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A long-time reader recently asked whether there might be a link between the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987 and this August’s two eclipses. Might they be part of the same larger process? Or two points on a single trajectory? After my initial hesitation, I decided to take the reader up on her question.

During the so-called Harmonic Convergence most of the traditional planets formed up into a Grand Trine, more or less.

The Harmonic Convergence was seen as a special moment in human spiritual evolution because of the remarkableness of this Grand Trine. Is there anything about the eclipses of August boils down to whether anything about the eclipses of August 2017 that suggests that they represent a special moment in human spiritual evolution?

One thing about August’s Eclipses suggests that it is a special moment in human spiritual evolution. There is.

The composite chart for August’s eclipses features two Kites. An important grouping of three bodies occupies the apex of the lowermost Kite: The asteroid Ceres is all but precisely conjunct the fixed star Sirius. Both are closely conjunct Venus. This grouping is inherently powerful and it is strongly placed in the chart.

Of the two Kites in the chart, the Kite topped by this grouping involves a Pluto opposition. This would accentuate its importance. Also, in my experiences, the influence of fixed stars, especially powerful stars like Sirius tend tend to spill over, coloring the expression of every placement and aspect in the chart.

The special feature in the August eclipse composite chart contrasts sharply with the special feature in chart of the Harmonic Convergence, the Grand Trine. If the two charts are related, they seem to me to mark very different stages in the working out of whatever trajectory they define.

The Grand Trine of the Harmonic Convergence chart bespeaks the comparatively easy accumulation and maintenance of wealth. It seems to foreshadow the relatively easy and comfortable prosperity of the 1980s and 90s, a prosperity that led to extremes of income inequality and severe imbalances of political power – to global oligarchy, in fact.

The composite chart for August’s eclipses suggests political and economic reform, societal transformation, including and especially, a stiff upgrade in the moral, ethical and spiritual values behind our politics and economics, most likely including an end to extreme income inequality and political imbalance.

The Grand Trine of the Harmonic Convergence suggests a relatively easy prosperity. The grouping at the apex of the Kite under discussion bespeaks radical reform that possibly involving long-term disruption. Potentially harsh disruption.

If the Harmonic Convergence chart of 1987 is about wealth building, the August 2017 eclipse charts appear to be about ”spiritualization.” We have seen what decades of unbridled emphasis on the creation, preservation and consolidation – the monopolization of wealth and power by the 1% – has done to the world.

However, to fully understand the meaning of Harmonic Convergence and of August’s eclipses, and the relationship between them, we probably must understand the astrological pattern that began emerging in the early 1970s, what I have called the oligarchic alignment. This alignment concentrated planetary power in the houses of the 1% (Libra thru Pisces) and formed the astrological basis for an extreme concentration of economic and political power in the hands of the 1%.

Essentially, then, what I referred to as the oligarchic alignment was a setup for the rise of global oligarchy. The wealthy and powerful, aided immensely by the oligarchic alignment, were well-positioned to exploit the Grand Trine of the Harmonic Convergence to expand and further consolidate their wealth and power in the years before and after the Harmonic Convergence.

I suppose it is arguable that the relative prosperity of the 80s and 90s was supported by the extraordinary Grand Trine of 1987. It’s as if the Grand Trine of the Harmonic Convergence was the culmination – the frosting on the cake – of the immense imbalance of wealth and power created by the concentration of planetary power in the signs that govern the 1% (Libra thru Pisces).

To really understand my take on the link between the harmonic convergence and August’s eclipsess, we have to pause a little to review my thoughts on what I have called the oligarchic alignment.

I wrote extensively about the oligarchic alignment beginning in the closing months of 2016. There is a lot about this huge shift of astrological energies and its effects on global politics and economics here and here. I especially recommend the second piece, about Saturn’s return to power in the Zodiac.

Basically, in the early 1970’s the powerful outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, began settling into the last 6 signs of the Zodiac, Libra thru Pisces, the signs that govern the 99%. This alignment built up and persisted until roughly 2010, a period of forty years.
During these forty years between 1970-1 and 2010-11, the placement of powerful outer planets, in the signs of the 1%, were heavily empowering the 1%. Accordingly, during those years, wealth and power accumulated heavily in the hands of the 1%.

Coming when it did, in the late 1980s, the Harmonic Convergence would have capped off the political and economic empowerment of the 99%. All three powerful outer planets would have been in their signs.

The empowerment provided by the Grand Trine of the Harmonic Convergence would have flowed naturally into their hands. And judging by the extremes of inequality that have developed since, that’s what seems to have happened.

The oligarchic alignment began to unravel in earnest in 2010-11 when Uranus entered Aries. When Uranus entered Aries, it left the oligarchic alignment. When it entered Aries, Uranus began its long sweep of the houses of the 99% (Aries thru Virgo). And, to my eye, the influence of Uranus in Aries has been increasingly apparent among the 99% as a tendency toward reform and resistance since then.

If the oligarchic alignment and the Harmonic Convergence are responsible for the political and economic power imbalance in the world, and the oligarchic alignment is slowly unraveling, it seems reasonable to suspect that the eclipses of August 2017 will be part of this unraveling.

Thus, August’s eclipses would mark an important point in the unraveling of the oligarchic alignment and the global oligarchy it brought into existence.

August’s eclipses would be a counterpoint to the Harmonic Convergence. And from the look of the composite chart for August’s eclipses, that does, indeed appear to be what is happening.

So let’s first take a look at the Sirius/Ceres/Venus grouping in this chart and take special note of its power.

I have previously explained why I think Venus will play a deeply transformative role during the North Node’s transit of Leo. The role of Venus during the North Node’s transit of Leo is, in and of itself, powerful and complex. Hence, as part of this grouping, Venus would contribute greatly to its power in the chart.

Briefly, the nature and role of Venus during the North Node’s transit of Leo, has mostly to do with a “bundle of squares” in the Venus Persona Chart for the moment of the North Node’s Leo ingress. These squares are anchored by a deeply, robustly transformative Venus/Eris/Uranus conjunction.

Composite chart for August’s eclipses with the Yod, two Kites and the North Node clearly marked out.

So, the influence of Venus during the North Node’s transit of Leo is generally very strong and very transformative. In the composite chart for the eclipses of August 2017 it is placed at the apex of a highly transformative Kite, one of two Kites in the composite chart for the eclipses. This Venus placement, taken by itself, speaks strongly for the transformative nature of August’s eclipses.

In my opinion, and considered by itself, the placement of Venus at the apex of this Kite makes the chart significant and potent enough to justify linking it to the Harmonic Convergence. They are two very powerful charts, that is, and the sheer power of both charts is enough to justify claims of a link between them. What I will say about Sirius and Ceres will only reinforce that claim.

Sirius is the first or second brightest star in the heavens. It is also one of the most powerful fixed stars in the heavens. (I’m not sure how one would go about validating these statements. However, if these statements are not true, they are very close to being true.) In any case, it attracts a great deal of attention from astrologers and esotericists. I think this attention is warranted.

According to esoteric lore, Sirius is the “Star of (Spiritual) Sensitivity.” Sirius also governs the spiritual hierarchy of the Earth.

Sirius is the source of Christ energy, or redemptive energy, or, more simply, Divine Redemptive, Love energy, flowing into and through our solar system. It supports the spread of Christ Consciousness on the Earth. (I know some might object to the term ‘Christ’ consciousness. However, I find it useful. It is probably synonymous with the term ‘Divine Love.)

There esoteric tradition further states that “The mythology of Sirius is tied to “burning away the mundane.” Sirius is, thus, deeply and intimately involved in the spirituality of our planet. In short, Sirius spiritualizes.

If Venus tells us that the eclipses will be deeply transformative, Sirius tells us that they will spiritualize our circumstances – or take our political and economic values in a spiritual direction. In my view, that means that extremes of political power and economic imbalances cannot continue. And, from August forward, they will be ended, ‘by whatever means necessary.’

Keep in mind, too, that, according to esoteric lore, Leo governs the alignment of the personality and the Higher Self. In this sense, the influence of Sirius is similar to the influence of Leo itself as it is understood esoterically.

What we say about the function of Sirius (burning away the mundane, spiritualization, sensitization of the personality to the higher energies) can as easily be said about the esoteric effects of the sign Leo itself. Aligning our personality patterns and energies with those of our higher selves must also mean ‘burning away the mundane, etc., etc.,

Hence, we see a fundamental similarity, or identity, between the influence of Sirius, the North Node in Leo and the effects of August’s eclipses. In practice, aligning the personality and the higher self will require or inevitably involve “burning away the mundane, spiritualization,” and “the sensitization of the personality to higher energies.”

The sheer power of the placement of Sirius in the composite chart for August’s eclipses marks these eclipses as a special moment in the spiritual evolution of the planet. It justifies claims of a link between the Harmonic Convergence and the eclipses of August 2017. We need to see the Harmonic Convergence and August’s eclipses as points on the same curve.

Ceres is about nurturance in the broader sense. It is about the provision of the requirements of life – sustenance, shelter, education, safety and security – or things without which life is either impossible or intolerable.

Currently, corrupt, oligarchic values govern nurturance. Extreme political and economic inequality is the ideal and the goal. But the precise Sirius/Ceres conjunction speaks of the spirtualization of the principles governing nurturance as it is now found on our planet.

Thus, when all three bodies (Venus, Sirius and Ceres) are taken into account, the grouping at the apex of the Kite suggests that the eclipses of August will trigger the spiritualization of the global economic and political order.

The eclipses will trigger events that replaces the system of gross inequality of wealth and power we currently have and replace it with a system characterized by an equitable, fair distribution of power and wealth.

Interestingly, the North Node is at 24º12’ Capricorn. That translates into the Sabian Symbol for 25º Capricorn. The discussion over the meaning of this symbol is layered and nuanced. Dane Rudhyar says the this symbol recommends a reliance on tradition.

To me, this symbol seems to be pointing to confusion over what our shared traditions really mean. The bottom line: we are headed for an intense discussion about the meaning our most political, economic and spiritual basic values.

In sum, the Grand Trine in the Harmonic Convergence chart for August 1987, looks like the culmination of the oligarchic alignment. It looks to be supporting the optimization of acquisition and empowerment. It looks like the culmination, the pinnacle, of a period of material acquisition.

And that’s kind of what 1987 was about. Things had been going very well for the 1% with all that planetary power in their astrological houses. Their power and wealth had indeed been growing.

With the spectacular Grand Trine at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, it looked like the already heavily empowered 1% would would continue in acquisition and empowerment mode indefinitely. To the best of my recollection, there was an economic hiccup at the end of the 1980s.

Not far into the 1990s,’ the economy had picked up again. Empowerment and acquisition among the 1% picked up again and continues.

By contrast, the composite chart for August’s eclipses points to a time of the spiritualization of practically every facet of global culture.

The composite chart for August’s eclipses is about spiritualization. It is not necessarily about the end of acquisition and empowerment, but about the spiritualization of these processes. It would not be about the end of nurturance, but about the spiritualization of the process of nurturance. The outcome of this spiritualization would most likely not be oligarchy and inequality.

But the eclipses do not say that this spiritualization process will be quick and/or violent. It seems, rather, to be about lengthy, painstakingly detailed philosophical and religious discussion about societal, economic and cultural issues. But we also know that spiritual processes can be rocky and intense.

Based on past experience with social and ecoonimic change, we can envision a rather broad range of possible responses and reactions, from th Utopian to thee catastrophic. So far, we have little if any reliable indication of which way things will go.

Once again, as I have said so often before, we must see how people respond to these energies before we draw any conclusions about how they will likely work out. Having said that, though, I think we are definitely talking about the inevitability of change.
Watch this space.

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