to carry on discussions and dialogs at this new level. We’re talking about a lengthy process indeed.

Perhaps the best way to think about the meaning of this solar eclipse is with reference to the esoteric meaning of Leo. Leo governs the process by which the impulses of the ego are aligned with, or supplanted by, the impulses of the higher self.

We should think of the patterns and structures coming out of the Piscean Age as the impulses of the ego, and the patterns and structures we are planning to create as the patterns and structures of the Aquarian Age. The total solar eclipse of August 21, then, is about aligning the structures and patterns of global society with the values embodied by the higher self.

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