October 2017 – Jupiter Enters Scorpio

By my calculation, Jupiter entered Scorpio Tuesday, October 10 at 1:21 in the afternoon (UT). This chart is deeply paradoxical.

It seems intended help us make a transition between a 20th and a 21st century worldview. This chart rewards a habit of mind suitable for a long, slow, gradual transformational process.

The other charts I have recently written about indicate that this is an era of the transformation of ideas. This chart, too, is about reconstructing a great legacy of defective worldviews, worldviews that include defective ideas.

The chart under discussion is the chart for Jupiter’s Scorpio ingress. The key influence in this chart is Jupiter. The defective patterns involved are economic.

We must at the same time try to create a worldview free of these defects. As I think this post will make clear, this chart will generously and ingeniously support this work.

However, even with this support, making these corrections will take a lot of effort.
We must carefully devise options free of the old defects – essentially moral flaws that support greed and exploitation.

Achieving this kind of rectification is what the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress chart is about. The other charts I have looked at recently, have really been about the same kind of thing.

Visually, the chart of the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress is something of a shock. I cannot quite get over the initial shock of first seeing this chart. Like many of us, I still feel optimistic at the thought of any Jupiter ingress. Visions of Grand Trines flit through my mind.

The Jupiter/Scorpio ingress chart is dominated by a Grand Cross. It is not the buoyant, optimistic aspect one naturally associates with a Jupiter ingress chart.

The Grand Cross in mutable signs that is so prominent in the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress chart, takes one aback initially, quashing all positive Jupiterian expectations. When all is done, this Grand Cross suggests that there will be transformative turbulence in financial areas while Jupiter is in Scorpio.

Scorpio is the natural sign of the 8th House. The 8th House is the house of collective finances. It governs things like savings, inheritances, taxes, insurance and the social safety net.

Jupiter is in Quincunx relationship with Uranus in Aries. In this position, Jupiter is effectively ruling Uranus. It is a Jupiter/Scorpio/Uranus/Aries blend. This blending allows Jupiter to nudge Uranus to support changes in our collective, shared economic resources.

Taurus is the natural sign of the second House, which governs individual finances. The Jupiter ingress chart suggests turbulence in this general area during Jupiter’s transit of Scorpio. In Scorpio, the sign of collective finances, will oppose Taurus, the sign of individual finances.

These Scorpio/Taurus/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto energies – all related one way or another, to the 8th house – suggest efforts to change the tax laws – to adjust the relationship between individual and collective wealth. Or, in other words, these energies will very likely trigger efforts to change the tax laws.

A Grand Cross brings stubborn blocks, major frustrations and complex, tangled, difficult choices. It takes a great deal of creative work to resolve the obstacles a Grand Cross typically causes.

Generally speaking, then, it appears that efforts to change the tax laws or to adjust the relationship between individual and collective wealth, will run into abundant interference from the Grand Square in mutable signs. Efforts will run into trouble and/or cause trouble. Most likely both.

But, in my experience, Jupiter’s involvement softens the hardness of difficult aspects like the Grand Cross in the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress chart. Jupiter introduces numerous subtle opportunities for innovation, improvisation and benevolence in otherwise very difficult, sometimes intractable obstacles.

Jupiter’s essential benevolence will mitigate the effects of the Grand Square in mutable signs. Jupiter’s expansive nature will expand, or multiply, the effects of the Grand Mutable Square and it will suffuse the energy of the Grand Square subtle Jupiterian energies. In what are sure to be challenging efforts to change the principles that govern the distribution of shared resources will benefit pervasively from innumerable positive synchronicities.

Overall, Jupiter’s expansive power might increase the interference the Grand Square generates, but in the same stroke, it will also introduce a broad range of positive, helpful options that might not be apparent at first. The Mutable Grand Cross in the Jupiter/Scorpio ingress chart will offer a murky, fluid, disruptive but beneficial blend of astrological energies. This blend suffuse the chart with positive Jupiterian synchronicities.

mystic rectangleJupiter’s positive effects are augmented by the positive effects of a Mystic Rectangle. A Mystic Rectangle is a very supportive, protective aspect. This rectangular structure is made up of Trines and Sextiles.

The Mystic Rectangle seems to magically protect us from adverse external influences, on the one hand, and from the consequences of our own mistakes, on the other.

The Mystic Rectangle apparently functions by generating warning signs. If external aspects begin to work against us, the Mystic Rectangle will create small, adverse events that alert us to any danger.

Similarly, if we make a wrong choice, the Mystic Rectangle will generate minor adverse events that alert us to our mistakes. In both cases, we have time and resources to correct our error before real harm occurs.

Also, despite the forbidding quality of the Grand Cross that dominates the chart, in Scorpio, Jupiter is favorably placed with relation to some of the most powerful influences in the Zodiac.

Jupiter in Scorpio (the natural sign of Pluto) has a strong, positive, harmonious, Sextile relationship with Pluto in Capricorn. Despite the Grand Cross and the other complexities, Jupiter’s transit of Scorpio will generate substantial wealth-building energies.

In watery Scorpio, Jupiter is in Trine relationship with both Neptune and Chiron in watery Pisces. These Trine relationships suggest that during Jupiter’s transit of Scorpio, it will support significant advances in healing and healthcare.

We know that challenges often lead to creation, innovation and transformation.This chart is a special example of this sort of thing.


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