Hello, faithful readers. As I said, I’m making a change. I will continue posting, but different kinds of stuff. I know that I am moving beyond astrology in one sense or another. But I’m still developing my new approach, so I can’t be too specific. It will evolve.

Like many of us, I have been experiencing, or undergoing, what I call a “spiritual identity crisis.” My recent shift away from astrology was part of this crisis. This is my story, and I need to tell it. There are many other layers to this big change in my life and today I want to talk about my changed views of astrology.

Other astrologers might very well have experienced these times differently and they might have adjusted better. This is my story and it helps explain my decision to try to move beyond astrology. The feeling that I needed to move beyond from astrology began several years ago.

I had been working with astrology since the 1970s. Astrology had always seemed to me to explain events reasonably well. So I figured astrology would also explain the new kinds of energy that began affecting our lives in the last five or six years. It seemed to explain some of these energies, but only up to a point. Astrological explanations never seemed to me to go far enough anymore.

The more deeply I looked into our experience and the more deeply I looked into the charts, the more clear it became to me that there was at least a partial disconnect between the astrology charts and our experience. We were clearly going through something new and it was becoming clear that the astrology charts didn’t fully explain what that was.

2012-13 The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Star Tetrahedron

The disconnect that bothered me seems to have begun gradually. I seem to recall that it became noticeable at some point after the end of the Mayan Calendar in December of 2012. It only seems to have increased in the months and years since.

This morning, I looked back to posts from those days. They are still on my old astrology blog. Specifically, I looked at my post for the end of the Mayan Calendar and my post on the star tetrahedron that took shape about six months later, in July of 2013.

The Mayan Calendar ended on December 21, 2012. The chart for the end of the Mayan Calendar indeed looked profoundly transformative to me. The so-called Star Tetrahedron took shape in the early summer of 2013, the summer immediately following the end of the Mayan Calendar.

The Star Tetrahedron is a very rare, very powerful astrological configuration. This configuration has also been referred to as a Diamond Tetrahedron. However, I now believe it is more properly called a Star Tetrahedron. The Star Tetrahedron persisted in the heavens in one form or another for at least the rest of 2013.

Also, Chiron joined Nessus and Neptune in Pisces at about that time. In November 2015, the South Node joined the already potent grouping in Pisces.

I now believe the disconnect began with the 2012 chart, increased with the formation of the Star Tetrahedron, and increased further when Chiron, Nessus, Neptune and later the South Node were all grouped in Pisces. It’s as if the end of the Mayan Calendar reset something that is not tracked in traditional or conventional astrology textbooks.

I did not immediately see a causal connection between the astrological events of 2012-15 and this disconnect under discussion, although it seems like a reasonable idea in retrospect.

In any case, from about the end of 2012 onward, there was progressively greater turmoil in our lives than I was seeing in the charts. It’s not that there was no turmoil in the charts. It is just that it didn’t seem to be the kind or amount of turmoil people were finding in their lives. The turmoil was more intense. It went deeper. It affected more and more people. And it was becoming a constant. It seemed disproportionate based on what I was seeing in the charts.

For example, many began reporting that they were struggling intensely and at length with long dormant issues – issues that people thought they had resolved fully a decade or more before.

People whose lives seemed fairly well settled were suddenly not seeming so settled. Seriously disruptive things were happening. Reports came pouring in. If I were pressed for an explanation I would suggest, in general terms, that the new energies, wherever they were coming from, were producing an accelerated release of especially deep karma.

But the charts themselves also changed, in my opinion. Planetary energies were combining in novel, unusual, hard to understand ways. Describing their energies at all became a challenge. Describing them in ways that people would recognize in their lives was even more difficult. Astrological causes and effects were harder to connect.

Thus, it was increasingly difficult to do justice to the complexity of the energetic combinations and the kind of change they foretold. Textbook information needed to be heavily reworked to be truly useful in the current astrological context.

The planets, the aspects they were making and the signs they were making them in were to say the least paradoxical. In my experience, even just using the names of the planets, aspects and signs now evoked outdated and misleading interpretations. I was spending increasing amounts of time and effort tweaking basic astrological details, re-tweaking them and then tweaking them again. I rarely managed to tweak it all to my satisfaction, something always seemed missing.

Even tweaking things so heavily seemed only to reveal a fraction of what was going on. The disconnect that bugged me remained. Doing astrology began to consume more and more time and effort. And, as I said, it was producing diminishing returns.

I cherry picked topics to help work around, or avoid, this increasingly obvious disconnect. I tried to write about aspects with conspicuous, easily grasped connections to the reality we were experiencing.
To me, it seemed like I was rewriting the astrology textbooks single-handedly as I went along. I couldn’t keep that up. And all that extra effort was producing diminishing returns.

Cherry picking topics and tweaking like crazy did not fix the disconnect. Astrology was becoming a seriously limiting factor for me. Perhaps there are those who can still work comfortably within a conventional astrological framework. I cannot.

I have finally decided to stop basing my posts directly on astrology, for better or for worse. I didn’t know for sure what I would do instead, but it was past time to find out.

The paragraphs below offer a sample of the kinds of things I am going to try. It describes a conclusion that occurred to me intuitively but very clearly while I was doing astrology.

Oligarchy Forever? Not.

I have often written about how, since the early 1970s, until very recently, high levels of astrological power supported the interests of the 1% all but exclusively. During these nearly four decades, extreme levels of global political and economic power accumulated in the hands of the wealthiest 1%.

I have also recently written about how both the astrological and the worldly bases of global oligarchy are slowly breaking down. Planetary placements are shifting out of what I called the oligarchic alignment.

Observers are scrutinizing. Commentators are commenting. Critics are criticizing. Resistance is slowly taking hold. What will doubtless be a long hard fight to reset the global balance of economic and political power has begun.

Astrological support for the emergent global oligarchy began breaking up in 2010-11, before the oligarchy could consolidate its stranglehold on global economic and political resources. Resistance to this concentration of power began in earnest about then, too.

But can we stop oligarchy? Can we halt its agenda? Can we reset the gross political and economic power imbalance it has created? Can we roll back the measures supporting oligarchic power?

Or can the oligarchy use its lessening but lingering astrological support and its current hold on power to complete its global economic and political power grab? Can the oligarchy overcome resistance? Can the oligarchs go on to establish a permanent global oligarchy?

An Uncomfortable, Unstable Status Quo

Both the astrological and on-the-ground-the-momentum behind oligarchic trends is waning. The momentum behind resistance to oligarchic trends is building. But the oligarchic power is not yet weak enough to overcome. The power of resistance is not yet great enough to halt the oligarchic agenda.

Changes to the oligarchic alignment began in 2010-11. Those astrological changes cannot be rolled back. Also, fairly dramatic inner and outer changes began in our lives. Public sentiment began shifting away from oligarchy in favor of the 99%.

Countless insights and revelations occurred and continue to occur. Countless minds have changed. Countless numbers of karmic hurdles were cleared.

The astrological changes will not be reversed. The oligarchs will likely continue losing ground both astrologically and in the real world. It is highly unlikely that the numberless personal changes will be reversed. I don’t believe either kind of change can or will suddenly stop.

I have long observed that once astrological support fades, whatever it was supporting quickly fades too. So, now that the oligarchic alignment has begun breaking up, I don’t think oligarchy can ultimately succeed. The immorality or amorality behind oligarchy will give way to kinder, gentler, more humane influences.

Everything I know about astrology and about the way life works tells me that oligarchic power will continue to fade. It also tells me that resistance to oligarchy will continue to grow. Our discomfort and disapproval of oligarchy will also continue to grow and we will get better at resisting it.

For the moment, the oligarchs are still aggressively pursuing their economic and political agenda, and with some success. The oligarchy is still benefiting from momentum built up over almost forty years. The astrological situation is shifting only slowly and gradually. So far, it seems that the oligarchs are successfully pushing past the steadily mounting resistance.

Presently, it feels like we are in a condition of equipoise. Indeed, it feels like stasis, or a very uncomfortable political and economic limbo. As yet, there is no clear sense of the likely outcome. Worst of all, it still seems like the oligarchs could come out on top. But my ‘intuitive resource’ says, “No. Despite widespread fears, the oligarchs will not prevail.”

Beyond this strictly intuitive perception, I can say that the astrological support for the oligarchy is fading. It has been my frequent, predictable observation that when astrological support for a phenomenon fades, the phenomenon also fades.

Two Pluto Placements – One Early in the Twentieth Century, One in the Twenty-First Century

There is one fact of recent astrological and worldly history that I think clarifies a lot. Pluto was in Cancer from about 1912 to about 1937 a period of roughly 25 years. Cancer governs the masses, Pluto governs power.

Those twenty-five years saw the rise of people power, the power of the 99%. It saw the rise of Communist dictatorships in Russia and China – “dictatorships of the people.” During those years, Labor unions, devoted completely to the interests of the 99%, rose to power.

My point is simple, Pluto, the planet of power, was in Cancer, the sign of the masses, for roughly 25 years. For better or for worse, during that time, power flowed to the masses, the way Pluto in Cancer predicts.

The Cancer/Pluto transit in the early part of the twentieth century was a historical counterpoint to the oligarchic alignment of the later twentieth century and into the twenty-first century. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, occupied the signs of the 1%. They did so for roughly forty years. Accordingly, the social and economic power of the 1% grew as vigorously as the power of the 99% had grown while Pluto was in Cancer.

To my eye, it looked like we were being tested. ‘The Cosmos’ set up the twentieth century as a final exam. It asked two closely related questions.

On the one hand, it asked whether we had moved beyond age old myths about the desirability of complete, perfect, pure democracy – about total political and economic power in the hands of the masses? On the other hand, had we moved beyond age old myths about the desirability of pure oligarchy: about total power in the hands of the wealthy?

In the twentieth century, Pluto in Cancer and then Pluto in Capricorn severely tested the geopolitical, socio-cultural, political, economic, and spiritual patterns – all the patterns – that had developed over the last two thousand years.

Early in the twenty-first century, Pluto in Capricorn covered pretty much the same ground as Pluto in Cancer covered, at a different altitude, so to speak. Among other things, severely tested or destroyed the political and economic patterns that had developed over the past two thousand years. This deconstruction and testing process has continued apace ever since.

To me, it looks like we are being tested. Do we or do we not want to finally release the morally defective patterns that got a fairly solid foothold during the last two thousand years and more?

The Effects of the Pluto in Cancer v. Pluto in Capricorn Placements

During the twentieth century and the centuries preceding, we experienced the world in polar terms, rich and poor, powerful and powerless, liberal and conservative, east and west, Communism and Capitalism. And so on.

That might explain what I have seen going on with Astrology too. Our understanding of the planets was based on this highly polarized worldview, filled completely with dichotomies and polarities. Over the last hundred years or so, Pluto has thoroughly undermined that worldview. In so doing, it undermined our previous understanding of astrology and demanded all new astrological interpretations.

We must now learn to understand the world and astrology in new terms. I don’t believe that I can do that in the context of astrology as I have come to know it.

Others might have had a different experience and come to different conclusions. This is about my experience and my conclusions.


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