My last post examined the global implications of the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress. It suggests that Jupiter’s year long transit of Scorpio will bring a time of strenuous economic transformation across the globe.

Jupiter in Scorpio will trigger a global shift in the relationship between individual and collective wealth. It will affect wealth inequality for better or for worse. More specifically, it will trigger a rethinking of tax policy, or the collection of taxes, and their re-distribution by means of the social safety-net, public safety and security, public works projects generally, and so on.

The Jupiter Scorpio ingress chart, like others I’ve been looking at recently, does not suggest a quick, radical swing from liberal to conservative economic policies or vice versa. But the charts suggest a deeper, more penetrating exploration of the issues. It will likely sour the development of policies that transcend defective policies now in place, or those on the shelf, ready to be implemented.

The chart for the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress appears to reveal a murky, unstable, obstacle-strewn, world economic environment. However, the negatives in this chart are mitigated, by a supportive, protective Mystic Rectangle and leavened by Jupiter’s generally softening, uplifting influence.

I have often cast composite charts that combine the US chart and the chart of challenging transits. The resilient US chart seems to triumph easily over adverse transits.

When the data for the US natal chart is combined with challenging transits, the composite chart that results is usually rather promising. So let’s take a look at the composite chart for the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress and the US natal chart.

The US chart deserves special attention because it is still true that “as the American economy goes, so goes the global economy”. If that’s an exaggeration, it’s a small one.

So, I cast a composite chart for the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress and the US natal chart. I am delighted to report that the US chart performed well again.

As I explained last time, the Jupiter Scorpio ingress chart is dominated by a Grand Cross. This foretells a year of murky, fluid economic conditions. But the prominent Grand Cross does not necessarily promise negative economic outcomes.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, a major financial sign, economic conditions would, instead, be permeated by options, opportunities and synchronicities that can be used to make the economy perform well enough.

When you combine the Jupiter Scorpio ingress chart with the US natal chart, the Grand Cross in the Jupiter Scorpio ingress chart disappears. A couple of squares remain, but they would be background influences.


Composite Chart: the Jupiter Scorpio Ingress and the US Natal Chart

In sum, the composite of the Jupiter Scorpio ingress and the US natal chart indicates that economic conditions in the United States will be generally better than they are in the world at large. The absence of the Grand Cross means that the murky, uncertain, unstable, obstacle-rich economic forecast in the glove ingress chart won’t apply in the US. Also, given the outsize economic influence of the US, strong economic conditions in the US point to better global economic conditions than the Jupiter Scorpio ingress chart, with its prominent Grand Cross suggests.

Also, the composite chart includes a number of trines, including a loosely structured Grand Trine. The trines, and especially the Grand Trine, indicate a smooth economic environment for the US.

But first, a little important background.

The Moon’s Nodes crossed onto the Leo/Aquarius axis on May 9, 2017. This transit would continue the deep, transformation of the patterns that govern individual and collective, this time on the level of interpersonal and civil relationships. You might want to review this post (Sea of Change) from around the time the Nodes moved onto the Leo/Aquarius axis.

In all honesty, I don’t know how we can reliably measure such a thing or what precisely one gains from stating it. But it seems to me that the movement of the Moon’s Nodes from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the Leo/Aquarius marked an important moment in the transition from the Piscean Age with its innumerable defective patterns into the Aquarian Age with its reform of old patterns and its creation of new ones.

Given the astrological energies, and themes at play in the charts, it seemed obvious to me that Venus would be playing an important role while the Moon’s Nodes were transiting the Leo/Aquarius axis. Last May, I discussed the importance of Venus during the North Node’s transit of Leo.

I cast a so-called Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress. This gave me a better sense of the role Venus would play during the North Node’s transit of Leo. It also confirmed my sense that Venus was going to play an important role during the North Nodes transit of Leo.

In technical terms, I progressed the ingress chart’s Sun to the place occupied by Venus when the North Node entered Leo. This yielded a Venus persona chart.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to refer back to my previous posts, please take my word for it that this placement of Venus in this persona chart indicates that Venus will play a key transformative role during the North Node’s transit of Leo, currently in progress.

In this Venus persona chart, Venus conjoined Mercury, Eris and Uranus fairly closely. All three planets, Mercury/Eris/Venus, made a bundle of squares to a large grouping that included numerous asteroids and the Galactic Center.

The asteroids govern many facets of our societal relationships. The Galactic Center governs the force of cosmic purpose, or what amounts to the same thing, the flow of cosmic love and purpose. This bundle of influences combined would govern the way cosmic will and purpose expressed in our social relationships. Or, what amounts to the same thing in this case, it would govern the values expressed in global worldviews and how well collective values align with cosmic or, Divine values.

The square from Venus/Eris/Uranus tells us that we are in for a thoroughgoing reorganization and transformation of social relationships in all areas at all levels. In other words, while the North Node is in Leo, we can expect an extended period of deep social reform.

The square from the Venus/Eris and Uranus conjunction would trigger conflicts that lead to deep reforms in the way love is or is not expressed in the structures and patterns of our societies. It would trigger global efforts to bring human values, and, thus, social structures and patterns, into alignment with cosmic or Divine values. In other words, it will bring an era of deep and lasting social reform.

Let us now return to consideration of the composite chart for the Jupiter Scorpio ingress and the US natal chart.

In my opinion, the most interesting features of this composite chart are 1) the Grand Trine, 2) a nearly perfect conjunction between Venus and the North Node, in Leo. Adding to its importance, this tight Venus/North Node conjunction is powerfully placed at the apex of the Grand Trine. And 3), there is a close trine between the Venus/North Node conjunction and Neptune in Sagittarius.

The strongly placed Venus/North Node conjunction, will solidly link the Jupiter Scorpio transit with the fateful reform work of the transit of Leo by the North Node, or what amounts to the same thing, the fateful and transformative transit of the Leo/Aquarius axis by the Moon’s Nodes.

The strong Venus placement ties the effects of the Scorpio ingress chart to the fateful North Node Leo ingress. Venus’s conjunction with the North Node imparts the force and flavor of a moral imperative to the transformative, forming power of Venus, deeply affecting our motivations. It’s placement on the apex of the Grand Trine insures that its subtle, simple potent transformative energies will be widely and smoothly distributed through every area and level of the composite chart and related charts, and to our world. The Trine between Neptune Sagittarius and the North Node/Venus conjunction in Leo will help idealize and spiritualize the North Node/Venus energies and insure that they permeate every area and level of this chart and every aspect of our lives.

Its square relationship to Jupiter in Scorpio, its inconjunct (quincunx) relationship to Pluto in Capricorn, its trine relationship to Eris and Uranus in Aries will intensify and synergize its transformative effects.

Benevolent, expansive Jupiter in deep diving Scorpio will inject these subtle and complex Venus energies into the most deeply hidden, secret areas of consciousness. Things previously hidden will not simply be exposed, they will be bathed in corrective, uplifting, healing, Jupiterian forces. Frankly, it would be very difficult to put the powerful and beneficial effects of these subtle, complex and energies into words.

So, Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November 18, 2018 at which point, Jupiter will move into Sagittarius, its home sign, for the full transit. When Jupiter moves into the astrological foreground, many of us think Money!

Globally, we are headed into a year of economic change and from the Grand Square in the Jupiter, Scorpio ingress chart, many of us around the world are going to have to scramble. The composite chart for the Jupiter Scorpio ingress and the US natal chart seems to point to positive economic developments.

However, if you look more closely at this chart, you see that, in the US, the Jupiter Scorpio ingress will bring something different. It might or might not bring good economic news, but I think it will definitely bring deep healing and transformation.

So whatever Jupiter in Scorpio brings us this coming year, it is headed into its home sign to begin a big new global Jupiter cycle. And that suggests that the following year will begin a new Jupiter cycle during which we will experience even more complex, powerful and subtle manifestations of Jupiterian energy.

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