I wrote some stuff about August’s eclipses back in March. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then and I think it’s time for another look at those eclipses.

This time I based my reading on a composite chart for the two eclipses in August 2017. (Full Moon, August 7, Lunar eclipse plus New Moon, August 21, solar eclipse).

I have used this kind of composite chart a great deal in the past with great success. The thing that appeals most to me about such charts is that they give us a more concise and balanced assessment of the month.

For example, one of the charts might raise decidedly negative expectations. The other chart might raise positive expectations. Or vice versa. The composite chart averages out the negatives and the positives, it averages out the ups and downs, so we get a more balanced, smoother sense of how things might go a clearer sense of the overall trajectory.

In at least one important respect, the composite chart for August’s two eclipses reminds me of the Jupiter persona chart I cast for Jupiter’s return to direct motion on May 9th.

On one level, Jupiter’s change of direction seemed like something that would produce a quick, helpful, positive shift in the energies. Instead it appears to be ushering in a long slow, painstakingly gradual, phase of deep, multi-level, multi-faceted healing.

The composite chart for August’s eclipses does something similar. On the surface, with a set of eclipses involved, we’d be expecting the more or less abrupt end of an old phase, or cycle, and the beginning of a new one.

That’s what eclipses generally do bring us. But these eclipses will almost certainly not bring us a quick ending to one phase and a quick beginning to another. It almost certainly brings a protracted period of unusually complex, multi-leveled, multi-faceted and decidedly transformative change.

The composite chart is, in fact, very much a transformational caldron with numerous crisscrossing positive and negative aspects. On the face of it, it might seem like transformational energies zinging around willy-nilly, even a little chaotically. But there is a method visible in it.

Examined more closely, it is clear that the numerous, seemingly random, crisscrossing aspects actually form three tightly focused structures: a Yod and two Kites.

These three structures promise a focused, determined, multi-pronged effort to break through remaining barriers to agreement in key political and economic realms. They also point to widespread and concerted efforts to break through stubborn blocks to personal spiritual growth, and, in effect, blocks to political and economic progress. The breakdown of these stubborn blocks will trigger a thoroughgoing transformation of the status quo.

It does seem clear that we are living in transformational times. Just as clearly, though, the transformational process appears blocked. We need to remember that sometimes transformation requires overcoming rather stubborn obstacles. And overcoming stubborn blocks often brings disruption.

Indeed, this chart seems especially designed to get us past stubborn obstacles and to produce disruption, perhaps even prolonged and thoroughgoing disruption. Individually, Kites and Yods are both particularly well-suited to working through – drilling through – stubborn obstacles. The combination of Yod and two Kites in this composite chart make of the chart a very formidable force for the overcoming of obstacles.

The Yod is a dynamic, triangular structure that repeatedly calls our attention to a single issue. It is not unlike a diamond drill, designed for penetrating exceptionally hard materials.

A Yod, is a powerful influence generally. But this one is especially so.

The aspects are close. And the planets are slow-moving enough to exert a strong influence over a period of time. The planets involved – Neptune, Pluto and Mars – are all powerful planets. (More details below.)

The legs of a Yod are formed by two inconjuncts, or quincunxes. These aspects power the Yod with perpetual, obsessive, see-saw motion.

Under the influence of a Yod, we tend to go over and over the same issues because the two quincunxes make it almost impossible to achieve a satisfying resolution.

We can never be satisfied with our conclusions. There always seems to be one more argument, one more option to explore, one more point to negotiate. The outcome will be to break through the limits of our previous understanding.

This is true in the individual and collective levels in a global scale.

As I pointed out before, from an esoteric perspective, the North Node transit of Leo is about aligning our lower, personality self with our higher self. Such alignments are essentially about upward shifts in consciousness.

So this chart – the composite chart for August’s eclipses – is about penetrating particularly difficult and stubborn obstacles to successful upward shifts in consciousness.

More specifically, they are about achieving significant upgrades in the relationship between our personality and our soul. Here we should be thinking about the Ascension process, or what used to be understood in terms of “initiation”.

If you hit an especially stubborn block in your efforts to accomplish this personal spiritual upgrade, progress can come to a halt. Getting past such blocks can be an arduous, disruptive and prolonged process. Judging by this chart, the planets appear to be making a big push to get us past some particularly stubborn blocks.

This Yod will indeed exert continuing pressure on us and provide abundant opportunity to break down stubborn blocks to spiritual growth. My take is that we are being provided with what it will take to work through particularly stubborn blocks. These would be blocks left over from the recent transit of the Virgo/Pisces axis by the Moon’s nodes.

The Yod often manifests as a pronounced mental preoccupation. It could indicate a spiritual or psychological obsession.

Although, this Yod is unlikely to trigger a head-on approach to breaking through a block. It is more likely to bring a greater understanding of the issues causing the blocks and the benefits, the means, and the urgency of breaking through them. The effects of the Yod could also prove to be the power behind a protracted ideological confrontation.

The energies involved in this Yod suggest to me an effort to reconcile blocks arising from a snarl of conflicting political, economic, spiritual, and ideological factors rooted deep in our collective consciousness. Resolving such issues can produce chaos in our Inner and outer lives, individually and collectively, locally and globally.

Composite chart for August’s eclipses with the Yod, two Kites and the North Node clearly marked out.

Plus Two Kites

There are also two well-formed Kites in this composite chart. A Kite is formed by a grand trine that is capped by a small triangle. An astrological Kite looks just like a child’s kite.

A Kite focuses interest and motivates efforts around a definite goal, often a complex, elaborate goal that can take several years to achieve.

The considerable energy and coordination of a Kite, like the energy of a Yod, has a focus.

With Kites, the focus is determined by the axis that runs from the apex of the small triangle to the apex of the grand trine. It forms the spine of the Kite. The Kite’s energy turns on this axis and is expended on the purpose indicated by that focus.

In many important respects, a Yod is an internal mental and emotional phenomenon. It works primarily on thought and emotion.

The Kite, by contrast catches up our entire existence. The inner and outer parts of our life are deconstructed, swept into a blender-like process and reconstructed anew, made to form an entirely different kind of life. The Kite is generally more thoroughgoing and dramatic than the Yod in its outward effects.

The potent and complex energies of a Kite break down a life into its raw ingredients and uses them to build a whole new life. A Kite makes of us a different kind of person. It changes our social and economic status. It makes of our livelihood a different kind of livelihood. These kites will have the same effect on the collective and individual levels, the local and global levels.

The Kite’s dynamic strongly affects both inward and outward aspects of our lives, including our whole social context – family, friends, work associates. It affects our possessions, and our accumulated financial and material resources.

I have spoken in terms of an individual life, but the dynamic would be the same on the collective level as it is on the individual. So this chart is really about thoroughgoing social transformation. Since the chart applies globally, we’re looking at deep social transformation on a global level.

The Kite is, in some respects, like a tornado, or several tornadoes. Although it is by no means as recklessly and mindlessly chaotic as a line of tornadoes.

A Kite purposely picks up our lives in one place, in one shape and, over time, takes our lives apart, puts our lives back down in a different place and puts them back together in a different form – more or less systematically.

The Kite is generally about the working out of a long-term purpose that we choose. Generally speaking, our intentions and our conscious choices are required to make the Kite work. Our efforts make a crucial difference in the working out of the Kite’s energies.

Typically, the Kite coordinates and synchronizes our affairs. As the transformative process proceeds, resources and opportunities arrive in a timely manner. The Kite provides whatever resources are needed to fulfill any challenges related to the working out of the Kite’s purpose.

A Kite might motivate and enable a sweeping reconstruction of our lives of the kind that might occur as we pursue a major life goal. For example, we might want to leave our job to pursue a college degree or advanced professional credentials. Such a time in our lives might be governed by a Kite. That’s the work of a single Kite. But in this chart we have two Kites – and a Yod.

A Yod indicates a longstanding emotional or mental preoccupation. A single Kite suggests the complete and rapid reordering of material circumstances. It would be like someone who interrupted their career and re-ordered their life so they could pursue a college degree. A Yod plus two Kites suggests a small group of buildings hit simultaneously by three or simultaneously by several funnel clouds.

Possible overall meaning of the Eclipse Composite chart

This chart’s energy is very, very complex, almost beyond the power of words to express. It would be unusually difficult to do it justice in a single post at this point in my own understanding. Let the following stand as a preliminary, tentative effort to understand these energies.


Composite chart for August’s eclipses with the Yod, two Kites and the North Node clearly marked out.

The Yod

Yod – Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn form the base of the Yod. Mars in Leo forms its apex. Sun and North Node are also in Leo, close enough to be caught up in the Yod’s driving, obsessive, energy.

The North Node will contribute a powerful moral and spiritual resonance to our thinking. The Sun will make the goal of the Yod more prominent in our collective consciousness.

I have said that the esoteric function of Leo is to align our personality with our higher self. Consciously or unconsciously, this Yod focuses our mind, or directs our attention, to aligning our personality with our higher self – individually and collectively on a global scale.
So we see that Pluto and Neptune, representing mundane and sacred, spiritual or religious power, are feeding their impressive and transformative energies into the Yod process.

And what is the Yod about specifically?

Increasingly, people will understand world events and global challenges in terms of individual and collective spiritual growth. We will become increasingly aware that overcoming today’s challenges is and can only be a matter of seeking spiritual uplift and spiritual advancement on an individual and collective, or mass, scale. In brief, many more people will come to understand today’s challenges in spiritual terms, generally, and their own spirituality in particular.

As a result of this Yod, then, we should see an increasingly open, conscious, explicit emphasis on the manifestly spiritual process of aligning our lives with the purpose, goals, methods and activities of our Higher Self.

This increasingly overt emphasis on spirituality will most likely manifest in a range of ways, from an increase in more or less conventional spiritual activity to religious fanaticism. In other words, as with most other things, we are likely to see both love-based and fear-based responses to the Yod’s energies.

Thus, the structure of the Yod points to a vigorous, lengthy, in depth rethinking of our political and economic goals on the individual, collective, local and global levels. We will feel pushed to bring our social, economic and political values more into line with the more humane values held by our Higher Selves.

But there’s more.

North Node in Leo

Also, it must be kept in mind that the North Node tells us about what we should be doing in response to challenges. With the North Node in Leo we are all being instructed, in all cases, in all matters, in all circumstances, to take the playful, loving, heartfelt, love-based approach typical of Leo. In esoteric terms, North Node Leo is telling us all to respond to all challenges by aligning our personality responses more completely with the responses preferred by our Higher Self.

The North Node always has a very strong influence. However, its closeness to the apex of this Yod will dramatically increase its influence in this chart. In sum, we should all feel an especially strong impulse to align our thought, speech and behavior to with the the inclinations of our Higher Self.

The Yod + Two Kites

The two Kites virtually guarantee that the process outline by the Yod will not be a strictly internal, subjective process. Not at all! That becomes abundantly apparent when we consider the likely effects of the two Kites.

Kite Number One – a broad Jupiter in Libra/Uranus in Aries opposition defines the axis, and the function of the Kite. The axis of this Kite is also marked by a Jupiter/Eris opposition.

This broad Uranus/Jupiter opposition suggests a somewhat gentle but still transformative re-sorting of financial and political priorities to align more fully with the values of our Higher Self. The Jupiter/Eris opposition indicates a willingness to fight for these values.

Kite Number Tworetrograde Pluto in Capricorn is fairly closely opposed to Ceres and Venus in Cancer.

This further suggests a shakeup in political and economic loyalties. The emphasis on Cancer suggests a concern with the care and feeding of family and loved ones. And the priorities of the masses.

The eclipses indicate that these changes will be foundational and irreversible. We are approaching a new starting point in world thinking about political and economic power and the sharing of basic resources.

The breadth, depth and variety of changes likely to be triggered by this chart also indicate a shakeup so thorough and complex that it is highly unlikely to be reversed.

On the face of it, then, we are talking about a series of two eclipses in Leo that will point strongly and clearly to a turning point in global history. In this post, I have only been able to say a fraction of what can and should be said about August’s eclipses.

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