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Recently, I’ve spent a great deal of time writing about Neptune. Neptune governs the content of the mass mind. That is Neptune governs the growth and maintenance of our worldviews.

We are dealing here with a lot of things it is difficult to neatly define. But I’ll give it a try.

As is so often the case, we can understand this aspect of Neptune’s function with reference to very basic house and sign relationships. The ninth house represents our highest ideals. It has an innate relationship with Sagittarius and Jupiter.

The ninth house is intrinsically related to Sagittarius and Jupiter. Of course, each Sign’s ninth house is occupied by a different Sign. For example, the ninth house of Taurus is Capricorn, the ninth house of Gemini is Aquarius, and so on and so forth.

Mass consciousness is governed by the sign of Cancer. Hence, Cancer governs worldviews. Cancer’s ninth house is Pisces. And, finally, Neptune rules Pisces.

Essentially, the ninth house represents those ideals to which we aspire and the principles to the fulfillment of which we are especially devoted. These ideals and principles can be expressed in philosophical, spiritual and/or religious terms.

The ninth house also governs the intellectual resources and skills by which we define and refine these ideals and principles. It governs reason. Expansive Neptune, the fuzziest of fuzzy planets, is intrinsically related to fussy, detail-oriented little Mercury.

Mass consciousness, then, is governed by the sign of Cancer. Cancer would, by extension, govern worldviews. Cancer’s ninth house is Pisces. Finally, then, Neptune rules Pisces.

Hence, Pisces and its ruler Neptune govern the ideals that inform and guide mass consciousness and worldviews.

Our worldviews, or belief systems, provide a framework for our lives. They strongly influence individual and collective, political and economic thought and action.

Keeping Our Worldviews Healthy

The close association between Neptune, the health of our worldviews and the health of our societies, renders Neptune an especially important astrological influence. In recent posts, I have discussed things that attest to Neptune’s power in this regard. For example, there are the effects of what I have called the mutable T-Square.

This T-square involves Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. It dramatically increased our sensitivity to untruth and our concern about the negative effects untruth plays in our lives. The mutable T-square gave us an understanding of the destructive role of “fake news” and “alternative facts.”

I also looked at Neptune’s adverse relationship with the North and South Nodes, by augmenting the treacherous appeal of the South Node, and diluting the appeal of the North Node. In this way, Neptune seriously complicated our efforts at every level, in every area, individually and collectively, to align ourselves with world Dharma, i.e., to find a path through life that the Universe would support.

Things to Come

This month, I want to look at the bigger Neptune picture. Specifically, I’d like to discuss some very basic but surprisingly revealing facts about Neptune’s current placement.

Based on the fact that Neptune is at the beginning of a complete cycle of the Zodiac, we can say that we are at a very early point in a grand and turbulent transformative process.

In a couple of hundred years, by the time Neptune completes its transit of the Zodiac, the world will look as different from today’s world, as today’s world looks from the Renaissance and Enlightenment worlds out of which it emerged. And this transformation will be as tumultuous as the birth of the modern world.

Demolition Neptune Style

Neptune is a very paradoxical influence. It is associated with deception in the popular mind. But historically, its emergence is associated with a growing reliance on reason and science.

When Neptune’s seductive, deceptive light shines on or through something, it invites, indeed, inspires utmost scrutiny. Neptune’s bewitching light turns what it affects into an object of utmost fascination.

When speaking of the mass mind, we are talking about ideas. At Neptune’s bidding, we break each idea, or each idea or feeling, down to its tiniest parts and examine each part from every angle. Until our fascination is exhausted.

This process will systematically expose all of its imperfections and ultimately also reveal its solid, truly valuable bits. In our mind’s eye, at least, it will no longer look anything like it did originally.

As Neptune moves slowly but inexorably through the Zodiac, its relentlessly enchanting light will shine successively on each assumption in our worldview and, in the course of events, attract exhaustive scrutiny. Each assumption will be examined exhaustively. It will effectively be reduced to its parts and each part held up and scrutinized from every conceivable angle, to expose all of its flaws and strengths.

The foundations of our world are ideas in the mass mind. As Neptune moves through the Zodiac, it will inspire systematic re-examination of every idea in the mass mind, revealing their flaws and setting them up for change or replacement.

In this way, Neptune will erode the foundations of the unjust practices based on these flawed ideas, strengthen institutions based on sound ideas and lay the foundations for new, more just institutions. As the flaws in the ideas underlying these institutions are revealed, their foundations in the mass mind will turn to sand and they will ultimately collapse.

Neptune – from Illusion to Reason

Neptune tried to enter public awareness long before its official discovery. However, Neptune’s influence would have been increasingly apparent in the centuries before its official discovery.

Neptune was officially discovered on September 23, 1846. However, Neptune was nearly discovered in 1612/13 by Galileo.

Galileo mistook Neptune for a fixed star, but that is not surprising. Neptune moves slowly. Also it was virtually stationary when Galileo first spotted it. Neptune’s influence becomes increasingly apparent throughout that era.

If we think of Neptune as the mass mind’s chief groundskeeper and landscape gardener, we should not be surprised to hear about examples of Neptunian efforts to re-landscape the mass mind before 1846. In fact, we do increasingly find people thinking critically about prevailing worldviews, religious and otherwise.

It was becoming and would remain a popular preoccupation among scholars.

In any case, Neptune’s discovery correlated with the emergence of our awareness of worldviews and their pervasive and crucial role in our lives. It also motivated us to, well, rectify, these worldviews – to align our worldviews with reality.

A healthy society requires a healthy worldview and Neptune helps us keep our worldviews healthy. As Neptune transits the Zodiac, it both motivates and enables us to rectify ideas associated with the area of our worldview governed by the sign Neptune is transiting.

Thus, Neptune systematically audits and edits our worldviews, or what often amounts to the same thing, the contents of the mass mind.

Excavating and Dredging Timelines

The contents of the mass mind have been accumulating and evolving for roughly 6000 years. Had Neptune been directly affecting mass consciousness for all of those centuries, we would have updated and refined our worldview periodically as Neptune transited the Zodiac over the last six thousand years or so.

Ideally, under the sustained and benevolent influence of Neptune, we should, by now, have developed worldviews that provide a fair, just and gracious solution to every life situation.

As time passed, Neptune’s process would have culled all illogic, immorality and illusion from our worldview. Cruelty and exploitation would long ago have become things of the past. The last two centuries would likely have been more peaceful.

For millennia, our worldviews have grown without the benefit of Neptune’s careful pruning. By the time Neptune did finally became active, illogic and illusion had been breeding undisturbed in the mass mind for 6000 years.

Shifting Karmic Plates

To the extent that ideas are simply Illogical and illusory they might generate controversy and debate. However, these flawed ideas also mark the location of potential economic and political power struggles. There will always be those vested interests who resist changes because they profit from the flaws in such ideas. They will act to protect and preserve those flaws.

These deeply flawed ideas might also mark pockets of intense negative energies, like guilt, resentment and outright hatred on an individual or a collective level which could easily lead to an explosive release.

All of which underlines the importance of Neptune’s timely editing and auditing work. The more quickly flawed worldviews are corrected, the less chance of harm being done, the less chance people will come to depend on these flaws, or of an explosive build up.

Neptune’s Workload

While Neptune was being discovered, then, it was gradually taking up its responsibilities as ruler of Pisces and the duties associated with Cancer’s 9th house. It was gradually assuming its proper and vital responsibilities in the creation and maintenance of our worldviews.

But it was also releasing tensions on numerous levels that might have been building up for centuries, or in some cases, millennia. Neptune’s influence began affecting world consciousness only very late in the game, then.

Before its discovery, Neptune would have been a background influence. Our worldviews would have grown haphazardly, largely without the benefit of Neptune’s support and supervision.

Our worldviews also enshrined all manner of error and abuse: sexism, racism, ageism, slavery, torture and cruel and unusual punishments and every manner of injustice, inequity, intolerance, prejudice and exploitation.

Indeed, for something like six thousand years, the mass mind has been recklessly incubating worldviews shot through with toxic ideas. The result has been a world rife with cruelty, exploitation and slaughter and strife waiting to happen as consciousness touched upon them.

Our history is riven with war, dominated by political and economic oppression. It is frequently marred by famine, plague and so on and so forth.

Worse, these unregenerate worldviews nurtured a world leadership class – a governing class – with a strong vested interest in toxicity, shadow, and darkness. The effort to correct one nation’s worldviews could trigger international conflict.

Neptune Jump Starts a Retroactive Spring Cleaning

At its official discovery, Neptune effectively jump started the vital process of rectifying the content of mass consciousness.

In 1846, as Neptune was officially coming on line, it was jump starting the delicate, potentially explosive process of proofreading the world’s worldviews. Two years later, in February 1848, Neptune began a new, transit of the entire Zodiac.

So, too began the first audit of human worldviews in the 6000 years of our recorded history. Rigorous standards of reason and morality were brought to bear on parts of the murky and expansive cloud of ideas that govern our affairs, some of which dated back 6000 years or more. Slavery famously arose as an issue.

It takes Neptune 165 years to transit the entire Zodiac. In the course of of our 6000 year history, Neptune should have made roughly 36 complete circuits of the Zodiac, editing and re-editing the contents of the mass mind 36 times. But, in all of those years, Neptune has edited the mass mind only once, and that was very late in the game.

Neptune began a new transit of the Zodiac in 2011/12, only the second such complete transit in human history. The first transit, which began around the time of the US Civil War, nearly tore apart the United States.

Dredging the Timeline

We cannot reasonably expect Neptune’s first ever audit of collective consciousness to have been thorough. When Neptune entered Pisces in 2011/12 it was beginning only its second transit of the Zodiac since it began auditing and editing collective consciousness. Neptune is still very much playing catch up.

I think it is obvious that Neptune’s work purging the collective consciousness would amplify the effects of February’s eclipses.

Fasten Your Seat Belts

With the benefit of hindsight, we gain some sense of the immensity of forces that were at play in the transformations occurring since Neptune’s discovery. Many aspects of the world that people thought, or wanted to believe, were the most permanent were swept away.

Much of what we see in the world today embodies some of the highest ideals envisioned before the actual historical transformations occurred. Some of those ideals would also have been considered the most unrealistic and least likely to be realized when they were first articulated.

As Neptune begins its most recent sweep of the Zodiac, we are in the early stages of a transformation at least as profound and swift as the one has occurred since The Enlightenment.


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FB update February 9, 2017:

Hello, folks,

I have been making noises about perhaps – no, *probably* – having to make some changes in my astrology posts. The time has come. And the moment arrived suddenly.

First let me say that I take pleasure and pride in my astrology posts and I enjoy my interactions with my Facebook readers. I will not stop doing astrology posts. I will try to keep the conversation going. I am just going to have to make some changes in the way I do things. Changes that I have not yet fully thought out.

The thing is, as I never seem to tire of saying, these posts are very demanding. And it’s one of those things where you just barely manage to get one post done than you have to start on the next one. This schedule does not leave time to rest up between posts. Nor does it leave me the time or the energy to do the rest of my life properly. This has to stop.

This month’s post, which should be up soon, if it isn’t already, will be my last *regular* monthly post – *not* my last post. Henceforth, my posts will be more occasional and more casual and free form. They will be more like postcards than monthly forecasts. As I said, I enjoy our interaction and I will try to keep it going one way or another.

This month’s astrology post, which I will post later today, will be unfinished. Though it is unfinished, it does offer an idea of the kind of thing you can expect in future posts.

I reached a decision point I have often reached before – publish what I have or persevere until I have something more finished and polished.

I have usually pushed through to a complete and polished version. This month I made a different decision – to post what I have and move on.

Continuing with my current post simply is no longer an option for me.

The long and the short of it is, in the middle of writing March’s forecast, I abruptly hit a very solid wall. I decided the best, and probably the only way to resolve the situation was to post what I had now along with this explanation.

Thank you, all. I’ll continue to be in touch. Apologies for the drama.




FB Update February 10, 2017:


Darkish Days, Solid Silver Linings

Weekend of the 12th February

Friday 10, 04:18p – Mercury sextile Venus
Friday 10 05:36p – Moon trine Uranus
Friday 10 07:33p – Lunar Eclipse
Friday 10 08:40p – Moon sextile Jupiter
Saturday 11 00:52a – Moon trine Pluto
Saturday 11 10:25a – Sun trine Jupiter

All Times New York

Hello, guys, I’m guessing you didn’t expect to hear back from me so quickly. But I spotted an opportunity to present some good astrological news and did not want to waste it.

I recall pretty well my dire predictions about February, I entitled my post rather ominously “Navigating the Black Hole of February.” This afternoon at lunch, I described this weekend’s aspects as “chaos inducing.”

Also, reports of stress and challenge have been coming in all week. People have been operating at their limits. And you know my week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Headlines have been the opposite of comforting. And I know we have a total lunar eclipse on Friday, (tomorrow.)

So I’m thinking to myself, oh boy! We’re about to bear the brunt of February’s ‘bad’ aspects. Everybody, could probably use a little good news right now.

You can imagine my delight, then, when I glanced at my trusty Menard Pocket Astrologer for 2017 and spotted the sweet aspects listed above. And I thought, I bet people would like to hear about all the twinkly aspects framing that eclipse.

They are make up a phenomenon not uncommon in astrology. A concentration of rather hard, pointy aspects are interspersed with a series of bright, sweet, twinkly aspects.

The upshot always seem to be days of highly disruptive, events. In the moment, these can be worrisome, even depressing events. These negative expections dominate our expectations and blot out our awareness of positive developments taking place alongside the negative ones.

When we look forward or back from such days, what dominates in our minds are the negative events. So we walk around with a far more negative impression of the world situation than either the astrological facts or the facts on the ground warrant.

It can seem to us like the forces of darkness are winning when in fact they are not – or that the forces of good are losing, which they are not. This can lead to defeatism and discourage us from working toward the good. Or it can lead us to discourage those who are fighting for the good. We can give up while we still have a strong chance at winning, or overestimate the power of the negative forces.

We don’t want to encourage undue optimism or inspire false hope. But we don’t want to convince others that things are worse than they are lest they grow disheartened, either.

It always seems to be a question of people looking beyond the darker events associated with the darker aspects to take in the positive potentials and the positive events and to have faith in their hopes and aspirations.

You should apply this to your situation. It is likely that many reading this are dealing with challenges and crises now, or know others who are. Be aware, and make those near you aware, that there are strong positive currents at work in today’s circumstances.

Even if people face loss, there will be important silver linings. These will not be mere ‘consolation’ prizes, but important achievements that will positively affect the future. There will be crises, but there will be beginnings and new achievements that will bear important fruit.


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